February 14, 2010

Both parties are hopeless. Kill them (the parties). Starve them. Don't give them a penny. And vote 'em out. All of 'em.

Man, I hope there's some good choices in 2010 and 2012.

And no, voting for a Republican to replace a Democrat is not a choice.

Independents, if they run, will win.



Bukko_in_Australia said...

Great idea. But don't forget the difficulties for third-party candidates to get certified to run in elections, a sham perpetuated by the established two-faction political system. And don't forget the gullibility of the American sheeple, a majority of whom will say "That candidate isn't a Republican or a Democrat? I can't trust him/her. Better vote for an establishment person." Especially when that message is reinforced by constant propaganda on the mainstream media. And lastly, the two-faction system controls the vote-counting mechanisms. Sorry to sound so cynical and hopeless, but that's the way it is.

At least in the UK, Canada and Australia, third parties have some representation in government. In the U.S. federal legislature, aside from Bernie Sanders and arguably Ron Paul, everyone's a major party member. I will be susprised if any Green, Tea-bagger or other non-R or -D is elected to Congrifts in 2010.

Clampit said...

If you want to change the system, start by defining a list of what needs to be done.

A list of executive orders, pre-written, to be enacted on the first day the next president takes office. No more political BS, instead a firm guaranteed contract of how we the people want to see our nation changed. Screw the candidate, vote for the contract.

Any candidate who gains majority support by swearing to sign these executive orders on his first day, pretty much either does so or is impeached on the second.

Fortunately, previous administrations have set wide boundary precedences as to the scope executive orders can cover, now it's time for check mate.

-No more public funds for private concerns
-End corporate personhood
-Stop the war on some drugs
-Devote all the resources of the military to finding a viable alternative to oil based transportation
-Ban co-location (HFT), and publicly audit the fed

If we can develop a list the vast majority of internet users can agree on, it will be done. Probably all that's needed is a "ballon search" type crowd sourcing site to propose / vote / amend / re-vote for a year or so until the list gathers common sense full public support.

If this were to happen, I couldn't care less who actually gets to sign.

Anonymous said...

GOPs and Dems are like 2 sleazy whores pulling each others hair as they fight over the chance to service the same rich Johns.

Anonymous said...


Now that Kennedy is gone you want term limits?

How convenient


RobertM said...

re: "GOPs and Dems are like 2 sleazy whores pulling each others hair as they fight over the chance to service the same rich Johns."

That's a great analogy...pretty accurate too.

Anonymous said...

Here is a little idea. Do most people even know that the thing school teachers hate the most is a parent coming up to the school to look around?

Why not the same for Congress?

SeattleMoose said...

Voting new people into the bottom positions of a corrupt system won't change anything.

The problem is the entrenched financial elite power cabal that has so many key personnel in our government in their pocket.

When someone does show up who can't be bribed with money, sex, or power, they are threatened, slandered in the MSM, and sometimes killed outright.

The financial mafia is not gonna let ANYONE rock the boat.