February 28, 2010

RayNLA lays down the hammer to the six percenter who said realtors on commission are "superheroes"

Ka-plam! Ka-booshie!

Someone just got PWND!

"Now look were we are! Now we have you along with Hank Paulson calling yourselves heroes? I got an idea for you. Call one of your clients that you sold a house to in July of 2006 and ask him if he thinks you are his hero!!!"

-RayNLA, laying down the hammer of truthiness, February 2010


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely BRILLIANT:

Glowing Testimonials From 2006!

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. -- Upton Sinclair

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann probably thinks he's a superhero too even when he's skipiing the payment on his house

Anonymous said...

Disgraced realtor charged in murder plot

A disgraced real estate agent is accused of concocting a murder-for-hire plot against two business associates and a friend.

Pietro Castelluzzo’s tarnished paper trail spreads over several years with tax evasion, the exploitation of an 82-year-old man and a series of mortgage frauds that would end his career as a Toronto real estate salesman.

However, until an investigation into a murder plot was sparked earlier this month, police say they never knew the man.

When HomeLife Realty Ltd. went after the now 58-year-old man in 1996 for money owed, Justice John Sutherland found that Castelluzzo and his wife made an illegal contract with the brokerage in order to cap the income tax payable by the Castelluzzos. The couple was given T-4 slips saying they made less than they actually made.


Anonymous said...

Realtor arrested during investigation

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - One of Albuquerque's best known realtors, Doug Vaughn, filed for bankruptcy and was arrested for driving on a revoked license.

The Vaughn Company is one of the biggest real estate firms in the state.

A criminal complaint from Vaughn's revoked license arrest said agents with the state's security division went to talk to the realtor on Thursday morning because he's the target of an active investigation.

News 13 has learned that he's being investigated for possible fraud and securities violations.


Angry Leprechaun said...

Hello everyone and you too Joe,

Joe, I am curious as to exactly how a "Superhero" like yourself spends a Sunday morning. Just curious, I have never had a "Superhero" give me the time of day before.

I am staring to read up on you more Joe. I have to say I really like how optimistic you are back on 11/28/2208. You are talking about the short sales you were pushing at the time. Joe how many of those short sales are homes that you sold to one of your victims within the previous 2 to five years.

You see Joe I have many friends, who are a bunch of dumb educated assholes just like you, who have lost their homes. The "Superhero" that sold them their home and made the 6% was right there to make another 6% on my friend’s misfortune. You see Joe, oh sorry "Superhero", when people hire realtors they are looking for someone that can provide professional advice. I tried to tell so many of my friends to not listen to their "Superheroes" but they believed they were trusting a professional. They thought that the advice from "Superheroes" like you in regards to the equity they would get, and they were making the purchase of a lifetime, and this was the way to wealth, and on and on and on.

I do not know one person that is involved with a short sale that thinks their realtor is a "Superhero". In fact my friend who is losing his house this week thinks guys like you are a bunch of fucking cocksuckers.

But short sales are just another day at the office for you Joe. Another 6% in your pocket aint it Joe "Superhero". I think I will send a name plate for your desk Joe.

Joe "Superhero" Pryor

Bukko Canukko said...

Superb succinct summation of the real estate scam, Ray! And it's also great to see Joe Pryor come on and defend his racket. 99% of the time on teh Internets tubez, it's just loudmouthed people (that includes me) gassing off in a forum that their targets are unaware of. I wasn't aware of HP in its heyday, so I'm not sure if you got that back-and-forth with realtwhores there (aside from their trolling/spamming).

Joe Pryor, if you're still reading these threads, keep in mind that people don't despise you because you're black, or a Democrat (I used to be one of those) or an Okie. I don't even object to real estate salesmen and -women per se. After we fired the first incompetent house flack we had flogging our home in San Francisco in 2005, the competent kids we got to represent us made us a six-figure profit several times over. That enabled my wife and I to escape from America. We could see even then that RE, and the U.S., were headed for a collapse.

But I even though they helped me make money, the two young agents who handled the ads/showings/vetting of buyers were not savants. (They didn't see the shitstorm coming, and scoffed at my wife and I for our talk of doom.) They were techs, functionaries, glorified shoe salesmen.

What people here object to is your unjustified puffed-up self-importance. You're salespeople, not superheroes. I'm aghast at the way real estate agents were key players in a cancerous bubble that's now derailed the world economy. You're not as bad as the bankmaggots, but that's like saying the engineers who drove the prisoner trains to Siberian gulag camps weren't as bad as Josef Stalin. You're all in on the same evil scheme.

If you want to be a superhero, build some Habitat for Humanity houses with Jimmy Carter, instead of trying to sell houses at inflated prices.

Anonymous said...

"...Swann...'s a superhero too even when he's skipping the payment..."


"...Disgraced realtor charged...Realtor arrested..."

You're going to bust your Google feeding it "realtor + crook"... ;^D

Anonymous said...


I had a housing panic moment!


Banana Republicrat said...

I don't know, selling overpriced houses to people day in and day out for years on end --houses you know they will lose, a loss that that you know will surely break them and their families for a generation --and yet still being proud of yourself? Hero is a stretch, but there is something superhuman about that. It's certainly not the kind of torture that most mortals could endure for long.

I know that whenever I look at my kid's college fund, my 401k statement, or a weathered "For Sale" sign dangling from some woebegone condo project, I thank God that I tuned out all of the Used House Salesmen and found HP/S&A.


It's not a good time to buy, and it hasn't been for a while.

There is no hurry, I will not be priced out forever.

It is not different here.

Paying loan interest, property taxes, and maintaince costs is like throwing money away.

We shouldn't do this, Suzanne needs to go research something else --preferably something related to debt-to-income ratios.

Bukko Canukko said...

Totally off-topic, but since you have "The Dirty" on your blogroll, have you ever seen the "Hot Chicks With Douchebags" website? You amuse me, and if you like "The Dirty" enough to 'roll it, "HCwDB" might amuse you. It's as mean-spirited (but funny) as most S&A content.

Apologies for being off-the-wall, but it's 4:17 a.m. here on a slow overnight shift at work, and I'm typing nonsense just to stay awake. But that's OK -- the adrenaline will kick in if somebody codes...

Anonymous said...

"...the credit is doing little to elevate sales..."

Little by little, the rubes are catching on.

And catching on to you, Realtors. ;^D

Turk said...

Seems like Joe is very impressed with his own savvy: bragged on that Active-whore site:

"FYI, posted on Facebook yesterday. Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way if they get angry they will be a mile away and you have their shoes."

Yuk yuk. But he tells us he works for $8 hr. doing BPO's:

Last night I did my first BPO in over 10 years... On the BPO front my girlfriend and real estate partner asked me to sign up for a BPO company. They needed one that day if possible, so I doubled the $25 fee for a drive by thinking that they wanted something simple, you know the three pictures and some comps. Oops!.... Suffice it to say that if you take these BPO's seriously, and you put in the time, $50 for me was about $8 an hour. But I am a rookie.


Joe: In Oklahoma, where you are, minimum wage is $7.25/hr. That's what a felon on work release flipping burgers earns. You 'doubled the fee' and managed to earn $8/hr. when working on the clock.

There's no better comparison to show you and your colleague's true worth.

Anonymous said...

Why would Joe want to call one of his 2006 cients?

Dude's probably scared shitless of them.

Don't worry Joe. You're a "SUPERHERO".

Superheros are NEVER forgotten. Especially by their 2006 clients.

Watch your back!

Charles said...

Off topic... But...

Kith no post on how your boy Obama gave Volker the middle finger by not re instituting Glass-Stegall???

Just saying....

Anonymous said...

You're gonna love this one, Keith.

"...guests have sometimes been asked to cough up a credit card number to pay for their meals..."

TRILLIONS for the banksters/mortgage fraudsters to reward them for their fraud...

But we'll hold others to account for $50 worth of cheeseburgers.

gutless and lazy strikes again! said...

Realtors. Men. Women. No Matter
Unfaithful cheaters in marriage.

I know, because Ashley tells me so!


Anonymous said...

As things continue to deteriorate on the economic front, especially in the land of the Eurotards one can’t help but wonder if we are in the early stages of severe global popcorn shortages.

Disclosure: am heavily invested in butter

Joe Pryor said...

Angry leprechaun, sorry I haven't been around lately, I have been busy. Unfortunately I am not going to die a terrible death in poverty like you so fervently wish as the compassionate person that you are. As to being a cocksucker, oh you really wounded me with that Tolstoy like reference. I am working up a reading list for you so that you see the big picture. It includes Adam Smith, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Fredrich Engels. I would recommend Marx but he is a lousy writer and a bore. I would especially focus on Smith, as he talks about the need to have replacable cheap labor, and Engels as he discribes the industrial revolution in Birmingham. The part of Marx I would read is how religion was used to oppress people at that time. I would also read Funny Money about the fall of the energy industy in 1982. When you read it and see what the banks were doing with oil, just substitute real estate for oil and you will start to understand. that I am, I have had no short sales on any home unless the greedy investors who wanted to get rich quick in Vegas, Phoenix, or Florida went for short term gains, went with negative am loans, and ended up screwing themselves and lost all their properties. That would account for less than 10 homes. I refused to do negative ams because I saw what it did to people in the early 1990's when inflation was so great that home loans were at 17% interest. FYI, the average commission in the US is 4% on both sides. I would also add I will do around 60 short sale transactions this year on homes that I did not sell. If a home doesn't go into foreclosure it save about 200 to 250 points reduction on a credit report which can be devasting for a family. Also if someone goes into foreclosure the IRS considers it income, so if a bank loses $100,000they send a 1099 to the IRS and you pay taxes, and in our state the lender also goes after you for a deficiency but not in a short sale. Really fair isn't it, and yes those folks are appreciative when you recue them from further misery. If you are checking up on previous post fine. I am sure that in the next year or so I will do a post about something I believed to be true, and I have changed my mine. You never quit learning and perfection is not an option. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

This guy hosted a real estate show in Britain, "To Buy or Not to Buy". http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/03/03/2835034.htm?section=entertainment

Sounds a bit suspicious, the explanation of a "solo sex game".

RipeDurian said...

Joe a couple of paragraph breaks would make your verbal diarrhea slightly readable.

I know superheroes have no need of writing skills since they communicate with telepathy, but give it a try.

Anonymous said...


Did you make the call?


Angry Leprechaun said...

“Unfortunately I am not going to die a terrible death in poverty like you……”
“…. so superheroes like myself can work on saving the world without being interrupted.”
“….oh you really wounded me with that Tolstoy like reference.”

The last one is the best! These are all funny Joe, and no I am not impoverished. Organic spring mixes are making a killing. You should try some. Spinach will bring out the “Superhero” in you. However I do live in a very impoverished area of CA. Superheroes like yourself sold houses to many people that could not afford them. It has devastated this area leaving new developments empty, malls with no tenants, and 1 in 3 people are unemployed.
I appreciate your recommendations for reading but have read and studied these individuals already. I suggest you subscribe to the Mises Institute on-line and pick up a couple books from Peter Schiff. Time for you to look at some 21st century solutions and thinking.
If this is Joe, which I am skeptical, I am so glad you are pissed and sounding like a fucking tool. And by the way, if you are going to call someone out for having grammatical errors on a blog you may want to assure you are not writing like a total monkey fuck. Fly winged monkey fuck, fly!

pookie said...

Not that we should let the realtors off the hook...let alone call them superheroes...they're just highly overrated sales people. But people really need to be taught math on the most basic level. There are just a ton of mortgage calculators and home buying estimators out there. Any idiot that relies on someone with a 60 hour course to make major life decisions for them kind of deserves what they get. I do feel bad for some of them, but just because they were gullable doesn't mean they deserve to own a house they couldn't afford in the first place. Oddly I don't find myself blaming realtors as much as I do the people that were lending the money to people that didn't have a hope of ever paying it back.