February 13, 2010

Deal with it. You're PWND.


long beach, ca said...

let me know when rome has finished burning down.

Anonymous said...


That is why we fight.

Anonymous said...

Nice work if you can get it. Our family had some for a while.

I'm critical now that I don't have a nickel at stake.

I'd wave the flag, accuse dissenters of treason, and flog the WOT again if I stood to benefit.

Only the rubes believe in this horseshit; employees know better.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I'm not punk'd. I got the hell outta there. Twice over.

Of course, EVERY country has its bullshit nationalist myths. Like Australia: "We're a reaL country, not just a forgotten part of an empire that's been fading away for almost a century." And Canada: "We are NOT America's bitch. Really. We AREN'T!"

The difference is, I don't have to give a shit about the noble fairy stories that these other countries tell themselves. I got nothing to do with all that. I just live there. Not MY fault, mofos!

For all you people who want to know exactly HOW the upper class has PWNed you, read "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. Especially you reich-wingers. The link takes you to the whole book, righties. For free. You won't be giving that arch-demon Zinn a single penny. Especially because he's dead. Educate yourself.

Oh, wait -- you're a right-whinger. You're allergic to that.

John said...

And this coming from the guy who threw his support behind Obama. The inconsistency is staggering.

Anonymous said...

I got one for you all.

GOGGLE... Ron Brown Bill Clinton


You wont sleep well for two night afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Well Said john !!

Anyone that pushed Obama should be so embarrassed by their own gullibility . But no here they are still pointing fingers and running their mouths . Good bye s/a time to find a blog where the blogger can decide whether he staying or going and one that isn't schizophrenic

Went2puke said...

Nice effort Andrea! Aren't you the wife of Mr. Greedspan?
I don't believe anything mainstream media say, because it is owned and operated by those same people who fill the ranks of the most secretive societies in our history. IMO, Andrea's story is only a coverup for some of the most dangerous occult organizations, especially the Illuminati and the Rothschilds who now have in their vaults in Europe 70 % of the world's gold, including the entire US government's Fort Knox .999 gold bars (read about the Reagan Gold Commission findings and the 1975 Fort Knox scandal).

What's really bothersome is that no serious attempt was ever made to shed the light on this dangerous and secretive group. The only viable documentary I saw is this History Channel's piece herein posted, but it was unfortunately skewed by the comments of Daniel Pipes, himself a shill of the Illuminati secret society and a well-know Zionist lapdog.
So each time we have an attempt to inform the masses about the dangers of such groups, we get entangled in so much disinformation that we never end up with a clear picture.
We are left unfortunately with wackos' accounts and some tidbits here and there. Any serious researcher must spend years and years in sifting through all the BS out there, and I don't think there is someone out there willing to spend the time, effort and money to look into all the intrigue surrounding the Illuminati and the likes.
Finally, let's not forget that the internet has become a real pain in the ass for those secret societies, because they cannot control it. But they are not sitting idle--Jay Rockefeller, one of the Illuminati members, recently declared that the "Internet should have never been invented!"

casey said...

I like sarah palins knockers.

pookie said...

Saw "The International" last night. A little slow moving at first but a similar theme about the few controlling the many and pulling all the strings. It only strengthened my already great distaste for the entire banking system. Occasionally the pawns do become aware and a few of the players get their due. History is full of the uprising of the pawns and there is a certain natural correction that occurs in the universe. You have to imagine - or at least have hope - that not everyone in a secret society is an evil, greedy, power hungry prick and that those traits among individuals are unlikely to lead to real unity or one over-riding agenda for all of them. If there exists secret societies to solely make us pawns and control the world, it would stand to reason that there are probably also secret societies full of people working for the greater good. Most people don't really want to know exactly how the meat gets to the table.

Anonymous said...



Bukko in Australia always has an opinion....

and is willing to share it?


Anonymous said...

whether you ask for it or not.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Hey I voted for Ron Paul, and it is soooo funny to see those who have bashed the last admin to make the current admin look better, they are the ones currently getting pwned.

Oh sorry Keith, I did not see you there, thought you left?!?!?!?!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Anonymous said...
EVER NOTICE Bukko in Australia always has an opinion....and is willing to share it?

Did you ever notice, anonymous, that this is called a "comment section" and that it's designed for people to share their opinions? So I'm using the product as intended. It works great!

Anonymous said...

but your using it too much!