January 19, 2010

The anti-Democrat anger is here, it is building, and in November 2010 it will be fierce. "Throw the bums out. All of them" will rule the day.

Obama and the Dems will learn what happens when you follow Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

They'll learn what happens when you don't do the things that were promised, and completely piss off your base.

They'll learn what happens when you're in charge during 10%+ unemployment (no matter if it was your fault or not).

They'll learn what happens when you tax and spend, and do nothing about the deficit or entitlements bomb.

They'll learn what happens when you try to work with the GOP.

They'll lose.

Big time.


And we'll be right back to being led by the corrupt and brain-dead Republicans who got us into this mess.

God Bless America.

Isn't anarchy fun?

Get ready to vote 'em all out in 2010. Democrats and Republicans. And then in 2012, do it again. And in 2014, do it again. And in 2016, do it again.


Anonymous said...

If Scott Brown wins today, I am sending an e-mail to my 1st term Democrat Congressman --- 2 words:


Anonymous said...

Great video.

Burn baby Burn

Anonymous said...

"And we'll be right back to being led by the corrupt and brain-dead Republicans who got us into this mess."

If you truly believe that the mess we're in is 100% due to Republicans, then you really are an idiot. Just like your hero Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ah Keith, your seeing the light. That is right, neither Republicans nor Democrats(including your boy Obama which you rally behind) know what they are doing.

They political stunt men that care only about their selfish ambitions before putting the American People first.

Banana Republicrat said...

This looks a lot like the same old aimless Dick Armey-fomented anti-Democrat anger to me. Once upon a time Democrats and Republicans were both great parties. One with a history of defending labor and one with a history of fiscal responsibility. Both have decided to abandon those principles in favor of a common interest in feathering corporate nests.

Neither side is performing their traditional roles, that is why things suck. Vote 'em out Tea Baggers & Paulheads, but please try to reach out to your brothers and sisters on the far left, you have much common ground and can probably only do this together. Let's get the corporatist toadies out of the gov't so we can return to governing in true democratic (plz note the small d) fashion.

And for the record, Bernie Sanders is a Socialist and he did not/ does not support the bailouts or the Corporate Healthcare Handout Bill. To be sure socialism has its problems, but neither giving trillions of dollars to private interests nor steering the poor into a massive corporate fleecing is one of them.

Afterthought said...

Or we can fight the imposed left-right divide that the oppressors use to destroy us.

It's up to us.

Watermellon said...

And you'll see what happens when you keep calling the GOP dumb

The may not be all that bright either.

But Nothing pisses off Americans more then when the elitist bald headed drunk Eurotards look down with their snotty noses and call the GOP dumb cowboys.

If you can articulate your case go for it

Smirking at the gun-rack 4x4 pick up truck driving Tea Party participants, makes you all look like arrogant upper crusty socialites.

Those you agree with are genius's and the ones you disagree with dumb?

You keep this up and I guarantee you Palin or Beck next president.

Anonymous said...

I think Americans are just figuring out that gridlock is the best we can hope for. No good when one party controls both presidency and legislature.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to Change?? Your legs were pulled once again.

No more republicans, no more democrats. We need true American values.

The US Congress is a cancer and has to be rooted out completely.

File for chapter 7 and start over !!!!

Anonymous said...

Give me gridlock.

Happy the power mad Marxists have exposed their true selves. We all see their true colors, at last.

Incidentally, how long has it been that the Republican party has been the "red" party? This was a slick subliminal media switcheroo, to avoid associating leftists with their pinko nature. I can remember when it was the other way around...Time to go back to that.
The Democrats need to own it.

Anonymous said...

But but,

The world woves us now

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

the repubs are truly F**ked-up,

but they can't hold a candle to the Dems

Anonymous said...


You Cowardly Weak kneed, pussified Democrats would be Lucky if you had, IF YOU HAD a woman like Sarah Palin!

Why is your party Full of women with Balls bigger than any Democrat man??

Are you that worried that you won't be able to Abort on demand your future welfare case...Hmmm?

Are you afraid that you may have to acknowledge a power greater than Pelosi, Hillary, Boxer...

Yes I'm talkin about God Almighty!

Chris Dodd, Barney Fag are directly responsible for the Mess were in!

Ted Kennedy was a Disgrace to this Country!

By the way, "It's Obama's baby Now" so quit your Bitchin bout 'W'

We all know now about the Hoax of Global warming or cooling or climate change or whatever your calling it this week.

You lying sacks of Hypocritical S**T!

thank you

Humble Trader said...

"...the Republicans that got us into this mess..."


Fair enough, but don't neglect to mention that Obama more than doubled the national debt in his first few months of office, whereas the Bushies did their damage gradually.

Humble Trader said...

"...the gun-rack 4x4 pick up truck driving Tea Party participants..."


We can mock these kinds of people if we want, but they are the kinds of people who will lead the charge if we need to throw off an oppressive gummint. We're almost there, and certainly will be if the Pelosi-Reid agendas get implemented.

keith said...

One thing I don't quite get.

Why can't Obama do anything with 58 or 59 senators, when Bush did everything he wanted with 50?

Oh, yeah, I remember now.

Democrats are pussies.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Democrats aren't pussies, Keith. They're loyal servants of the corporate masters who have bought them with bribes disguised as "campaign contributions" and the promise of a consulting job as a payoff when they leave office. They're doing what their bosses want. It's just NOT what the American people think the Democrats are supposed to be about. F@ck 'em. Not the people; the Dems. And the Repigs too.

I won't be making much of an effort to vote this year. I can still vote absentee for federal offices in my old district in San Francisco if I go to the trouble of asking for a ballot. Do I care? Nah. Maybe I will if I go down there for a holiday, because there's always a Green Party candidate on the ballot. But that's the only reason I'd bother.

TXG said...

Keith said:
"Obama and the Dems will learn what happens when you follow Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi."

Wait a minute, Keith. Didn't you tout Obama as this great leader? You're now covering his ass by saying he's just a follower in this mess of an administration?

The White House pushed the auto bailouts, the homebuyer tax credit, the stimulus, cap & trade, and health care. That's on your boy Obama, not Bush, not the Republicans, and frankly could be argued that it is less Nancy Pelosi's fault than Obama's.

For f@$*!'s sake, when are you going to wake up and stop being an apologist for this moron?

Went2puke said...

Anon said: "The US Congress is a cancer and has to be rooted out completely."

I agree 100%. At this stage, I don't give a fork if Sarah Palin makes it to the White House. Congress is the most corrupt body on planet earth. It's a disgrace to democracy. The Capitol is a building full of whores. It's a symbol of absolute filth. And I don't care anymore who is elected and who is thrown out. As long as we have those untouchable, satanic lobbyists and this screwed campaign finance in place, there is no hope for any change whatsoever.

And you're absolutely right, Keith. Why can't Obama do with 59 what Bush did with 50? That's a million-dollar question and a question that, in itself, answers a lot of questions about the sad state of affairs we're in.

Anonymous said...


Lets not forget that Haiti is in the shape they’re in (don’t mean the recent disaster – in general)

Thanks to years and years of support by the UN, Mr. Bono and the Eurotatrd ‘keep everyone down’ charity organizations.

The global climatists have been shipping sacks of rice to all ‘grave and dire’ starving children at least since I was born, in place of teaching them what they teach their own children.

Thank you UNICEF for maintaining a steady flow of cheap labor for Germany Britain and France.

Please only reply with subtle dialogue.

pauljones1789 said...

Keith, the people are given two choices for enslavement, fast and slow.

Why can't the Democrats get anything done? They did get a lot done, for their masters, it's when it comes time to help Main Street that they suddenly need 60+ votes.

If you are a "conservative" or "teabagger", don't get swindled by the football game rhetoric: the neocons are going to continue your enslavement.

It's time to come together as a people.

Anonymous said...

New political 'stand-ins' won't change the rigged game in DC -- the players are bought and OWNED before their candidacy is allowed to proceed through the bogus election cycle.

Selective corporate allegiance is now an overriding condition of attaining officialdom.

Throw ALL the whores out and let local districts choose a representative with the integrity and ability to serve for only 1 term, with compensation not to exceed the average income of the voting constituents.

Anonymous said...

The Neo-cons were right all along

Anonymous said...

old bums out, new bums in. Same shit. Don't waste your time voting.

yoski said...

Some incumbents actually did an OK job. Like my Senator, Bill Nelson (D-Florida). Don't know a whole lot about him, but he voted against the bankster bailout. Good enough for me.
I would guestimate that about 20-30% of Congress critters and Senators represent their constituents, the rest represent their corporate masters, big oil, banksters, defense, real estate, pharma, etc.
Those are the ones that need to go.

keith said...

"My guy is fine, all the other ones are corrupt bums" is what keeps 95% of incumbents in their seat

Only when the majority of Americans commits to voting EVERY one of 'em out will we get anywhere.

EVERY one of 'em.

And then do it again. And again. And again. And again.

If they won't set term limits and make lobbying cost-ineffective, the people have to.

Or we get what we get.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it entertaining, the way Americans actually believe that they are "empowered" by the fact that they can vote?

As if, somehow, the fact that they CHOOSE a person who will sit in an office, or senate seat, means that person will ACTUALLY BEHAVE THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO, ONCE THEY'RE IN OFFICE???

Yeah, right.

And yet, with each upcoming election, EVERY TIME, people start crowing about how they need to elect a different person who will finally do what you want them to do.

"MY Candidate this"
"My Congressional person that"
"MY President this"


We get ONE CHANCE every four years to make what seems to be an enormously important decision, who sits in the big seat.....but come on, by now most of you enlightened people on this blog know it doesn't make any difference who gets in there, folks.

The game is played, foisted upon all of us, and we're made to believe that it matters greatly.

Sleight of hand, dumb-asses.

The act of voting in the U.S. is about as significant and meaningful nowadays as a kid's parents letting him choose between McDonald's or Burger King for dinner.

The dumb kid thinks he's been entrusted with a big decision, one to not be taken lightly, one that will have great impact depending upon how he chooses.......but the sad truth is this, kid:

Same shit, different wrapper.

Anonymous said...

Instead of only focusing our attention (and anger) on individual members of congress, it's high time we shed some intense light on individual members of their staff.

They're the ones uniquely positioned to foster and enable ongoing cozy relationships with big money donors and facilitate the vote-selling process.

Congressional staff members should be subjected to voter approval and readily dismissed when conflicts of interest are identified.

Anonymous said...

keith said...

One thing I don't quite get.

Why can't Obama do anything with 58 or 59 senators, when Bush did everything he wanted with 50?

Oh, yeah, I remember now.

Democrats are pussies.
Bush was willing to negotiate! Unfortunately your boy Obama doesn't, he is a follower of Pelosi and Reid! Admit it Keith, your boy doesn't have the balls to go after the Banksters!!!

yoski said...

"Why can't the Democrats get anything done? They did get a lot done, for their masters, it's when it comes time to help Main Street that they suddenly need 60+ votes."
That about sums it up. Problem is that the other guys did just as poor a job. We need a third party. What's up with Ventura?
Keith, anybody that voted against the bailout should keep their seat. The goal shouldn't be to throw everybody out, just those that suck; those that put the interests of their campaign donors ahead of the interests of their constituents.

Anonymous said...

I hear a lot of people commenting that the situation is hopeless so why vote at all?

I admit I usually have this defeated attitude as well but what if Rand Paul and Peter Schiff win? Wouldn't things start to get interesting?

I say don't give up yet! Vote out anyone opposed to investigating all the corruption over the last 20 years with DC, the Fed and Wall Street. Vote em out until we get the truth and arrests are made. Investigate climate gate and 911. Stop the war mongering and Military industrial complex. This element of corruption & entitlement that has become entrenched in our society has to be condemned and punished until the mind set is changed.

Anonymous said...

Great video, would love to think it would rally us to do some good but....I will do my part and vote NO NO NO for ANY incumbent running for office. I live in IL where we are f'ckd beyond belief. Night after night i get phone calls from some blowhard running for gov who "promises to cut spending and not raise taxes" when i ask them how that is possible, hmmm, there's no answer becuase that is no solution. I want to be optimistic for this country, i truly do but in reality, i weep for my children, and their children and their future.

Anonymous said...

"They'll learn what happens when you're in charge during 10%+ unemployment (no matter if it was your fault or not)."

i gave obama a pass on the economy...and would have given him a pass is entire 4 years (that's all he's gonna get anyway)...but...i stopped the second he and his idiot press secretary gibbs took credit for the "recovery".

it did become his fault then keith. he owned it at that moment.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen so many ignorant posts. YOUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER. Your country is run by CORPORATIONS, own up it's AMERICA INC.

Anonymous said...

the paid propagandists have won and the rest shall be bankrupted by the health care insurers....

Anonymous said...

"My guy is fine, all the other ones are corrupt bums" is what keeps 95% of incumbents in their seat

Susan Davis, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. No, my 'guys' are not all fine. I'll vote against the whores all I can.

Anonymous said...

no problem/...insure the feet..insure the ground the feet walk on all very mandatory even if the ground is owned "free and clear" freedom...make me laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Democrats aren't pussies, Keith..."

Ain't it a hoot?

This "opposition" is so confused they employ that label against a party giving them a financial ass-raping they'll never forget.

Who's really the bitch, Bubba?

Looking forward to President Palin finishing this cuntry.

Anonymous said...

Poll: Americans skeptical of Obama's promises

You CANNOT make this shit up!

gregoryw said...

I don't see many original HP'ers posting. What shocks me the most is how little my life has changed. I still pay $14 for a cocktail. I still make an obscene salary in one of the government sponsored enterprises. I can't believe we're still playing pretend. To be honest, I drink a lot. And my "inflation expectations" are causing me to spend more than I normally would in a given year. Might as well. Who knows how much longer this will last.

Amtex said...

Obama blew the chance of a 10000 lifetimes. He did not need one of those old party Democrats. He had the people's anger behind him.

He could have pulled out of the wars, he could have put health care on the back burner and said its the economy and jobs ONLY for my first term. He could have had hearings and trials for all the scum that got us into this mess. He could have made epic progress in alternative energies. He could have gone down in history as the man who saved America and gave it back to the people. He could have been on the level of Lincoln in the history books.

Instead he turned out to be just another political hack in a fancy suit.

I find myself hating him more than I ever did Bush. I knew the entire Bush family were crooks. Obama fooled me, hook, line, and sinker. And that really pisses me off.

Ross said...


We need to keep voting these guys out every two years.

I voted for McCain for Pres(should have voted Ron Paul, but I was just catching on) and now I know I won't be voting for him to keep his seat in the Senate.

keith said...

America and the world should be celebrating this historic and unexpected smack-down of the Democrats tonight.

This one, in the political world, is a true shocker.

Not many saw this coming.

That said, it'll be interesting to see if the Dems learn from this. That they represent THE FUCKING PEOPLE, not the banks, not the lobbyists, not the donors, not the realtors. THEY REPRESENT THE FUCKING PEOPLE.

[/pardon french]

My guess? They learn nothing. And they're tossed on their asses in November. Not because the GOP presents a viable and coherent alternative. No, they'll be tossed on their asses simply because they suck. And they'll deserve it.

Democracy is messy. But it can be efficient too.

Man, I hope America wakes up and votes 'em all out. I don't think they will, as most Americans are misinformed and can be easily bought and confused. But it's a dream. Every single incumbent loses.

Based on tonight's results, November could be fun. Hopefully the GOP has more nude models and pageant contestants up their sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Any Republican OR Democrat who calls for the public execution of Casey Serin and the deportation of the remaining Serin Crime Family has my vote!!

P.S. Casey's parents' house is is in foreclosure. Like father, like son.

Anonymous said...

In response to your last comment, the Dems will only become enraged that they don't have free reign now and blame everything on the "dangerous" tea party movement. My guess is that they will begin to try to paint the tea partiers like nazis when in fact, they are the ones brainwashing youth with propaganda.

Train Wreck said...

Keith said:
"Man, I hope America wakes up and votes 'em all out. I don't think they will, as most Americans are misinformed and can be easily bought and confused."

My own feeling is that's part of it, but the other half is that we need a new citizenry Keith. Americans are blindly lashing out with 'vote the bum out' and then go back to their TV and Twitter opium fog.

Ya want change? Well we need to put pressure on who IS in office: where's the 100,000 letters to a state senator bitching about Mozillo et all and the wall street bonuses? Where's the protests about $40,000 /yr. cost of college by 21 yr. old kids who can't get a job after? Why not shut down part of San Fran, NYC or whatever with some protests someone actually cares/has the balls enough to organize and suddenly someone has to do something.

Most Americans are lazy, have the attention span of a gnat, complacent and don't want to force change if it means it's inconvenient on their own level. They think spending 5 minutes voting for some alternate bullshitter with a different platform will teach 'them' a lesson, and then they go watch Idol. Good luck with that. Then bitch how no one is doing anything.

Went2puke said...

I am sooo haaaappppeeee!!! The Dems are down to 59! Wow! Great news! Now they don't have to do anything after all the change they have bestowed upon us! THANK YOU DEMS, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.. The Lord Jesus is coming!

Central Journal said...

Keefer, guess what,
you may have been on to something when praising Obamah’s smarts

British scientist have discovered that Obamah’s brain is a whole grapefruit larger then the typical run-of –the-mill Neo-con, which is inline with what majority of EU scholars have been reporting to Brussels.

However; the study results did perplex some, since it was the first time they’ve witnessed a hollow brain, one researcher describes it as ‘ not even 1 ml of grapefruit juice’ in there.
He added that the processing of teleprompter content must take place in the suit, and argues that further research may prove that the suit may not be so empty after all.

Me thinks he may be sitting on something, literally..

Went2puke said...

Sorry! I am having second thoughts: Why should we care? After all, don't we all miss the entertaining TV shows of the Bush era?
Here's a great video sample:


Plus, we should be extremely happy, because we have been given a few more bonus years to live.

According to the video above (please take a minute to watch it), the RAPTURE should have taken place before the war of 2003 and we should have gone through the period of TRIBULATION already!

So, we don't need money, really. We must sit back and enjoy the last days of our lives, and pray, pray, and pray.

I am sending to the Evangelical Church of San Antonio, TX, all my savings by Western Union (same day delivery), just to make sure they get it before we all perish.

Guys! Don't miss this--it's highly entertaining! But it's also very scary: We have 60 million of those evangelical nuts in our midst! BE SCARED! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

patrat said...

Love the internet. We have so much more information about the Powers That Be, today. And we can communicate about them with with thousands of other people in an instant.

It's hard to even remember the old times when you only heard of their doings after the fact and only talked to a neighbor or two about it. So many things could happen in secret or never be remembered.

Not any more. For better or for worse, it's all out there now forever. I think some of our "public servants" haven't quite realized that yet.

Banana Republicrat said...

"Bush was willing to negotiate!"

--Anon, you made my fair-trade tea come out of my liberal nose! "Willing to negotiate" now THAT is funny stuff! Could you please list said compromises for the benefit of the Sasher public? I think my CSPAN was broken because I sure as hell don't remember any negotiations.

Banana Republicrat said...

Keith, I admire your faith in the democratic process, but the damage has already been done. The average American has too much of a stake in the markets at this point to rock the boat. Joe 6 pack is just as bought and sold as congress, probably more proportionally. Almost all of their money is "invested" in houses, 401ks, 529 plans, IRAs, and other tax incentivized places that just happen to benefit the FIRE economy.

My only question is where to go before Generalissima Sarah swears in. BR no likey the gulag.

Anonymous said...

from jan 20 2010 5:38 am

...ass-raping they'll never forget?

Oh, you must be refering to Barney Fag

Anonymous said...

How come as I drive the freeways of Southern Calif., I am noticing fewer Obama bumper stickers.

Whats the matter guys?

Are you now coming to the realization that you F**KED UP!

That 'Hope and Change' simply means Give up your blood fought for Freedoms!

Every single time I see an Obama bumper sticker, when I look over at you, I see an old dried up 60's burn-out, or some young twit.
But I notice one thing, your all a bunch of slack jawed mouth breathers...in a Prius no less.

Thanks for your votes A**holes!


Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that no one is fainting when Obammy shows up anywhere like during his campaign?

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste the time to go see him if he was across the street!

Anonymous said...

...or on fire!

That would just be a waste of good urine.

Humble Trader said...

OK, Keith I'm 100% with you on voting out all incumbents.

Humble Trader said...

Don't worry, Sarah Palin will never be President. Even a lot of hard-core conservatives think she's stupid and ignorant, though we like how she lives her life. Great gal. Too bad she hasn't bothered to educate herself about some pretty important things.

Anonymous said...

Central Journal said...
“Me thinks he may be sitting on something, literally..”

Are you suggesting the US president is layin eggs?

Its like a big puzzle, things are beginning to fall into place.

sweet potato said...

Hey you all rebelutionary cabal of Sashers;
Cant we resolve this with dialogue?

Anonymous said...

The RINOs are back in the saddle again!

The dubious "victory" in Mass has energized the downtrodden neo-con faithful!

There is a new additive in their kool-aid...it's creating visions of Hope and Change!

And even GWB and his band of economic hitmen are back in the media spotlight!

The Dow is responding accordingly...

Anonymous said...

Blogger gregoryw said...

...Who knows how much longer this will last."

...now we've come so far, so fast...

Deucebag said...

Republicans would be smart to acknowledge that Brown's victory was in no way a vote in support of like Republican policies and platforms that only increase our deficit.

In my view, it can be boiled down to one simple thing - stop spending money we do not have.

Stop spending it on bailouts for corporations and people that need to fail and others that do not want to work. Stop spending it on bloated federal bureaucracies. Stop expanding government that does not work and stop paying government servants more than the people they work for. Stop spending it on people here illegally. Is Obama's Aunt still here?

Anonymous said...

Anon said:
“Are you suggesting the US president is layin eggs?”

When I was little I used to think that brown eggs come from brown presidents and white eggs come from white presidents.

Anonymous said...

Amtex said...

...He could have pulled out of the wars, he could have put health care on the back burner and said its the economy and jobs ONLY for my first term. He could have had hearings and trials for all the scum that got us into this mess. He could have made epic progress in alternative energies. He could have gone down in history as the man who saved America and gave it back to the people. He could have been on the level of Lincoln in the history books.

Instead he turned out to be just another political hack in a fancy suit..."

That is one of the best posts ever here.

Thank you for that.

Go President Palin!

Anonymous said...

@Banana Republicrat,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The RINOs are back in the saddle again!..."

Ain't that a laugh.

Especially considering the widespread ignorance of what this Neocon cabal sprung from.

Hint: they were liberals before they called themselves conservative, but really are just dishonest elitists dressing up as humble Everymen.

Best laugh: the son's publication still has a Big-Government Conservative apology up.

"...They simply believe in using...liberal means--activist government--for conservative ends. And they're willing to spend more and increase the size of government in the process..."

Except when they can whine and gloat about the Dems doing it.

Then...not so much.

Anonymous said...

Last night was great because the healthcare bill will likely be stalled and no legislation from CONgress is the best thing that could happen to the country right now. However, there is still too much donkey vs. elephant commentary. Stop falling for this shell game fools. Both parties stink of corruption to high heaven and we need to remove this element of acceptable fraud from the government. Vote out any war mongerers, Fed advocates, or special interest advocates.

patrat said...

Amtex hit the nail on the head.
It's sad... what could have been.
That raises the question -
vote 'em all out seems like a good start, but who do you vote in?

Mike Hunt said...


Your comment is spot on. I too fell for Obama's rhetoric and am angry both with myself and Obama. The man is a fraud, a con man, and empty suit.

He may be intelligent as Keith says but he sold out the people and on his promises a long time ago.

I guess voting all incumbents out is the way to go. But the interest groups aren't stupid, they will just throw money at all the new candidates as well as incumbents.

Campaign contributions for Obama was the single best investment for Goldman Sachs et al- $100 million got parlayed into hundreds of billions of profit. And that probably says the most about how fucked up our system is.


consultant said...

Maybe Parties are not the answer. But to change the constitution, short of a violent revolution, we need a Party that represents the people. Because the Republican and Democratic Parties don't represent ordinary people anymore.

We need a Party that represents everyone who makes less than $100,000 a year. Like I said, maybe Parties are dead and no new Party is the answer.

Our country is so screwed, we've become Haiti with cable, Walmart and Las Vegas.

We are screwed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

again the alternatives do not include 100 of thousands of spendings and this economy runs on spendings and with spendings does not collapse and if the economy collapses many countrys supplying MDs to this country would lose big time....pardpn that a foreign doc may have preservred my physical life! would that i could exit from a war not of my making.... it is imperative the economy goes on no matter how many soldiers ? die..? insanitrys all around

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

same line of thought going on in Haiti today only toppys turvee with the UN thinking the US help as invasion and self serving a form of act of war....confusion...might as well mention the theory? that there are no atheists in foxholes......

Anonymous said...

then the sabotageurs may be governmental itself

Anonymous said...

hows that war grab you ..and i think i lost me moms in it...then years back.....and now they got me in the web.....you next?.

Anonymous said...

who? do you from the vibrancy of a diverse city...trust?......Democrats?....

Anonymous said...

er...TIME OUT.....

Angry Leprechaun said...


Anonymous said...

Angry Leprechaun said...


"The crew's been getting into the dilithium crystals, Captain!
-Mr. Scott

I'm pretty sure that is a psychotic break.