September 2, 2009

Barack Obama: Another Failed US Presidency (so far)

Winning was the easy part.

Governing, well, that's a bit tricky.

Barack Obama is so far just yet another failed American presidency. When leadership is called for, he punts. When strong and decisive decisions are needed, he defers to Congress. When clear and powerful communication from the bully pulpit are in demand, he's out golfing.

So, I submit, 10 Things That Barack Obama Has F*cked Up, and 10 Things that Barack Obama Needs To Do ASAP:

10 Things Barack Obama Has F*cked Up:

1) Completely losing control of the healthcare debate, while serving as a whore to his trial lawyer pimps
2) Mangling relations with Russia
3) Continuing with Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan debacles
4) Not prosecuting Angelo Mozilo, Dick Fuld, Michael Perry and the rest of the mortgage fraudsters
5) Not launching investigations of the Bush administration for illegal wiretapping, torture and the Iraq debacle
6) Not taking on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security first
7) Pussyfooting the GOP, when he should be dancing on their grave
8) Deferring to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on pretty much everything
9) Not pursuing a radical flat-rate tax overhaul
10) Not giving America a new Big Goal

10 Things Barack Obama Needs To Do ASAP:

1) Do a prime time address from the oval office and address to Congress, complete with Ross Perot charts and graphs, showing that America is bankrupt, that we can no longer pave the streets with gold, and that we'll need to bite the bullet on health care, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, with urgency
2) Ask Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to step aside immediately
3) Request that Eric Holder arrest Angelo Mozilo, Dick Fuld and Michael Perry immediately
4) Request that Eric Holder name an independent special prosecutor to look at crimes committed by the Bush administration
5) Request that Eric Holder name an independent special prosecutor to look into crimes committed by the US congress during the Great Housing Bubble
6) Announce that the USA has canceled Bush's stupid missile defense system plans for East Europe
7) Announce that 100% of US troops will be out of Iraq and Afghanistan by 12/31, with CIA and Special Ops forces to remain to support the democratically elected governments as requested
8) Mandate that 100% of new cars and trucks sold in 2025 are electric or electric hybrid, that America will get 90% of its electricity from nuclear, solar and wind power by 2025, and allocate $250 billion for electric trains and light rail
9) Announce that he is no longer a member of the Democratic Party, and that if he runs for re-election in 2012 it will be as an Independent
10) Demand that the US Federal Reserve books be opened to the public, and that the US submit audited financial statements as per Sarbanes-Oxley effective 2010

And as a bonus,

11+) Break up the NAR on anti-racketeering and restraint-of-trade charges, allow gays in the military and gay civil unions, close 80% of overseas US military bases by 2015, legalize pot, tell Israel to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, replace income tax with 20% flat tax and 5% sales tax, raise tax on gasoline $1 a gallon, reduce corporate tax rate to 10%, allow unlimited legal migration to anyone in the world with clean legal record, English proficiency, high school equivalent degree and $10,000 savings, and most of all, last but not least, require an NCAA football playoff using the bowls as early round games


Anonymous said...

Finally you are waking up and doing the right thing now. I have seen the real face of Big O from the beginning and kept telling you since. No good president would ever tell his people one thing and turn around and do the opposite. No good president would ever defense and cover up for those criminals at Wall Street and the regulators who created this crisis in the first place. Now the big O instead of putting them in jail, has rewarded them with taxpayer's money and for helicopter Ben one more term of Fed's chairmanship. He, now together with those criminals, is trying to create another housing/stock bubble to screw American people one more time. If the people don't take this man down anytime soon, there would be no hope for America.

Anonymous said...


You forgot the 11th thing that BO has f*cked up.

Renaming Helecopter Ben as the head of the Federal Reserve.


Anonymous said...

That platform would get my vote!

Ross said...

Thank you for saying what we've all been thinking.

Stu said...

Hey Keith, while I agree with everything you said I think you left out the following:

1. Cut Taxes further anywhere you think you can.

2. End Government Pensions immediately and move them all into 401K Plans.

3. End Tenure for Teachers, Judges and as a bonus add term limits to the Congress and Senate.

4. Immediately stop all spending in Washington. Stimulas, Tarps, ALL SPENDING that is not essential.

5. Allow companies that are truly insolvent to be broken up and sold off. This would include the following: Fannie, Freddie, AIG, Citi, Amtrac, just for starters.

6. Immediately divest the Government of all holdings in any company in America or elsewhere. The Government does not belong in business.

I could go on but you get the point. Downsize Government, downsize debt, Allow free markets to work and start fixing what is broken and fixable or getting rid of the program. Postal service, Mediacaide, Medicare, and Social Security just for starters. If you could fix 2 of the four you would be a hero to America!!


Anonymous said...

In addition to what you mentioned, I would further add that all desiring to immigrate must first volunteer as an enlisted man to serve in a combat unit of the US Armed forces for a period of no less than 4 years and be honorably discharged - then, and only then, could such individual APPLY to become a citizen. If such individual was unable to serve in a combat unit, they must serve 8 years as an enlisted man. After obtaining citizenship, they could remain in the service, seek to become a commissioned officer, or enter the private workforce.

Afterthought said...

Obama doesn't want to face the facts:

We are at war with a network of people desperate to undo 1789.

Did he think he could pussy through 4 years without smashing some people in the teeth?

Still better than McCain.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yeah,

Look backwards and punish punish punish..

The good ‘ol Eurotard way…

That said; you were right about the ‘Obama concept’ but wrong about this man, many of us have attempted to enlighten you but unfortunately it is practically impossible for us monkeys to see thru the filters imposed by our surrounding environment.

Europe = chocolate covered evil; it becomes impossible to see things straight when everything around is sugar coated dung..

Anonymous said...

By the time this empty suit gets done screwing up the country we will all look back on the days of bush with fondness and i hated bush to. I just plain hate being lied to and obama does nothing but lie . I don't care how many halo's the media literally places over his head .

Angry Leprechaun said...

It was the thought that counts Keith. HA!

RayNLA and Stu mare both on the right track.

unomyname said...

I thought Bush was in over his head, a lightweight. Turns out Obama is a cipher. Once this sinks in further amongst the populace I think things really start to go sideways.

By the way - great having you back Keith.

Angry Leprechaun said...


What is with the new presidential poll. Those are our only choices. After the last one where Ron Paul won put him in.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Oh and the thing about you not liking Reid, Pelosi and Obam in bed together. They are one in the same.

Anonymous said...


How's that Hope and Change werkin out for ya????


Anonymous said...

This administration doesn't have a clue...

Unless their just trying to 'F' everything up!

Then their doing a Great job!

Nimesh said...

Finally Keith has seen the light. Keith, do you still believe that we are experiencing "green shoots"?

I certainly don't. September to December, the market will tank and then people will finally realize "dude, this isn't a normal recession".

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding; what will the whiners flog now?

After all, things were just fine January 19th.

yoski said...

Keith, I agree with most things in your post but "Mandate that 100% of new cars and trucks sold in 2025 are electric or electric hybrid" is just silly and counter productive. Maybe put a limit on energy consumption, but how to get there is best left up to the engineers. They tend to understand more about cars & energy than politicians.
Yes, Obama is a huge disapointment. Similar to Bush, same turd,different wrapper.

Most important, immediately outlaw all lobbying. Elected representatives accepting gifts are to be jailed as are those attempting to bride/lobby elected officials.
Term limits, 10 years in DC should be the maximum for anybody. Unless we put the voter back in charge this country is doomed.
Stop all foreign wars. Make wars illegal unless attacked first.
No more bailouts for anybody. Have very clear guidelines for what tax money can and can not be used. Bailouts and stimulus are poor use of tax dollars.
...and yes, we're broke. The gravy train has reached the end of the line.

Lady Di said...

Obama and his cabinet of criminals is a disaster.

40% approval rating coming soon, then look for some phony event to send Barry's ratings through the roof.

Oh, and my kids will be sitting out the televised bullshit he plans to put out next week to all the schools. He really is so full of himself.

brian said...

LOL We missed you dude.

Anonymous said...

Keith - Goldman/Fed still calls the shots. Why would you think things would change? Different shell but the same thing inside.

Obama can't do what he wants, only what benefits those above him.

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up Keith, lots of people believed the bull shit coming out of Obama's mouth, me included.

But what will we have become if we completely lose the ability to trust and have hope?

Yes, so far he looks to be just another puppet of the Elite fuckers.

I'm so disappointed and saddened. I wonder if he has any idea just how many people he has let down and how much he has let them down?

Good call on the stock market bubble, I doubted you. Welcome back :)

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

The first step is admitting that there is a problem. Now, the next step is to understand that there is no difference between the partys at all. It's like George Carlin said in the American Dream rant: "It's one big club, and you aint't in it." Regarding #7 on the to do list: I am all for new forms of energy, but Obama should apologize for Al Gore's propaganda Inconvenient Truth and denounce Cap & Trade. This is really just another scam tactic brought to you by corrupt politicians and Goldman Sach's. It is no different than MBS or CDS. Follow the money and this whole premise loses all credibility. By the way, when is Obama gonna shut down this blog for national security purposes?

Ross said...

To Afterthought,

Obama actually brought a lot of those people with him to the White House. Open YOUR eyes.

I agree McCain wouldn't have been any different, but probably not any worse. At least he has a pair, but I doubt he would be standing up to the right people.

HOWEVER, you will see his name as a co-sponsor in the Senate for the Audit the Fed Bill. Interesting. Shocking even.

I have retroactively assigned my vote for President to Ron Paul from McCain. My mistake and I can admit it.

Wind Farmer said...

I am reminded of a caller into a radio talk show last year. He was an older Russian American. He talked about his mother and how she would always say, "If only Stalin knew!"

Welcome back!

never_forget_the_summer_of_rage_lol said...

Amusing fantasy laundry lists, but I think you've overlooked that there is a difference between 'President' and 'Ayatollah'. Would need 60 senators to sign off on most of this nonsense. And a FLAT TAX? Holy Steve Forbes batman. Why would anyone who wants a flat tax rate ever support any democrat in the first place?

Gary Near Death Valley said...

On your vote now, who to support as President, you left of the most up and coming candidate, a third party candidate, not part of the other two hog swilling parties. A true independent party, not bowing to special interests but to the constitution, because the Demo-publicans are a has been and need to be eliminated, before this country is totally socialized to the point of no return

Anonymous said...

It won't matter WHO we elect President or WHAT their political party. The end result will be the same. The big money guys are too entrenched in Washington to EVER give up their power. What we have now and forever is not a President, but a Figurehead. A Figurehead controled by Gig Money. It will take something that is probably too horrible for Joe Sixpack to stomach for something to people refusing to hate each other on the basis of religion, or political party or race, etc... and coming together to topple the Big Money guys and take back our country together.


Psycho said...

Yipppeee!! I favorite blog just got better.

Happy Obama Panic everyone!

WizardofIB said...

The 12th thing - Saying the words (in reference to a company or "firm") "Too Big to fail" would now be a felony. Also any supporting actions to keep bankrupt businesses alive should be treated as a new class of uber-felony and be punished along established treason guidelines.

The Wiz

WizardofIB said...

Also, hope and change should be changed to "Hope for Change".

The Wiz

Chuck Ponzi said...

What about natural gas? We've got 300 years worth on our soil, and it's cleaner for the environment than solar or wind when you factor in total environmental impact?

Just a thought.

preston said...


Good points, so far he's been a big disappointment. There is no change.

Add another item to your list: He needs to undo Bush's police state, including all the wiretaps, the patriot act, etc. Currently he is adding to it, they are storing all facebook data for example.

But please, the bailouts of the banks and AIG was under Bush - no one should be blaming him for that. He put a stop to the auto bailouts, but I don't think he can't touch the banks - they are just too powerful.

Anonymous said...

well originally i laughed my ass off and wanted to yell "i told you so" but at least you now recognize what everyone else was telling you 12 months ago...he's just an empty suit who reads teleprompters well and had a cool marketing slogan. enjoy the next 3 years, you voted for him.

Anonymous said...

"...what will we have become if we completely lose the ability to trust and have hope?..."

Considerably wiser, IMO.

"...what is the wisest attitude toward the government?

That of a tick toward a cow. Nothing else makes sense. The central question of American government is not what mountebank shall be president or what eructations of mendacity he may devise. The question, almost the only question, is whether the government can get more from you than you can get from it. One picks pockets, or one’s pockets are picked..."


"...Clearly taking part in this is unwise. What then do you do?

First, and most important, stop regarding yourself as part of government. Government doesn’t concern itself with you; why should you concern yourself with it?...

...Better yet, enjoy the onrushing atrophy. Is the United States going to hell, western civilization being subverted, knaves scuttling like fetid crabs through the corridors of power and nitwits ravaging the schools in the manner of monkeys in a fruit store? (Yes, actually.) Relish it for the splendid historical theater that it is. A better spectacle there cannot be.

I say this seriously. If you regard yourself as audience rather than participant, the accelerating collapse becomes entertainment. You read each morning’s headlines with zest to see what new and preposterous clownishness erupts from Washington..."

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add 10% tarrifs on all imported goods.

belchorama said...

That's more like it - good to have you back.

ContraryRiches said...

Keith, I can't find one thing I disagree with you on in your post. Not a single one. I may not agree with some of them as strongly as you do, but I'm in agreement with the entire post.

I'm going to link it up to my blog as well.


Anonymous said...

you bastard keith!!! God damn you. I couldn't remember the site name and drunk on wine sentimental went to housing panic to remember and then found/remembered it was at the last soot and ashes. back and forth between dem underground and free repub and smirking chimp and drudge even ( good god what depths) and then on some sentimental wine night journey find out you were bullshitting meand wernt gone for ever!. Mfer I would punch your face in before I kissed it for being here .....whooo hoo you are back ... or still here? what ever. Thank goodness!

Mitesh Damania said...

The politicians are only doing what the people want them to do. And that is to keep the circus and illusion of wealth going. As the snowball keeps getting bigger, they've got to up the ante and tighten the screws on control so they can maintain the system.

One thing I noticed is people got upset about health care. I didn't see people get upset about the bailout, the lying that went on during the Bush years, or the million dead Iraqis.

If people want reform, they will have to reform themselves. All of this stems out of lousy values and choices. People will need to stop being selfish and start being selfless. People will need to look at how they effect others on a long term basis. The cost of a product must include all internal AND external costs.

For more info lookup Catherine Austin Fitt's "decentralization" or John Perkins's corporatocracy and how to change the corportocracy by buying products and services that are produced through humane means (avoiding slave/child labor, etc). I've got a lot of good interviews from both of these persons on my blog

This world is the way you vision it to be.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Keith, that was a great post, maybe your best. And I'm not saying it in a told-you-so kind of way.

There are some great insights there. I'm not an Obama fan or an Obama basher. You took an objective look at the guy after strongly supporting him and made some serious criticisms. You then stuck to your Soot-and-Ashes model and suggested some really constructive ideas.

You could watch hours of cable news pundits and not hear anything this substantial.

I wish you could be in the White House Press Corps and ask him why hasn't done any of the things on your list.


Anonymous said...

Keith, go watch "The Obama Deception" on Utube. Alex Jones may not seem as crazy to you now that you are seeing things for how they are, not how we want them to be. I would say its only a matter of time before they shut him down.
The American people can only handle so much truth for the sake of national security and Neilsen ratings. The whole internet control thing is to stop the terrorists(American Citizens) from organizing and communicating for the upcoming revolution.

Anonymous said...

separate corporation, union, church and state

emmy said...

it ain't over yet, it is just getting started...

Banana Republicrat said...

You're dead wrong on #8.

It takes a long time and a lot of money (see #1) to get a nuc plant up. Running that many electric cars will mean burn baby burn for the coal plants. Electric or NG cars are just a different kinds of waste. With limited resources, I'd rather see us put ours into something useful (like heat) rather than into Chinese Electro-Hummers on their way out to the Home Depot.

Let people do what they want, just stop using tax money to pay for it. Less is more here.

Robert said...

Keith, welcome back.
The most damaging result from this disastrous presidency will be that for our youth - they were so involved in this last election and fully believed that change would come about with their support of Obama. Now they see the light of day and may never thrust themselves into the corridors of politics again and that Keith is for me the saddest and most poignant aftermath of the last eight months. Watching the Bible bashing brown-shirts do what they are only good at doing is a sure sign of even worse things to come. Its amazing, we spend trillions to safeguard us from terrorists when the true terrorists are right on our door-step.

les said...

Hopefully, it will be the last US Presidency.

We don't need the federal govt anymore.

Destroy the fed govt.
Destroy the Fed.
Destroy the debt.

Start over as independent republics

Anonymous said...


All you Lemmings who voted for this really what you wanted?

Non elected Czars?

Government take-over of the auto industry?

Attempting to governmentalize 17 percent of the economy through Healthcare....Bad healthcare!


consultant said...

Sounds like a good plan.

Mike Hunt said...


Add another point Obama should do:

Fix the fraud in the financial system by not allowing off balance sheet and mark to fantasy to exist. Take the big banks that are too big to fail and split them down to size.

Normally you make great calls like the bottom call to buy and the recent call to sell.

How come it took you so damn long to wake up to the fact that Obama is a do-nothing all talk sham artist? I saw it coming after month 1 of the presidency.

Guess you were so starstruck that you lost perspective.


Angry Leprechaun said...

Not one person has said anything about Biden, who said today that the stimulus package is working better than hahahahahaha thought hahahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ............ HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter all over again.

Change... pfffffft.

Cook County, IL politician. Never forget that one fact no matter what your opinions are about race, or place or birth, or experience are.

Cook County, Illinois (quite possibly the most corrupt state in the union) politician. And this dude cut his political teeth at the rotten core of that state's political arena. Change my smug ass... given where he came from professionally, how the fuck do you think he's going to govern???? This country is so chock full of asshats at this point that we DESERVE this type of leadership.

The middle-ground voter anger is mounting. It should get interesting next year.

-Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

I will say one good thing in the defense of his administration where tax collection is concerned -

thank you

UBS and other outfits like them should be shaking in their boots by now. Better late than never.

Smug Bastard

Ross said...

You are who you roll with.

Van Jones
John Holdren
Rahm Emanuel
Bob Gates
Reverend Wright
Bill Ayers
Michelle's @ss

Do I need to go on?

LOL said...

Im done with being a responsible citizen.. My only question now is how can I /we make money off Barako's policies..

I should have bought GS at its low last year.. We all know the game is rigged...

Anonymous said...

Follow the money

Amen Keith said...


Regarding electric cars though, I don't hear much talk about the fact that like oil, lithium supply is Finite.

vanilla ice said...

Good points, Barack is acting like Bush III.

D in Snottsdale said...

I'm glad you're back Keith. I've missed your wit and clever writing style even though I don't agree with you on everything. Been reading your blog for years.

And number one for me is to get us out of war.

JAWS said...

This has been entertaining up to now. Now, I'm starting to feel ill. My friends are gettig laid off one by one.

Las Vegas has 30,000 construction workers up and down The Strip. Their projects will be completed the first quarter of '10. For 20 years, there's always been another up-leg to go to when the current project was finished. Not anymore. There's nothing slated for '10, period. It's getting our attention.

Yesterday, I drove the main streets of LV on the west side - Charleston, Sahara, Desert Inn, Flamingo. The "for lease" signs are practically on top of each other. The Red Rock projects that have been mothballed are just sitting there in the steel framing stage, no sign of life.

I'm glad this blog is back.

Psycho said...

This is an elected official in Commiefornia

“Get the f**k out of here or I’ll throw you out the window”

Slithery said...

Mel Gibson represents everything that is wrong with Christianity, and will severely damage Peter Schiff by association..

Anonymous said...

the million dead Iraqis???

Martyrs of Allah,

9,999.99 were wearing special belts and vests, would have been heading to the waiting virgins with or without Bush..

As said here many many times..

Arabs cannot expect others to value their lives any more then they do themselves

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're Back. I just checked your blog for the first time and am happy to see you back, Keith!

Even though my Democrat friends are still very happy with Obama, for me the bloom is off the rose. For me the two biggest issues in the last election was the bank bailouts and the war.

Truthfully, has there been one iota of difference in how Obama has handled these issues as compared to Bush? Shoot, he has the same guy running the Dept of Defense and he just renominated Bush's Fed Secretary for another term.

Where's the change? Why has not a single banker or Wall Street exec been arrested in the past year!


Anonymous said...

* ducks and covers for i told you so bomb *

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Psycho said...

"JAWS said...
This has been entertaining up to now. Now, I'm starting to feel ill. My friends are gettig laid off one by one."

It is sad but the bear needs to eat.

wallstreetvet said...

hey you're back? you missed a great party

patrat said...

One thing I would like to see is no bills attached to other bills. Of course, does it make any difference because apparently they don't read them anyway? But when you have to pass a bill that you don't want in order to pass one that you do, something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm really losing faith in America. If things don't change fast, I may just move to Canada.

Mitesh Damania said...

the million dead Iraqis???

Martyrs of Allah,

9,999.99 were wearing special belts and vests, would have been heading to the waiting virgins with or without Bush..

As said here many many times..

Arabs cannot expect others to value their lives any more then they do themselves

Well said my Goldman Sachs and Halliburton martyr of a seven plus digits annual income. You take in the indoctrination so well. May the economy of fog and mirrors always be with you. Don't ever wake up from your pleasant dream. Take the doublespeak with a glass of water 4 times daily. Consult your CIA doctor if there's any discomfort arising from reality pangs.

ContraryRiches said...

How about starting a list of 10 things "Buns" Bernanke needs to do? Number 1, stop throwing dollars like its comin out yer ass!

euonymous said...

Very cool.

Welcome Home, Keith.

Lost Cause said...

Joe Scarborough? You don't have to look far to see where the bodies are buried -- they are right in his office.

Lost Cause said...

I am from Cook County. It happens to be the home of Chicago, the third largest city in the country, and one of the hubs of air, rail and business and conventions. Multiple successful industries call it home, as well as innumerable corporations. It used to be that any product that you picked up said "Chicago" on it somewhare -- that is how many businesses called it home. It is a great, world class city.

Screw you. What an astoundingly idiotic idea -- he must be bad, because he comes from Cook County. Smug Bastard, indeed.

Lost Cause said...

Come on, I just had a nice salad of juicy green shoots for dinner over here at my house. Oh, that's right, I don't have a house anymore. And that's right, it was kind of like eating grass. Well, keep the chin up. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Many good points Keith but Israel shouldn't bomb Iran. We were trying to educate you prior to your vacation but apparently we didn't get the point across.

Paul Craig Roberts....

Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government. One of the fanatics is the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Last week Netanyahu called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran.

The kind of blockade that Netanyahu wants qualifies as an act of war. Israel has long threatened to attack Iran on its own but prefers to draw in the US and NATO.

Why does Israel want to initiate a war between the United States and Iran?

Is Iran attacking other countries, bombing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure?

No. These are crimes committed by Israel and the US.

Is Iran evicting peoples from lands they have occupied for centuries and herding them into ghettoes?

No, that’s what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for 60 years.

What is Iran doing?

Iran is developing nuclear energy, which is its right as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran’s nuclear energy program is subject to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which consistently reports that its inspections find no diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program.....

evildoc said...

---Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government.----

There never has been a country called Palestine.

Would-be-Palestinians declined their one opportunity to have a state by declaring war on Israel, which HAD accepted the Palestinian's right to have a state.

The PLO launched its first terror against Israeli children in 1964, so clearly- despite claims now to contrary- is not about getting land back that Israel "took" in 1967.

In 1967 Israel did not capture any lands held by "non-existent" national Palestinians, but captured land held by Jordan and Egypt, which had not given that land to their "would-be-Palestinian" "brothers" after gaining control of that land in 1948.

Would-be-Palestinians. Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity (quote from Israeli liberal Abba Eban).



Mitesh Damania said...

In 1967 Israel did not capture any lands held by "non-existent" national Palestinians, but captured land held by Jordan and Egypt, which had not given that land to their "would-be-Palestinian" "brothers" after gaining control of that land in 1948.

You guys should watch the 60 minutes report on Israeli apartheid. It's so obvious, 60 Minutes is reporting this! 60 Minutes!

Anonymous said...

"Screw you. What an astoundingly idiotic idea -- he must be bad, because he comes from Cook County. Smug Bastard, indeed"

Get your panties out of a wad, Junior and re-read my post... Cook County, IL POLITICIAN. Illinois is a corrupt state. I lived there for 15 years. Two Governors IN A ROW from different parties investigated - does that say anything to you Junior????? Truth hurts; deal with it Sonny.

Anonymous said...

"Screw you. What an astoundingly idiotic idea -- he must be bad, because he comes from Cook County. Smug Bastard, indeed."

P.S. - go fuck yourself, Junior.

Cardinals are kicking his Cubs' collective ass so he's a little pissed off right now.

-Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

- suck on it Junior.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

"It is a great, world class city. "

I'd actually agree with that statement - I've visited several times, but it is full of corruption where politics are concerned. And, Illinois as a whole has lots of problems today because of it - I hope you enjoyed the 3% flat income tax because it is going buh-bye very soon. I'm hoping they roll back out the personal property tax that was done away with back in the 70's. I'll be thinking of you Junior when they do... hahahahahahaha!

-Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

how about just for spite we include, - change elected pay scale to no more than 2x national average. (3x for Pres) No special retirement or health care program. No Gulfstreams, if you have to have a 'special flight' the Air Force has plenty of planes. At best you get First Class Commercial (if you pay for it yourself - best govt does is cattle car class) Bring back the notion of "Public Service"

By the way I like the idea of no more lobbyist / special interest donations too. One big fund, doled out to the top 3 contenders if / when you use that up tough noogies... should have been more prudent.

Anonymous said...

Well done Keith.

It takes a BIG man to face up to the truth. A lot of people were disillusioned with Bush and then this guy appeared, saying all the things we wanted to hear, that we believe would restore the US to its great destiny and high ideals. So most gave him the chance he asked for.
Well, he has had a chance to prove his worth. And unfortunately he has proven to be an empty suit, a talking head.
Even those who didn't vote for him, would like him to succeed, even if he proved them wrong. The great majority would have accepted sacrifices for the good of the country.
And now, even those Democrats who voted for him, think he is a BAD President.

Lead the way, Keith.
Galvanize the bloggers and posters again. If we can maintain enough pressure, we might even be able to deny him a 2nd term.

Anonymous said...

"...There never has been a country called Palestine..."

That was a good one.

Remove "country called" from that sentence and ponder the honesty(sic) behind it.

On an even-more cynical note, let's rejoice at the long-term effect Obama will have: helping to finally destroy the naivete that this cuntry runs on.

Will any sucker/rube stroll up to the voting booth with hope for change next time?


Anonymous said...

"I am from Cook County."

You have my sincere condolences.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect?

Anonymous said...

"Lead the way, Keith.
Galvanize the bloggers and posters again. If we can maintain enough pressure, we might even be able to deny him a 2nd term."

For what? thats the kind of thinking about bush that lead to Obama. Your mindset will only give us something worse. Think of any of the crop of repubs that ran last time. We have to start thinking more about alternatives instead of just thwarting the current office holders. otherwise its just a game they are playing on us.

evildoc said...

mitesh said...

----You guys should watch the 60 minutes report on Israeli apartheid. It's so obvious, 60 Minutes is reporting this! 60 Minutes!----

Mitesh saw it on da boob tube so it done gots to be true. LOL.

Apartheid. Caste systems. Words...


SeattleMoose said...

Just like Bush, BO (did I smell that right?) is a puppet, a more well spoken puppet, but a puppet nonetheless.

The financial elite run this country. They have the money, the power, the connections, and the cunning. They are a self-serving parasitic entity.

They stay behind the scenes until they themselves are threatened. You got a glimpse of them in direct action when Hank Paulson (CEO of Goldman Sachs), while posing as US Treasury Secretary, raided the treasury to give money directly to his company Goldman Sachs and other WS/Banking cronies in the form of TARP. Remember how he demanded the government approve it immediately (without review) specifically demanding that no questions be asked and that he himself be free from any future prosecution? That level of arrogance is shocking but it shows the mindset of the parasites that have taken control of this country.

The massive debt that the financial mafia rolled up simply was transferred from their books to our backs in the form of massive government debt. Nobody was held accountable for their reckless decisions. In fact just the opposite occurred,

Any coincidence this last summer Goldman Sachs gives out record bonuses...during a recession? And remember they were gonna be forced to give their bonuses back? Well it never happened...the story was suddenly pulled from the MSM and just like that, it was gone and forgotten.

instead of being frog marched to jail these crooks now have a clean slate (thanx to us taxpayers) to keep gaming the system. Essentially if you are in the "too big to fail" club it means you can do whatever you want to do knowing full well that you have NO RISK AT ALL FOR ANYTHING!!

Even if Obama had a spine and tried to "stand up" to the mafia he would be "reminded" that he has a family....or worse. The position of president in this country is only to provide the illusion of democracy.

Until the FED and the financial mafia that run this country are literally dragged screaming out of their BMWs, lavish offices, and guard gated mansions, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...


Well, at least Jimmy Crater (yes I know it's Carter) can rest easy now as not being the worst president!


USA said...

i was waiting to post a comment since your incarceration in latvia ended so now is as good a time as any, it is astonishing to watch the obama circus which at first i called a sitcom months ago unfold and the followers such as yourself cry in public over what happened, how could this be, this is what he should do to save himself, you and your sock puppet crowd elected a fraud a person who accomplished nothing substantial in his life and who now is a failed one term president in less than a year, he may very well destroy the democratic party all by himself, and there is some quiet talk of a challenge from within so i am waiting for your meaningless response from your bag of meaningless responses, and the circus is in town i love going to the circus, especially watching the clowns, welcome back mr sock

Anonymous said...

It is what it is people. The damage has already been done. Shame so many people screamed foul over healthcare and not the bailouts.

"These Grifters are good". I think Obama was maybe one of the best. Most people did not see him coming.

Anonymous said...

"...Until the FED and the financial mafia that run this country are literally dragged screaming out of their BMWs, lavish offices, and guard gated mansions, nothing will change."

Your entire post was excellent; right on the money.

We're fucked.

To hell with 9/11; remember 1913.

Anonymous said...

Racist garbage. Obama inherited a mess from Bush and everybody knows, but the game is to clean up with a Black man and make him the culprit. Racist!

Anonymous said...

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