December 12, 2009

Party back on?

0% interest rates with no end in sight - check

Asset bubbles forming everywhere - check

Massive government overspending - check

Nobody gets arrested for the last bubble debacle - check

Party back on?

Can you cure a hangover by drinking?


jim said...

yes, yes you can. For a while.

Anonymous said...

What do you do when you buy gold at $700 an ounce, then it goes to $1200, then it starts to go back, like who do you sell your gold to then?
Just wondered. Kind of like the house thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GAWD is this going to end ugly.

All we've done is bought a few more years(months?) at truly horrific cost.

Janus said...

Are we really that fucked?
I heard you can also treat heavy alcoholism with psychedelic mushroom.
That s going to be even more fun!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Tiger Woods jokes?

Went2puke said...

America is a huge lab where big corporations conduct their experiments on unwitting lab animals, AKA American consumers.

When the consumers stopped spending, the government decided to take their money and spend it on their behalf to keep the corporations happy.

After having satisfied the corporations’ needs, the government’s job now is to woo in the frightened animals back to the lab. You can see them coming back in droves. No doubt, the party is back on and it's business as usual again-- until the next big crisis in 2010.

casey said...

The only thing really differnt now is that you have to document your income to get a subprime loan.Other than that it is business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Sock puppet doing coke - what a scream!

Smug Bastard

ContraryRiches said...


Is it appropriate if I ask you to put back the cover of "Sugar Smacks" on this post? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Is it time to release those Shadow Inventory.

133 banks got on the FDIC failed bank list so far this year, but who is counting.

Anonymous said...

Very sad or better very well said.

Where will it end....or.....begin???

Thomas said...

Just got back from Vancouver BC. Housing prices there have stabilized and are actually slightly higher than in October of 2008. Low interest rates, the Olympics, and of course "confidence."

Party on, Wayne!

keep the faith! said...

Retail sales up!

GDP up!

Home sales up!

Stock market up!

Banks making big profits again!

Auto sales up!

New job creation up!

Hell yah! Party time!!!!!!!!!!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Look, if that's good cocaine you're snorting, you sock puppet/Kate Moss wannabee, you should be hoovering through something classier than a US $20 clownbuck. Use a euro banknote, fer Crissake!

Anonymous said...

Things look better when drinkin' why stop ...

Anonymous said...

haha. nice photo!

patrat said...

Boogie 'chile ...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Real estate party still full-on Down Under. Bubble? What bubble? We don't see no steenkin' bubble here!

keith said...

Man it's nice to come back and not have the losers around - you know, the fox news, racist, anti-semite, sarah palin loving brain-dead dolts that ruined HP and S&A before

maybe I'll stick around. I liked HP when it was kinda like fight club.

Anonymous said...

my ear! anywhere but my ear!

Robert said...

Whats really devastating is that Obama told lies and the youth believed him (I did too.)Under Bush health care reform wouldn't even be on the table. He and Bush will go down as the two worst Presidents one white and one black.

Anonymous said...

'Whats really devastating is that Obama told lies and the youth believed him (I did too.)Under Bush health care reform wouldn't even be on the table. He and Bush will go down as the two worst Presidents one white and one black.'

Oops, looks like you spoke too soon Keith.

Dr. Huxtable said...

I love it!

I would love to hear some predictions of what & when is next? Boom? Bust? And in what?

Is housing set to take off with 0% money or is the cheap cash not filtering through to easy loans as it did during the first go round in 2002?

Banana Republicrat said...

The TBTF are even bigger and the US gov't is gorging itself on worthless paper as fast as it can be written. Good ole Larry Yun has even cranked up his eternal sunshine nonsense for all of the dailies to regurgitate.

I saw Cramer and Greenspan together on Meet the Press along with Mitt '12, Inc. begging for an end to all of that gov't regulation that has been keeping us down (?!)

The US is the dumbest group of people in human history. Palin is a shoe-in. Time to replenish my popcorn cache and check out Uruguay's immigration policy.

Please stick around Keith!

Devestment said...

There are many foreclosures in the West with the defaulted still living in them.

My production based business died.

My distressed assets business took off.

The “big wave of foreclosure ” is due 2010/11.

The pompous prognosticators sing on.

Booze and Kool-Aid stopped working.

Under the best-case and worse-case scenarios, interest rates are going up.

The hand puppet is on blow.

Oh yeah! Party On!
Way? Yes Way-stead?

Anonymous said...

Man it's nice to come back and not have the losers around - you know, the fox news, racist, anti-semite, sarah palin loving brain-dead dolts that ruined HP and S&A before

Don't forget the global warming deniers Al Queeferino. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

High-End Foreclosures Are Next

These are not all million-dollar homes of the rich and famous.

In many markets, especially urban markets, a million-dollar home is a basic three bedroom, two bath on a postage stamp lot, many of these homes were brought with Option Arm loans by smart people who listened to the so called real estate professionals who told them that house price will never go down.

Now with the bulk of the Option Arm loans starting to reset around April 2010, which cities will be hit the hardest.

Shouldn't the banks be more aggressive in releasing the shadow inventories in those metro areas.

Look at some of the news head line

Another wave of Phoenix-area foreclosures forseen

Of the 10 metro areas nationwide with the most option ARMs, three are in the Bay Area. East Bay counties of Alameda and Contra Costa, the South Bay area of Santa Clara and San Benito counties, and the counties of San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo

Dallas-area high-end home foreclosures soar

Hawaii foreclosures up 122 percent in November

In Florida, Foreclosures are Fueling Bank Failures

Anonymous said...

If you where to make your own list of U.S Homes that are Most Overpriced, how would it look like.

Would it look anything like this.

Where U.S. Homes Are Most Overpriced

Properties in these cities stay on the market longest, and sell for less than asking price.

Anonymous said...

Beside a month of free rent for every 12-month lease what other type of concession are you asking from your landlord.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the bank be more aggressive in releasing their Shadow Inventories, before the next wave of high end foreclosures flood the housing market.

Foreclosure filings in the U.S. will reach a record for the second consecutive year with 3.9 million notices sent to homeowners in default, RealtyTrac Inc. said.

This year’s filings will surpass 2008’s total of 3.2 million as record unemployment and price erosion batter the housing market, the Irvine, California-based company said.

Anonymous said...

Will be another down-leg for the U.S. housing market, beginning no later than spring of next year

If the chart is still correct then shouldn't the answer be yes.

Anonymous said...

Will the banks able to control the next wave of foreclosure that is about to flood housing market.

Problem bank numbers will continue to rise, along with failures.

Alt-A loans are going to be due for mandated re-sets in the first half of 2010, with commercial loans projected to crash in the latter half.

Ross said...

Keith, it's always good to see you pop in for a visit in the blogosphere and our collective conscience. Because of your influence and that of the Implode-O-Meter, my life has changed a lot.

I have become a card-carrying member of the Campaign For Liberty and met Ron Paul for the first time last Saturday at an event in the Memorial Union at Arizona State University after his speech.

I fully realize that both parties in D.C. have assimilated in to one group of corrupt, morally bankrupt swindlers.

Campaign For Liberty gives me hope for the future that I haven't had since before the 2000 Elections.

I hope your travels have given you great perspective and would be interested to know if you plan on publishing a books or any journals.

Please keep this blog going no matter how much you disagree with the readers you attract.

OK everyone, it's amazing to see how strongly we have survived the worst economic crisis in 70 years and are still fighting the good fight.

Anyone who wants to connect with me can reach me at

Out at the peak said...

I went to a family xmas party and found out that my mom's cousin has been a RE agent for 10 years in the town I live in.

She was totally trying to make a sale. She is desperately wanting to purchase an investment property now because interest rates are low and really think things have hit bottom. This same person bought an investment property in Las Vegas in 2005.

My dad was encouraging her because he also believes the hype that I need to buy at this time. I've told my dad a dozen times or more since 2007 that I'm waiting for 2012+. I told that to the agent too, but of course she wants me to look now.

I told her I sold in Nov 2005 and she was like, "Why didn't you tell me to sell at that time?"
Well now that we got properly introduced why do you think that I was smart then but not now?

Anonymous said...

must be hard times ...the crack puppet did not crack me up.........