January 28, 2010

Sam Alito. A historical mistake. An embarrassment. And just one more corrupted Republican, f*cking over the American people, serving his masters.

Ah, nice to see Sam Alito running for Joe Wilson's seat. And nice to see Obama calling him out.

Good speech tonight by Obama. Too bad talk won't get anywhere. Too bad the GOP, and their corporate interests, after running the country into the ground, wants to run the country further into the ground.

I'm not sure who's unfavourables increased more tonight - Alito's, or the GOP's. At least with the GOP, after they were exposed, they were tossed on their asses.

With Alito and his ilk, we're stuck. Perhaps for a generation to come.


Anonymous said...

What part of "Congress shall make NO LAW...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press" don't you understand keith?

Who are you to limit what anybody or any group of people can say in their political speech?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The Supreme Court is the only reason I want Hopey to have a second term -- so he can appoint some halfway human SCOTUS justices. Sotomayor made some reasonable arguments against corporate personhood (modern fascism). Obama could put up more people like her.

But if a Christopathic Rethug gets in, as will probably happen in 2012, the aging right-wingers on the court will stage strategic retirements to be replaced by younger conservobots who will be there for another three generations. Or until the collapse of the United States, whichever comes first. (My money's on collapse.)

Prisoner No. 6 said...

CBS Poll shows that 79% of Americans agreed with what the President said tonight, and that they have now a more-favorable view of what he's doing.

The best part was the end, where he basically called both parties out and said that they have to stop the Three Stooges routine. Which is easier said than done, when you have Hate Radio spewing venom all day and night, pushing the Republican party further and further into madness.

Alito is just a symptom of the larger problem; the one that Obama mentioned of the blowhards on either side dominating the discussion by producing the most lurid soundbites they can in lieu of an actual, well-reasoned approach to solving the problems we face. Policy is boring and hard for uneducated louts. Besides, it doesn't sell Sham-Wows. Much better to get Michelle Malkin on the tube to bare her teeth and say the word "traitor" a couple of times.

yoski said...

The only thing that can cure this country is a full scale revolution, like 1776 or France 1789 or Russia 1917. Heads need to roll, wholesale. From the supreme court to congress to Wall Street. This system can not be reformed from within, we've passed the point of no return decades ago, probably under Clinton. This supreme court descision was the last nail in the coffin of democracy as we have now entered the period of American fascism. This was clearly a political descision, it has absolutely nothing to do with law. Bribing/lobbying , call it what you want, is immoral and illegal in any natural state of law. It goes against anything that a FUNCTIOINING society is founded upon. But this is what you get if you allow unelected officials to engage in policy making. I wonder if Obama's outrage was real or if he faked it just because it was the right thing to do. Like first giving banks a $4 trillion $$ guarantee on X-mas eve and then "punishing" them by showing outrage and charging some tax of $90 billion over 10 years. Yes, that's 2.25% of the money back over 10 years. Obama can deliver a speech, no doubt about that. But if you look at his actions and the people he surrounds himself with (Summers, Geithner, etc.) it paints a very different picture.

Anonymous said...

Corrupted Republican...Ya the Dems are doing a stand up job....what is that 22% plus un-employment....your Obama guy is nothing more than a snake oil salesmen.

Anonymous said...

Ya Keith is righ Obama is not in bed with no one.....Pathetic you are sir.

Forget the State of the Union, What You Really Need to Know Is What Obama Told His Lunch Partners, Yesterday

And they aren't talking.

Yesterday, President Obama had a private lunch with oilmen, bankers, and the like. That's where the real policy plans were disscussed. Attending the lunch were:

Shelly Lazarus CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase

James Hackett, chief of Anadarko Petroleum

Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon Mobil

Edward Rust Jr. CEO of State Farm Insurance

Also in attendance at the lunch were presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.


Went2puke said...

Alito was put in there by no other than Jeb Bush. Both are members of the powerful Catholic organization The Knights of Columbus!
Nuff said!

Paul E. Math said...

I didn't watch the speech live but, wow, that has to be pretty rare, when the president bashes the supreme court to their faces and everyone but the supreme court stands and cheers.

I just hope congress and the senate are mad enough that they do somethin about it. This is a perfect time.

Broad overhaul of corporate law should take place now.

I've come to identify corporate law as the culprit in concentrating wealth in the hands of elite executives.

Given that it is the top 1% and 5% that receive the GDP growth, why do we all care so much about GDP growth?

We might be better off with a system that is less productive, less efficient, but with less concentration of wealth among the elite few.

No, taxing the rich is not going to work when the rich still have the power to just increase their own incomes.

Plus, increased taxes just gives more money to government and our freedom suffers when we become more dependent on the state.

Corporate law must change.

evildoc said...

Actually, Alito's star seems to be rising, based on his "comment". Recognizing that various political sites and blogs (eg Politico) hardly are scientific (though, neither is S&A), the gab seems strongly in favor of Alito for calling out Obama.

Still... time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Anonymous said...

samo samo while my cash deposits earn 95 percent less than the rental house that they could buy thus showing the power of my dollar as it can be forced from place to place? total destructions for profit by the inxiders for profit

Anonymous said...

never any problem so long as the great orator has fed me a dose of government

Anonymous said...

The Repubs are F**king over the American people???

What the Hell

With This Lop eared nothing at the helm...

the party of Reid, Peloisi, Boxer Feinstein, Kennedy (the way you dig him up every 5 min he may as well go back to the Senate)

Everything you Dems touch Taxes the people and goes contrary to everything that it is to be an American!


barney said...

Does tiny tim like men?

Anonymous said...


And the problem with Alito is...?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he and others are standing up against this Anti-American, Pro Muslim administration.

Obama was voted in by the weak and simple minded.

Perfect example, the woman who said, "She doesn't have to worry anymore about paying her mortgage or filling her car with gas"...because Obama's in da house

Just what in the Hell was this woman promised for her vote and by whom was this promised?

Obama has no interest in the will of the people.

With the help of Reid and Pelosi they will cram every Liberal idea down our throats as fast as possible unless they are stopped!!

How did such a Nothing get seated so easily?

With the help of the Liberal media covering his Ass!


Charles said...

Gimme a break with the faux outrage over this ruling... first off it and corporate person hood are two different issues.

If all the members of a corporation voted to contribute in equal shares to a campaign they are exercising there rights to free speech. Same goes for unions. All the small parties are against campaign finance laws as it's an incumbency and 2 party protection racket.

If you are arguing the sheeple will be lead along by who has the most TV ads, well than that's a whole different issue yes?

But this is the biggest NON story I've seen the media waggle their finger about in some time. Lemme ask this is a large brokerage wanted to give 2 or 3 million dollars to Schiff's campaign because they believe in sound money should they not be able to???

Charles said...

George Will on the SC ruling

I think this is a must read for anyone contributing to this conversation.

Anonymous said...

"Good speech tonight by Obama. Too bad talk won't get anywhere."

Indeed. I didn't buy the "Yes we can", "Change we can believe in" BS either. I'm so glad today that I don't have to say "Obama fooled me", because I never voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Remind us again who is going to pay for all the goodies Mr Empty suit is promising.

Mr. G said...

Yeah, that was a true moment of dignity last night, the President trying to intimidate the entire Supreme Court with his posse standing by. I'm surprised he didn't pull out a baseball bat from behind the podium. Hugo Chavez would be proud of our little professor. Al Capone's ghost was cheering too.

Sorry Keith, this crap is just so banana republic, I don't see how you can defend Obama's actions even if you disagree with the court's decision.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that given recent events of the past 10-15 years we haven't seemed to learn how dangerous corporations can be to the nation as a whole.

Smug Bastard

look for caps on amounts - let's ask for and hope the caps are reasonable.

Anonymous said...

$4 per was my thought when he said that....

$4 cap - then O can send Biden down to the local Rally's to pick up 2 Big Buford's for lunch and they can discuss the donor's request for whatever project they wish to have done with government assistance or for the government to look the other way.

Biden looks like a guy who enjoys a Rally's Big Buford with cheese from time to time. Don't know about O. My local Rally's closed recently and I miss them.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, the cretins that listen to Hush Bimbo or Mark "hysterectomy " Levin, not to mention a drunk fool or the Wallbanger.

Unemployment is at an all time high, all jobs are being exported to Mexico, China or India. The bankers are having a field day with your money.

But hell, I have my freedom, my bud light and my TV has not been repo, so I can watch the STupid-Ball next weekend.

And Obama is no different, he fooled you, all of you. Like the Repukebicans did, OK.

You sick, you. Must be the lard that went to your brains!

RipeDurian said...

anontard: "Pro Muslim administration."


oh my,


Anonymous said...

Why in the world would anybody listen to a thing he might say?

I've watched what he's done this first year very closely. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

did i hear the president say that government will act punatively toward the spectulative economy and those engaged in it....yet the opposite of speculation in finance and currency is safety and it seems that secured insured safe deposits are paying less than inflations and are losing value?....are the whole bunch speaking woth forked tongues? and out of two sides of their mouths?

Anonymous said...

pardon...their refers to person....there refers to thing or place..... and for good measure a thing gets hung...not hanged....and i hear all the newscasters say hanged?.....what then of common usage being the correct usage? sort of a TOTALATARIANISM OF THE MAJORITY?

Dr. Huxtable said...

Corporations will select, groom and launch their own canidates into the political system with unlimited backing to buy votes. Wall Street is already working on sending us the anti-crist.

Anonymous said...

Some day the GOP will be relevant once again. Tody is not that day.

Ross said...

Get to know social media a little better and you won't be so worried about that terrible ruling by the Supreme Court Jesters.

I feel like there are a lot of dinosaurs in this forum. I appreciate your opinions, but look outside the box for a few minutes. If you don't understand what I am talking about now, you will in a few years.

Anonymous said...

What was really interesting was, everybody except the supreme court was clapping.

The Dems were clapping to say: YEAH, Obama, you call them out on their terrible decision!

And the Republicans were clapping to simply say: YEAH, corporate special interests, YEAH! Great decision!!!

Anonymous said...

If you believed a single word in his SOTU speech, Keith, then you are dumber and more gullible than I thought you were when you voted for this conman who's now president. Hope you're happy now that he's followed up a SOTU of empty words that seemed to make you blissful (how many empty speeches does this man have to give before you realize he doesn't mean a word he says) with a budget that'll add more trillions to our debt. (Oh, and a budget which pulls all the tricks and traps of a Capital One visa card by not accounting for the trillions of liabilities the country is on the hook for with Fannie and Freddie).

Real honest broker you voted for there.

Tim said...

I'm conflicted on the ruling. On one hand, previous campaign regulations only served to place media corporations in a special privileged position when it comes to politics: there never was a ban on NYTimes from endorsing candidates, for example, and that editorial endorsement was worth far more than the corporate contribution cap. On the other hand, the removal of all corporate cap this time around may well be the establishment response to the grassroot "money bomb" successes.

In any case, Obama should not have intimidated the Supreme Court Justices at an event that the latters were required to attend for practical procedural reasons. The mainstream media faux outrage is even more cynical; I wish lawmakers would feel free to boo and hiss at silly speech by fellow politicians, just like on the floor of the British House of Commons.

i've had it said...

Just came back to this site after being away for a while since it seemed Keith walked away for good a few months ago.

I am in total agreement with Alito on the ruling. Corporations and other orgs are taxpayers so they should be able to exercise free speach, just like the 1st amendment says. In addition, it McCain-Feingold's restriction on political speach in the weeks before elections was patently unconstitutional.

And it was absolutely fascist of Bam to try to shame SCOTUS on national TV. That is a complete contravention of the separation of powers. Think of the implications of this. If presidents are now going to publicly try to humiliate and scold a separate branch of government - and just a few individuals mind you - it will have the effect of compromising the judiciary. Why, you ask? Because no justice will want to be fucked over on national television and may vote to appease the president and not on the law. This goes both ways, for Dems and Repubs.

Bams comment was outrageous, but typical of the fascist personality that he is.

Finally, he was simply wrong on the law. He said that the justices ruled that companies could now contribute to political campaigns...which is just flat out wrong; untrue, in the words of Alito. They didn't overturn that law.

Bam fucked up by 1) crossing the line between the separation of powers through a public scolding SCOTUS and 2) just plain getting the facts of the decision wrong.

Guess a Harvard law degree doesn't do much good after all.