September 9, 2009

Peter Schiff for Senate Money Bomb 9/9/09

$1.5 million and he's in for sure.

Donate here

Yes, this could be fun.

Ron Paul didn't have the fire in his belly. He was too nice. And he was too old.

That's why we need Schiff.

Schiff vs. Dodd?

Schiff vs. Reid?

Schiff vs. Frank?

Schiff vs. McConnell and Kyl?

Let's get it on!


Anonymous said...

NO way!

Mel Gibson ruined it for him..

Angry Leprechaun said...

Shiff vs Obama?

This shows how ignorant you truly are Keith.

Devestment said...

Keep your money, you will need it.

Apt604 said...

If he ran as an independent or a Dem, I'd be happy to contribute. I like Peter Schiff. But as a Senate Republican, he'd be bound to support the Senate Republican leadership's agenda (that is, if he wants any clout in the party).

And if you think Chris Dodd is bad, on financial issues or anything else, you don't know much about Mitch McConnell.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on. I live in CT and will volunteer for his campaign. Why not Schiff? Have you heard someone else speak who has made more sense than he?