January 15, 2010

This month (so far) in islamic terror

Hey, what's that?

It's a spade.
(note that this list leaves out the beatings, the stonings and the canings)

List of Islamic Terror Attacks - January 2010

Date Country City Killed Injured Description

2010.01.14 Afghanistan Uruzgan 20 13 Three children are among twenty civilians blown to bits at a market place by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.

2010.01.14 Ingushetia Nazran 1 3 Islamists shoot a cop to death outside a mosque.

2010.01.14 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A Buddhist couple is shot to death by Muslims while riding to work. Their bodies are then burned.

2010.01.13 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Islamic terrorists ambush a group of electricians, killing one.

2010.01.13 Pakistan Tank 1 6 A child is killed from an explosive planted by religious radicals at a playground.

2010.01.13 Pakistan Hangu 1 0 A man is kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim militants, who then booby-trap the body.

2010.01.13 Yemen Shabwa 2 0 Two local soldiers are cut down in an al-Qaeda ambush.

2010.01.13 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 6 An Afghan police officer is murdered by Sunni roadside bombers.

2010.01.13 Iraq Saqlawiya 7 6 A suicide bomber sends seven Iraqis to Allah.

2010.01.12 Iraq Diyala 3 5 Terrorists murder three people with a brutal bomb blast.

2010.01.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 5 One person is crushed to death in a Taliban rocket attack.

2010.01.11 Afghanistan Uruzgan 1 2 A policeman is cut down by a suicide bomber.

2010.01.11 India Jammu 1 0 Pakistani terrorists shoot an Indian border guard to death.

2010.01.10 Afghanistan Uruzgan 3 0 Three humanitarian workers die in a Taliban roadside attack.

2010.01.10 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two men sitting in a tea shop are blown away by Muslim terrorists with automatic weapons.

2010.01.10 India Kulgam 2 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gun down two former members who had renounced violence.

2010.01.10 Pakistan Mohmand 2 0 Suspected Islamists murder two tribal elders.

2010.01.09 Afghanistan Helmand 2 6 A British journalist is among two killed in a roadside Mujahideen bombing.

2010.01.09 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Freedom fighters kill a 16-year-old boy with a bomb.

2010.01.08 Pakistan Bajaur 2 2 Two people are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.

2010.01.08 Pakistan Karachi 5 7 Five mourners at a funeral are shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.

2010.01.08 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two Afghans are blown away at point blank range by a Fedayeen.

2010.01.08 Iraq Ras Al-Jadeh 2 0 Jihad bombers kill two local cops.

2010.01.08 Pakistan Khyber 8 11 Three children are among eight civilians murdered by a Lashkar-e-Islam suicide bomber outside a mosque.

2010.01.07 Egypt Nag Hamadi 7 10 Six worshippers and one guard are gunned down by Muslim radicals as they leave mass at a Christian church. A 14-year-old is among the dead.

2010.01.07 Afghanistan Nangarhar 9 44 Four children are among nine Afghans murdered by Islamic bombers in two attacks.

2010.01.07 Iraq Hit 7 6 Women and children are among the dead when Mujahideen detonate planted bombs around the bedrooms of four homes.

2010.01.07 Iraq Khanaqin 3 15 Three Iraqis are cut down by a Jihadi bomb.

2010.01.07 Afghanistan Uruzgan 8 0 All eight Afghan soliders riding in a vehicle are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.

2010.01.07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A man is ripped in two by a Religion of Peace nail bomb.

2010.01.06 Iraq Mosul 2 1 Two children are killed by a bomb in their home, suspected to have been stored there by their father.

2010.01.06 Egypt Rafah 1 0 Hamas snipers take down an Egyptian soldier.

2010.01.06 Pakistan Sudhanoti 3 11 Three local soldiers are incinerated by a suicide bomber.

2010.01.06 Dagestan Makhachkala 6 12 A suicide bomber murders six Russian police officers.

2010.01.06 India Srinagar 3 11 Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen militants toss grenades and fire into a crowd at a shopping center, killing at least three people.

2010.01.05 Pakistan Mohmand 2 2 Two civilians are taken down by Taliban rockets.

2010.01.05 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 70-year-old leader of a religious minority is murdered while sitting in his store by Jihadi gunmen.

2010.01.04 Iraq Mosul 3 1 Sunni bombers blast three civilians into pieces.

2010.01.04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 7 Three Iraqis are murdered in a Mujahideen double bombing.

2010.01.03 Pakistan Hangu 4 2 A Taliban roadside bomb ends the lives of four people.

2010.01.03 Pakistan Bajaur 2 4 Two tribal elders are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.

2010.01.03 Pakistan Waziristan 2 5 A bombing and separate rocket attack leave two people dead.

2010.01.03 Iraq Tal Abta 3 0 Three road construction workers are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.

2010.01.02 Afghanistan Nimroz 5 6 Five civilians are killed when Sunni terrorists bomb their pickup truck.

2010.01.02 Somalia Dhusamareb 47 150 al-Shabaab Islamists assault a small town. At least four dozen people are killed in the fighting.

2010.01.02 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two local cops are gunned down by Sunni terrorists.

2010.01.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 21 Jihadi bombers take out a civilian and injure two dozen others.

2010.01.02 Pakistan Orakzai 3 0 Three civilian village guards are ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.

2010.01.02 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four American soldiers guarding a road are murdered by a Taliban roadside bomb.

2010.01.01 Pakistan Shah Hason Khel 105 100 Children are amply represented among over one hundred spectators massacred at a volleyball tournament by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.


Anonymous said...

If you look down the list, almost all of these incidents are violence against fellow Muslums. I thought they are Jihading to try to get people to convert to Islam.

Waz up with that?

If someone says the wrong thing or has a different view--- look out---WACK!!

BTW, Keith, your name has just been added to a list on the Al Quada internet site----- look just below Dick Cheney

amigauser said...

Can we have a similar list for the number of civilians killed by America or Israel

Iran (nuclear scientist)

Sometimes the only way the powerless have of striking back is to attack civilian targets

i think you just hate muslims because they hate/execute gays.

janus said...

Holy crap
Those guys need to chill out!
We should send them massive bags of weed and turn them into Jah Love type of religion instead.
More seriously, this is insane and there is very few things you can do to treat insanity. Maybe, one can build schools and university. But for that you need patience. The payoff takes at least 20 years.

Execute Casey Serin said...

Casey Serin singlehandedly caused the Haiti earthquake.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Agreed -- Islamic terrorists are bags 'o shit.

But please name the Islamic country that has military bases in 170 countries around the world. Which mullahs are flying remote-control airplanes that shoot missiles into white-people condos with granite countertops? Is it Egypt or Iran or Syria that's threatening to unleash nuclear hell against that Christian country that says it's only looking at nuke plants for future energy needs?

And to take it a step further, what about the riots and killings of black African illegal immigrants in Sicily last week? Was that Muslims or Mafia? Who's raping women and cutting off mens' arms and using armies of brainwashed child soldiers in Congo and Uganda -- Sunnis or Shiites? The Tibetans who are being overrun in their own land and sentenced to death for fighting back -- is it ragheads or Commies in the judge/jury/executioner role?

I take your point that fanatical Muslims are murderous scum. But there's lots of murderous scum. And they're not even all RELIGIOUS maniacs. It's not a human problem, as your poll answer has it. (That's what I voted for, and I have access to a dozen computers at work, so I'm skewing the tally.)

If you want to get at the core of who's doing the killing, look between your legs. If you see a dick there, YOU, SIR, are part of the problem.

(And I don't mean Keith in particular when I say "Sir." I mean any dick-owner, including myself. Oooh, there's so many times when I just wanna kill some bastard. Onna these days...)

Anonymous said...

Look mister;

Its all Israels fault,

If the Jews didn't breath no one would steal or have any bad thoughts.

Even Honicah Jewinski would give up his life's saving to help the victims of Haiti.

Moderate infidel said...


Majority of Allahs work you point out here were not done by what the Neo-cons call 'Extremists' you know the ones wearing white dresses and diapers on their heads, these peaceful Muslims are Moderates, they are middle class,work for global IT companies, wear regular clothing and even speak English in a soft tone.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about you all;

But heard Dubai and the UAE are great places to invest in Real estate.

It should be safe, they've ordered more F-16s and surface to air missiles then most other countries, actually paid cash so no worries.

Dammerung said...

The biggest terrorists in the world are Christians who have bombed and invaded Muslim countries! The dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are satraps of the United States! In Iran, enemy of America, Christians and Jews are protected. In American-sponsored countries like Arabia Christians are killed for their religion. The idea that terrorism is sponsored by Islam is utterly absurd. Have you forgotten that in the past 100 years Europe has fought two civil wars, each killing tens of millions!? Christians murder more Christians than Muslims could ever dream. Constantinople was destroyed by Christians, Muslims cleaned up YOUR mess.

Fake Christians support Zionist Israel which bombs Christian churches and denies Palestinian Christians the right to visit the Church of the Nazarene. You are the enemy of all humankind whether Christian or Muslim - how many Nazorean Christians are left in Iraq after the American Axis rampage!? They had to flee to Sweden to escape their liberators.

RipeDurian said...

The amount of civilians we've blown to bits in Iraq alone make this list look downright puny.

Anonymous said...

All, and I mean All muslims need to be banned from H1B, student and just plain immigration visas to this country until this shit gets cleared up. I don't care who gets offended. Muslims themselves should be offended by what is happening, but there is only the silence of agreement. The 'religion' of political correctness - and it is indeed a religion - is the death of freedom. It is everywhere in local, state and federal governments, public secondary and university schools, businesses and corporations and even our own military. Just look at all the web sites of companies, organizations and the military branches and see how many proclaim strength through multi-cultural and religous diversity. Muslims use this to weaken the very countries that offer them escape from their own miserable nations. After the Ft Hood shooting, nobody would call it a terrorist act and the Army chief of staff made apologies for the shooter and claimed that the US Army gets it strength through diversity. The united States gets it strength by having freedom. Excuse me while I leave to go vomit.

two to tango said...

I saw this line somewhere a long way back.

Islam needs to find their Martin Luther.

Anonymous said...

New Short Sale Fraud By Big Banks

"..."They are pretty clear and pretty upfront about the fact that if the first lender knows they are getting paid, the first lender will kill the short sale,"..."

"...Citi Mortgage and JP Morgan Chase...Bank of America..."

Anonymous said...

You know...I wonder if they tell "Muslim Jokes" in their countries?

Does Allah not have a sense of humor?

I've heard the funniest "Jewish Jokes" from my Jewish friends and the best "Christian Jokes" actually came from a Church Camp Pastor as a child.

These people need to learn to lighten up a bit.

Lost Cause said...

I liked it better when we hated the Commies.

Lost Cause said...

PS -- attacks on soldiers are NOT terrorism.

Terrorism involves civilians, and designed to draw attention, and to terrorize the masses.

What you detail pretty much describes the Global War on Terror, a war that WE started, continue to fund. If you don't like the way it is going, tough.

Mike Hunt said...


Only one thing left to do. You need to convert to Islam and then start getting other Islamic people to speak out against Islamic terrorism.

I can even think of the name of the blog you can use:

Sand & Saleem: Keeping Islam peaceful for the masses.

Hope to see you go for it my friend.


Anonymous said...

What we're seeing here in short is..."for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction"
For all you Christians out there the man on the cross reminded us that only bad Karma exists because WE ARE expected to do good. Therefore there's no such thing as good karma cause you live with goodness, morals ect. Oops then man invented confession and screwed the whole thing up.

Anonymous said...

Terrorism didn't happen overnight.
I seem to remember OBL being our man in Afghan with the help of Ronnie Reagan. Then in US fashion we left OBL out to dry left the fight helped to create the mushahadeen and continued on our merry way.
Then Old Bush decides to fight iraq Desert Storm and plants a military base in Saudi Oilabia next to Mecca(Imagine how much the Catholics would welcome a base next to the Vatican).
This pisses off OBL and Muslims and he tells the US get out or he'll knock down the WTC. Took him two tries but mission accomplished and our base in SA is later removed. The price? Thousands of US civilians and thousands of US soldiers in Darth Cheney's war.
Maybe not all of the world wants our way of life or our beliefs. They might have a point according to stats. We're the most medicated, spirituality defunct, unhappy, fearful armed people in the world. Perhaps happiness for other cultures or sovereign countries isn't an Iphone, flat screen TV, a warm gun, new beemer, mc mansion, or a military that has more funding and larger then all the other countries on the planet. It's quite amusing how some Americans are now fearful about Obama making the government larger and wanting him to keep government out of their lives. Tip to the US...stay the f*** out of other countries biz unless you're asked for help and maybe we'll have a more peaceful existence.

Dancer said...

Keith, it is amazing how ill-informed people are.

In reality the Arab scavengers lurking in Israel have by far a better life then Arabs in any other countries including America. (To Israel’s detriment)

Yet so many easily fall for the ‘constant lies and propaganda of the Oil rich’ tyrants.

patrat said...


1/1/2008 Irving, TX
A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their 'Western' lifestyle.

7/6/2008 Jonesboro, GA
A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.

2/12/2009 Buffalo, NY
The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.

6/1/2009 Little Rock, AR
A Muslim with 'religious motives' shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center.

11/2/2009 Glendale, AZ
A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too 'Westernized.'

11/5/2009 Ft. Hood, TX
A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.

12/4/2009 Binghamton, NY
A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for 'persecuted' Muslims.

Pretty in pink said...

Bukko, you appear like an intelligent person but am surprised at what you’re saying here.

There is a distinction between the “Brain” and the “Mind”

An easy Analogy would be:
The brain is the Hardware
The mind is the Software

When a baby is born it is indeed an animal who only has needs, and this far you are correct.

But as the child grows the type of person he or she will be depends on the program / application.
Don’t confuse this with the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate

We all know there are peaceful societies that are dead poor and murderous societies that have all the creature comforts.

So I very much disagree that it’s a 'human' problem.

One distinction between the more evolved mammals us humans and the rest of the animal kingdom is that we have the ability and capacity to say NO.

We do not have to respond instinctively to things.

And Keith is pointing out that the ‘Muslim program’ stinks..

The proof is in the pudding.

And like some posters here point out, we are all soo PC and don’t really speak out, even worse look how many dopes immediately point the finger and say others are bad too.

Bulshit! On the polar opposite is the Jewish program, which is all about elevating humanity.

What kind of freedom do we have if we cant say the obvious = societies that follow the Muslim program are uniquely f@cked up.

And NO, it is nothing like America or Israel, the fact is that Israel and the US want to leave those Muslim areas a lot more then they want us out, but how can we when the second we turn around one of ‘them’ walks onto a school bus and commits the unthinkable.

Thank you Keith for having the courage to bring up this topic

Anonymous said...

Many of these indiscriminate bombings can really be attributed to politics in the eastern and far eastern regions. Russia ,palestine and a number of other regions I can't pronounce have policemen killed on a daily basis because they can be worse than or equal to organized crime. Leaving out the many market bombings that kill 50 or more people at once adds to the dubiousness of this list.
There is no doubt that muslums hold the reigning title for killing their own people needlessly but even a little research would immediately show that the so called "civilized" western societies are hardly blameless in this slaughter.

Anonymous said...

For comparison, I used the number of US murders from the US Crime report for 2008 (the latest available) and divided by the number of days in the year to get a daily murder rate and added the murders in your list and divided them by the number of days.

The muslim numbers from your list came out to be at 22.2 murders/day while the US murder rate is 45.7 murders/day in 2008.
Granted this was not a scientific comparison considering that the places where the murders occurred (in your list) are conflict or war zones while the US numbers are not. Also the muslim population is around 1.3 Billion while the US population is around ~300 Millions.

Bottom line, the per capita numbers would have a lot more skewed...

With respect,

Ahmed said...

amigauser said...
“Sometimes the only way the powerless have of striking back is to attack civilian targets”

Why are ‘they’ powerless
Why don’t they have modern armies
Why don’t have modern medicines
Why don’t they have modern universities
Why don’t they have modern shelter and uplifting spirituality
Why don’t they have modern modes of transportation
Why don’t they have modern innovative farming practices
Why don’t they have any modern water filtration systems
Why don’t they have modern hospitals and modern care for their elders
Why don’t they have modern mathematics teachers for their children

Because when you spend all day in rage and anger your product is a powerless society that murders for some reason or another.

As long as the Arabs blame others and don’t stand up and take out their oppressing rulers who fund their own golden gory Yachts on the backs of their people, they will remain gutless yellow victims blaming tiny Israel for all their ills.

Strapping on explosives or hijacking a plane is not really all that innovative it only requires A primitive diet of hate.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hypocrite!

How convenient for you to overlook the mass murder of Afghani and Iraqi people - wholesale murder by western armies.

Why don't you list out the crime reports for each European and American city and call it Christian terror?

We see Palestinians stifled and held by the scruff of their necks everyday and the people responsible for that call themselves peace loving ? Where are the f**kin sanctions against these ba$$tards by the US and West ? This is racism at its rawest just like apartheid.

What you are seeing today in many Muslim societies is a reaction to oppression ( either by other Muslims or occupation forces) that has crossed all limits and this is not from a religious perspective! You put human beings of any religious denomination in their situation and you will see them react in the same manner. Your reaction to something you perceive as your enemy is a fine illustration to highlight my point.

Bukko's post is the right reply to your irrational fear mongering and anti-Muslim comments.

Went2puke said...

Yes, as some have commented, most victims of those senseless killings are Muslims and the majority of the countries cited here are either occupied by the US or under US influence.
In an earlier post, anon said that "there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim!"
That's not correct at all. Most Muslims are peaceful people and so many of them are being targeted by violent extremists, precisely because they espouse moderate Islam. There are also lots of voices denouncing terrorism and distancing themselves from the terrorists' horrific acts, regardless of their motives. Here's one example:


Went2puke said...

Yes, as some have commented, most victims of those senseless killings are Muslims and the majority of the countries cited here are either occupied by the US or under US influence.
In an earlier post, anon said that "there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim!"
That's not correct at all. Most Muslims are peaceful people and so many of them are being targeted by violent extremists, precisely because they espouse moderate Islam. There are also lots of voices denouncing terrorism and distancing themselves from the terrorists' horrific acts, regardless of their motives. Here's one example:


Anonymous said...

Fellow Sashers,

If you’re off from work today
Thank a Jew

For over 2000 years the only people who would not work for the Man 1 day out of the week and paid the ultimate price over and over again.

Most of you are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

If you’re off tomorrow you’re likely still working for the Man

But still thank a Jew, cause it was the libtard Union Jew that fought for you, thinking you would share a piece of our planet with them.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you expect from a bunch of sand-niggers?

Anonymous said...


Just throw your hands up in the air and dilute all the responsibility,
after all; we are all ‘evil humans’ and its just part of being who we are.
That was easy, no risk here..

Budvar said...

To all the "But America does it" somehow makes muzzies justified in what they do.
My young un used to come out with this defence as a child when caught doing something he shouldn't, The old "But young Septimus from down the road does it" never worked then and it doesn't work now.
100 years ago, muzzies were living in tents in the desert, cutting each others throats and shagging camels and donkeys (well pretty much anything with 4 legs, even gerbils with the aid of sellotape to stop them splitting) and in another 100 years, they'll be doing exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bukko and Dammerung! You're not in denial of the big picture....unlike certain blog administrators!
Keith, the MSM has worked you over goooood. You sound scared enough of the bogeyman that you'd be willing to give up what's left of our freedoms. Just like the majority of the American sheeple!

prestonb said...

Sorry, it's nice to believe we are so much more civilized but more Americans in this country murder each other with guns and other ways per capita then in those supposedly violent Muslim counties.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Budvar said...

100 years ago, muzzies were living in tents in the desert, cutting each others throats and shagging camels and donkeys (well pretty much anything with 4 legs, even gerbils with the aid of sellotape to stop them splitting)

What I want to know is how did those primitive Mahometans get cellotape in the middle of the desert 100 years ago? I'm no tape expert, but was it even invented then? Why didn't they use palm fronds to hold the gerbils together? It seems like your tool would get stuck on the tape in the middle of the act if you weren't careful...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Anonymous said...


Just throw your hands up in the air and dilute all the responsibility,
after all; we are all ‘evil humans’ and its just part of being who we are.
That was easy, no risk here..

Anon, I wasn't blaming it on EVERYONE. Just the men. We're the killers. It's a testosterone thing.

Budvar said...

Bukko, according to their website, "Sellotape® was first launched into the stationery trade in the 1930's. Since then it has become a leading brand of clear adhesive tape". So we're talking 80 years, but who wudda thunk it that a stationary staple began life over 100 years ago in the desert originally made of palm fronds and tree resin as a inter species sex aid. Enquiring minds need to know how you came by this little snippet of information?

Dammerung said...

The rights of Christians are the barometer of the Muslim world.

Egypt. Regime sponsored by the United States. Coptic Christians make up 10% of the population but are the victims of riots and murders regularly. They need permits to even repair a leaky roof of a Christian church. Many pigs were slaughtered "due to swine flu" but really to make Christians go hungry.

Saudi Arabia. Regime sponsored by the United States. Muslims who convert to Christianity are subject to the death penalty.

Afghanistan. Regime sponsored by the United States. Muslims who convert to Christianity can be executed or imprisoned.

Syria. Regime enemy of the United States. Christians make up 15% or so of the Syrian population, have the same rights, and are generally not harassed.

Iran. Regime enemy of the United States. Christians have EXTRA rights Muslims don't have, such as the right to brew and store wine for the Christian sacraments.

Conclusion: if you're a Christian in the Dar al-Islam, you'd better damn well hope your government is an enemy of the United States

Honica Jewinski said...


If they keep going at this rate, they may well equal the # of hourly kills by the genocidal jews in israel by the end of the month!

Anonymous said...

Sufism, the peaceful sect of Islam based on Rumi's writing, doesn't even believe that Mohammed is the final prophet. Since that's the case then how can these people, who basically practice a style of Buddhism or Unitarianism, are considered Muslim?

area51 said...

Nice to see you've found the "religionofpeace" web site.....