September 2, 2009

Mommy, why are all those people in suits walking out of the casino at the same time?

The game feels rigged sometimes doesn't it?

After that massive rally, the sidelines are feeling pretty darn good. Market may go up another 50%, but of course, it could fall another 50% too. I'm pretty sure which one is worse - suffering a 50% fall from here, versus missing another 50% up. Should be an interesting few months.

BTW, remember when George Bush wanted people to put their Social Security accounts into the casino? Now THAT would have been interesting. You know we'd be talking about bailing out failed speculators right about now.

Why Investors Need to See the Light and Slow Down

In August, corporate insiders -- officers and directors of public companies -- sold nearly 31 times as much stock as they bought. From last September through this past March, in the depths of the bear market, that ratio was just 2 to 1, according to TrimTabs Investment Research of Sausalito, Calif. The long-term average is about 7 to 1.

The people who run companies don't know exactly what the future holds, but they do know more about their own firms than outsiders do. If they are furiously selling, how eagerly should the rest of us be buying?


Anonymous said...

Hedge Fund Redemption Day.

How many investors are going to ask for redemption.

Is September 30, 2009 the deadline day for thousands of hedge funds which now owe payments to those investors who have requested a redemption

Do most hedge funds have 45-65 day redemption notice periods. This means investors must notify hedge funds 45-65 days before quarter end.

Anonymous said...

Will a new change come with a new BOJ

Didn't DPJ leader Yukio Hatoyama say "We need to do some soul-searching about the past practice of spending freely without limit and then selling bonds if there was a budget shortfall."

Lady Di said...

The market is going to do whatever the oligarchies that run this country decide.

It's clearly a rigged game. Goldman Sachs wins; you lose.

So sad how many people believe that they're "investing" their money in a legitimate place when they put it in the market.

Anonymous said...

Bush? Who cares about Bush? Please Talk about Obama's stupidity more than Bush's. They both suck. But Obama is the current lame duck. Bush is just a has been.

Anonymous said...

just sold my MFs all but a energy one, someone, sometime in the future is going to want oil. feels better not sitting in the casino in the months to come. best of luck out there should be a interesting fall this year.

casey said...

The stock market is basically stealing money from the little guy and handing it over to the likes of goldman sachs.Do you actually believe the numbers a company reports?Once there is bad news in a stock you are the last to know as insiders sell way before you.The market seems to rely on a lot of trust.I dont trust wall street.Odds are better going to vegas.

Chuck Ponzi said...

On the flipside... thankfully our SS ponzi money is invested in US treasuries...

What? we're getting close to 0% return on that? Scratch that.

Too bad we didn't invest in gold or oil. Maybe Social Security can buy Saudi Arabia and we can rearrange the politics there. Ha ha! that worked great in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

"Bush? Who cares about Bush? Please Talk about Obama's stupidity more than Bush's. They both suck. But Obama is the current lame duck. Bush is just a has been."

Somewhat subtle.

You left out the part about what great shape we were in January 19th though.

How were we 3 years ago?

Angry Leprechaun said...

"You know we'd be talking about bailing out failed speculators right about now."

Huh? Isn't that waht 50% of what we talk about here is.

I think we need a new counter put up. Number of days or years before Keith realizes than Obama is as big of a schill as Bush.

Get over it Keith, we have another big peice of sticky dog crap on the bottom of our shoes.

ContraryRiches said...

Oldest Swiss bank tells its clients dump US assets or find another bank....OUCH!!


Devestment said...

Heads up.

When the next DOW 6800 day hits in the wave of 2010/11 pick your payment resets, be ready to buy crappy blue chip americon paper for pennies on the dollar.

america is retarded...

SeattleMoose said...

Just sold off 50% of my stock holdings. Had a "magical" bull runup and figured it was time to secure some winnings. It is a rigged game so any "logic" applied to the game is useless.

Better off just trusting your gut instinct about the overall "health" of the economy, housing, growing debt, etc.

Thank God we have Goldman Sachs!!! The very model of a modern successful company! (only thing missing is a pirate flag on top of their building).

And what about those AIG bonuses paid out of TARP (i.e. our) money? Remember, Congress was huffing and puffing about "making them pay them back".....and then suddenly they slipped off the MSM radar screen...gee, you think they ever paid them back?

Afterthought said...

It's going to get very ugly when the average Good German starts turning to fascism.

Can Obama be reached? Or is he in thrall to the Limousine Liberals?

Anonymous said...

Will there be a new reserve currency of the World

China has agreed to buy $50 billion of the International Monetary Fund's first bond issue in a move that will help to strengthen the body's lending ability and diversify Beijing's foreign holdings.

Anonymous said...

Will foreigners who invested in RMBS even get their principle back if the US has to print more money (weaken US Dollar) to pay back their investment.

American Airlines
Danaher Corp
Berkshire Medical Center
MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Stanford University
Bemis Company
Midwest Airlines