January 21, 2010

Democrat leadership meeting, January 20, 2010

You gotta love the Dems. Ushered in with a landslide, and the overwhelming support of the people a year ago, after eight disastrous years of Cheney and the GOP.

And then they screw the pooch. They don't listen to the people. They (try to) do whatever the f*ck they want to do. And they fail.

But hey, that's what makes them Dems

Incompetent. Corrupt. Political idiots. Pussies.

Say goodbye to them as they get ushered out in 2010. And say hello to the corrupt, dimwitted and evil Republicans that replace 'em.

Republicans play chess. Democrats, well, what can you say. They give Reid and Pelosi the ball, and let them destroy the party.

And maybe that's not a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Idiots, all of them.

So sad.

yoski said...

"...after eight disastrous years of Cheney and the GOP.
And then they screw the pooch. They don't listen to the people."
The vast majority of politicians owes their loyalty to their corporate masters. Naturally the interests of fat cat bankers (& other corporate whores) and the American public are impossible to reconcile. Therefore the American public will ALWAYS be at the short end of the stick as long as the current system is in place. The American Facism (=merger of government and corporate interests) is now so deeply entrenched that it is impossible to bring about change by peaceful means. The dictator portrayed in the video once said "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." How right he was!
The retarded masses rarely show any interest in politics at all. If they do they get all bend out of shape by flag burning, abortion, gay rights or some other complete nonsense. That the bankers, with a little help from Barney Frank, heisted another $4 trillion dollars (about $13K per capita) on X-mas eve doesn't seem to interest anybody. Somebody steals $13K from you and you don't even care? The American people are pathetic and stupid. They desperately deserve what's coming to them. Now go back and watch your favorite TV show or the Super Bowl. Things will get really interesting once the sheep figure out they've been had. Then the blame game starts when the only ones to blame are the sheep themselves for allowing this to happen. Voted twice for Bush and then for this current turd while other viable parties (Libetarians, Greens, etc.) get around 1% of the popular vote. Those parties are usually run by people that have a day job, not career politicians, like the crooks that steal $13K from you on X-mas eve. But of course you wouldn't want to throw your vote away by choosing an alternative, stupid sheep!
OK, so much for my morning tirade, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Keith, could you explain why we must vote out everyone, even the good guys? And why do you think that a limit of one term would be detrimental to corruption?

Went2puke said...

Hillllllaaaarious! (from Hillary of course)

Anonymous said...

Was the guy in the light colored uniform young Ron Paul?

Anonymous said...

You can feel the people's anger Keith. Even in this blog, everyone is mad at Obama! It is amazing that the fools in Washington are so couped up that they lose touch with the American people. This is a good wakeup call and just maybe something will finally get done in Washington!

nancy said...

No one gives a shit, idol was on last night!We dont have the balls amymore to do anything about it.We are scrared of our government.The corruption is out of control.

Afterthought said...


SeattleMoose said...

If this world has a future, at some point people will look back at the last couple decades as the most recent example of a world gone mad....

Nothing else to add...yoski nailed it.

Agent #777 said...

As to your current poll, there is no way I would vote against Rep John Duncan, as his views are in line with Mr. Paul. I may very well vote against Corker the next chance I get for his sidetrack attempt of Audit the Fed. I will actively inform everyone I know of the flipfloping Zach Wamp in his attempt to be Gov of TN.

caseys bitch said...

Goldman sachs had a record year my friends.Bonuses will be huge thanks to you fools who bailed them out.I'm sure they gave your representative a fat check for all their help.Get back to work so we can have more bonuses next year.dont you work until may to pay your taxes off.How about working till july for us?

Anonymous said...


Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending


Angry Leprechaun said...


True, true, true!

The only issue is I have is, the elite already know who is going to be our politicians years out. They are already lining up who is going to be president 20 years from now.

Palin is not an accident. She is already bought and paid for.

When it comes to the real issue, money, things do not change from one admin to the next.

Things like gay marriage, abortion, etc, are all just ways to keep us politicaly entertained. If gay marriage had any real money issues behind it, trust me it would be solved one way or another. Anything that the elite can capitialize on is always taken care of.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Anonymous said...
You can feel the people's anger Keith. Even in this blog, everyone is mad at Obama! It is amazing that the fools in Washington are so couped up that they lose touch with the American people. This is a good wakeup call and just maybe something will finally get done in Washington!

Don't count on that "wake up call."
I have an extended family member who is a member of a prestigious DC law firm that represents various lobbying groups/organizations.
Like almost all slime balls (gotta love em, you know.....family) his allegiance is bought and paid for, kind of like the politicians he cozies up to.

Over the holidays, I once asked at a family gathering exactly that question. Namely, how isolated are the politicos once they get inside the beltway. His reply :"As isolated as my clients and other lobbying groups can keep them, and we have a LOT more money, than Joe Average, to achieve our goal."

He went on to describe the tricks of the trade, and how various groups will instill the illusion of trust in this political hack or the other, and his/her staff (the one's who actually interact with the little people) and eventually the lobbying firms become the elected stooges ONLY source of info on just about everything.

Actually with all that said, he does have his own personnel moral code (a lawyer.....with morals, go figure,) and because of his job, says that he actively despises all politicians from both parties.

He once told me: "I'd really favor letting a runaway stray ICBM accidently hit DC while congress was in full session, except that the contents of the Smithsonian are mostly irreplaceable, UNLIKE the scum inside the capital building, which the American people would be better off if the a$$h@les were NEVER REPLACED."

Banana Republicrat said...

Well said Yoski! What you call American Fascism, political scientist Sheldon Wolin calls Inverted Totalitarianism. Yes, we had them on the ropes for a second, but now we are clearly screwed again (time for a drink).

Anonymous said...

So, what’s holding us (Sasher community) back from taking the steps required to become ‘elite’ then buy the politicians we like?

There wont be time to blog?

Anonymous said...

That blew chunks; "Housing Bubble bursts on a speculator" was much funnier:

"...I'll lose my vintage Camaro SS!...

...I vas going to flip it and my investment would doubleate...

...I'm going to miss those granite countertops..."

{sniff} ;^D

Dolphin said...

Watching this reminds us how f@cked up things really are.
It could just as well be a European strategy meeting in January 2010.

They are still today as we are chit chatting here, actively instigating and supporting Arab violence and aggression across the globe.

Europe is evil to the bone and rotten to the core

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Republican again when they return back to pro business, American rule of law, fiscal conservative policies and the unalterable conviction to protect the Constitution and my privacy at all costs.

That means less foreign intervention, not more. It also means catapulting to the sun all of the holier-than-thou ,walking, talking God radios who believe Jesus speaks English and is coming back on a cloud of glory within the next 20 years.

The Republicans are still clueless as to why they lost last November, so sue me for voting the other incompetent, credulous dumbasses into power for the interim.

Contrary to all of the Git R'Dones watching Fox news, there's simply not a vast divide between the effectiveness and final policies of these two vacuous political parties. With the Democrats at least I don't have them preaching to me about how the world began or how to organize my life around faith.

Scott said...

Funny video, but equating Hitler with Obama or any Dem isn't quite right--it's the Republican's that are clearly the fascists. And Hitler really wasn't a liberal or a socialist.

I don't know why everyone is so upset about Brown or surprised about the last 6 months. If Obama had had a supermajority in the Senate, things would have gotten done--perhaps even making the republican estate tax cuts permanent would have happened. But the republicans, led by racist Rush Limbaugh wanted the country and the administration to fail, and when Liebermouse and the Blue-ball democraps sided with them, they were powerful enough to get their wish.

Repeat after me: WE NEVER HAD A SUPERMAJORITY OR EVEN A VOTING MAJORITY. All we had were some committee chairs, and a break from the need to filibuster the christo-fascist science-hating idiocracy agenda.

Just wait until Palin takes over! You'll think the last year was the GOOD old days.

patrat said...

"Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending." (Anon 4:22)

Yes, somehow when we were not paying attention, corporations became people too.
(See Corporate Personhood in Wikipedia.)

The founders must be rolling in their graves.

Anonymous said...

The system will collapse because there's not enough money to keep it running. Watch states like CA, IL, MI, and NY. They're the canaries in our coal mine. When they fall off the cliff it's gonna get big time ugly. Won't be long either.

Paul E. Math said...

This is the warped nature of your 2-party system: the only way now to register your contempt for the status quo is to vote... republican?

Out of the frying pan and into... the other frying pan.

You'll just keep leaping back and forth for all eternity.

un-scan-able said...

Right on Yoski.
Amazing that it takes 1 year and several brutal (electoral) beatings to get O to even make one speach that is critical of the system that got us here. We are remarkably stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Impeachment is off the table." - Nancy Pelosi

With this one sentence, which speaks volumes about our corrupted political officials, the Dems showed their asses to the American citizens and the world at large.

In one fell swoop, they confirmed their complicity in the post-9/11 orgy of looting the national treasury.

Real change will not come until a strong third party takes the reins of this country and prosecutes those who have so gamed our system of government.

prophet atlantis said...

Today The supreme court affirmed that all corporations are persons and have all the civil rights of persons. Previously, Corporations have been given immunity from prosecution, civil suit and judgements, payment of some or all taxes, the right to withold or destroy records, and more rights THAT A REGULAR PERSON DOES NOT HAVE.

There is a law/policy/understanding that the government cannot give an individual person special rights that any other person cannot also have, so to speak. By that idea (law) no corporation has the right to special rights unless all living persons also get them.

By this Supreme Court ruling the people and government could strip corps. of all their extra person rights and make them pay the same taxes as persons do, follow the same laws as persons do, and go to jail the same as persons do. DO ANY OF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS GOOD NEWS!!!!

Corporations can now be treated just as we, the people, are treated and mistreated!!! ---Thanks go to Doomsqual, Prophet Atlantis.

Prophet Atlantis said...

neo-Feudilism definition: Corporate Leaders control government to control workers to maintain or increase the corporation and its leadership's wealth, prosperity and control over potentially everyone and everything. The corporation gives workers the illusion of control and rights until the worker is unable to overthrow the corporation or the worker is made obsolete or replacable. ------Doomsqual (c)2010 thank you Doomsqual, Prophet Atlantis.

Anonymous said...


Damn Good point!

In honor of Adolph,

all you Democrats,

Like good lil Nazis,

stick a Luger in your mouths

and blow your heads off!


Banana Republicrat said...

"This is the warped nature of your 2-party system: the only way now to register your contempt for the status quo is to vote... republican?"

Paul, it seems that the Corporatist Douchebag Party has retained their 98:2 Supermajority.

Anonymous said...

In the end isn't it all about the jobs or the lack of them.


Lost Cause said...

They haven't done squat in all this time since elected. I don't know how this election is going to change that.