December 13, 2009

From Ireland: "We're screwed as a country because of the wrongdoing of others". Oh, and an F bomb too.

Too bad no US congressman has the guts to get up in the face of Barney Frank or Chris Dodd or any of the others who were on the take from the REIC during the Big Housing Ponzi Scheme, and call a spade a spade.

"You lie"? Nah. A big ol well-placed F bomb, that would do the trick.

Or then again, gotta love it when they slay 'em with the Queen's english too..


Bottom Dollar said...

2 great I have to pick my favorite? Ok, the F bombs. Definately the F bombs.

Anonymous said...


What happened Ireland?

You use to beat the Shit out of anyone or anything for the slightest infraction.

Drunken, brawling, bombings... what happened?

Now, You just bend over and take one , just like the French!

Toughen up be more like the Brits


Bukko_in_Australia said...

That second YouTube clip is an old one, isn't it? Eloquently spoken, but I've seen it before, perhaps even as a link off S&A.

"Question time" in English-speaking parliaments is indeed a great bit of oratorical political theatre. That Irish bloke with the F-words didn't come close to the rambunctious rhetoric that Micks are capable of. Crude, no sophistication, just a lot of whingeing.

Then again, at least you could understand what he said. Irish people can lay on the brogue like it was mortar on a brickmason's trowel when they want to, even when they're not speaking Gaelic. However, Scots are the muckiest for being unintelligible. Wait -- I take that back. Welshmen are worst. You're part of the British Empire, you dolts! Speak ENGLISH, for Queenie's sake.

Ethnic vilification aside, I wonder what would happen if politicians unleashed the invective in the U.S. Congress like they do in Australia, the U.K. and other legislatures?

To start with, I don't think that American Congriftsmen are smart enough to do it. You've got to have a nimble brain and confident character attached to a glib tongue to do what the lowliest British MP does. From what I've seen over the years, most American legislators are too dim-witted to speak off the cuff. They can only mouth-waddle through speeches that someone else has written for them.

And American politicos don't say ANYTHING directly. It's all buzz-phrases like "the sanctity of marriage" or "states' rights". What they mean is "I hate queers" and "don't even THINK about voting, nigger" but they're too chickenshit to say it outright.

And when an American Congressman DOES throw a hardball, like Alan Grayson from Florida did when he described the Repiglickin healthcare plan as "Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, hurry up and die quickly" (an insult worthy of the Australian Parliament, I tell ya!) the opposition and media wet their panties because it's so MEEEEEEAN!

Also, Americans can't handle verbal confrontation without feeling like they need to resort to violence. If Congressmen started slanging like Brits and Irish and Aussies did, they'd go all Argentinian on each others' asses. Except half of Congress is so old and feeble they couldn't even hurl a plastic chair, let along the furniture they have in D.C.

Anonymous said...

my bank went under last week and this while they give me 70 bucks a month to use a hundred thousand dollar deposit and lend it out at 30 percent? this again to drive up housing,? where can i rent a hundred thousand dollar house for 70 bucks a month? this being the second bank in about a year plus a month that i have had deposits in that went under...what the.... is going on this bit is just totally bogus.....

Angry Leprechuan said...


Glad you are back!


I agree with you! Except I am not quite the conspiracy expert you claim.

Now, this is the kind of post we need around here.

Also, to anyone who is traveling. I just stayed one night in Palm Springs on a whim. If you travel, lowball the shit on I got a killer hotel room at a 4 star resort for 55 bucks last night. For those of us who have been rsponsible and saved and have not over-consumed, there are deals like no other out there. I bought two fantasic cars this year because we needed to replace our other two beaters with 150,000 miles on them, all for the price of a new Honda civic.

As for my favorite of these two, I can't decide. And yes Bukko the clip of Hannan is about a year old.

Anonymous said...

the stock market is up almost double from its low yet this is not growth or a good economy so savers get screwed anew until everyone breaks even and/or they are depleated, damn rigged system continues

Anonymous said...

The banks provided me with a few schadenfreude moments recently. 2 POS’s that found it fun to brag on how long they were living payment free (1 the son of owner that moved in after they walked out) got their Writs of Possession last week. One (US Bank) took since 6/08 to Cert of Title, the other (Chase) since 8/08.

I know, sick that I find pleasure in someone having to move AT CHRISTMAS TIME.

HaHaHa HoHoHo, Oh what fun it must be to ride in a moving van on Christmas Eve. Hey..HaHaHa HoHoHo…

AMIGUSER said...



Randy said...

I don’t always agree with you, but this one is pearls…

Anonymous said...

How cute - Liberals trying to discuss world events...

stupidly white man said...

You people eyeing the TARP funds and the cash bailouts are missing the big picture.

When banks borrow free money from the government and lend it out at 25% to cover their bloated life style. Utlimitly the number of dollars expand.

The devaluation of the currency is how we the tax payers are really paying the billing.

Take 38% of the GDP - that is the real cost of the bank bailout to the tax payer.