March 23, 2010

Hate. Rage. Danger. Ignorance. Disinformation. Self Enrichment.

History will be brutal.

We've seen as*holes like these guys before.

Don't worry. Eventually the people wise up, and they go away.


Anonymous said...

This post would make sense if you put up an appropriate picture, like one of Obama, Reid, or Pelosi.

Despotical, constitution-trashing tyrants.

Oh, and we're already wise to them. The whole country is wise to this animal farm they're running.

J12P said...

These snake bastards are shills for off-shore 'interests' that are betting heavily against democracy and legitimate government.

In the case of Limbaugh/Beck, their mental abnormalities and fascist leanings are obvious to free-thinking individuals.

In particular, it's high time Rush's "golden microphone" is positioned closer to his core beliefs...and shoved up his fat, chickenhawk ASS!

Anonymous said...

Did you missed Jon Steward take on @#$% Beck. It is must watch video.

Anonymous said...

Why would history care one whit about social commentators?

No, it's ObamaReidPelosi upon whom history will be brutal.

They have destroyed the republic.

Anonymous said...

God how I loathe those idiots. Beck and his minions - evil doers, trouble makers and rabble rousers for one cause - THEIR OWN ENRICHMENT.

keith said...

What I find amazing is that Limbaugh is well on his way to being a billionaire simply by spewing hate and division.

When he's on his deathbed, I wonder what his last thoughts will be.

I wonder if he's happy.

Anonymous said...

I still suspect the numbers rush puts out there, 17 million a week? back in the day, maybe, but i really dont think thats the case anymore. After the disaster that was GWB and the great bush recession, people cant be nearly as hot for the right wing conservative agenda as they once were, and even then not too many people fell for for that crap anyways. Regardless, my point im trying to make is that there has to be fewer people now who are ditto heads than there were 10 years ago.
Further, assuming for the sake of argument, that there are still 17 million dittoheads every week who tune in to him, thats 17 million out of 300 million. These are the die hard wacked out wing nuts, and it appears they have taken over the republican party. As long as the party is in their thrall, they are destined to lose over and over again. And I know what their response will be, "they weren't conservative ENOUGH!". Pathetic as it is, that will be the response, like a child who thinks if they just wish hard enough they can make the impossible happen, or like an Indian rain dancer, just dance hard enough, pray hard enough, every one in the tribe believe hard enough, and the rain will happen. Only too late do they realize the truth... People don't want conservatism because it has proven itsself to be disastrous, it leads to death and destruction, and that is exactly what we have seen in the last decade, wars repaid with depression. The fallout from the bush years is still raining terror upon us and the wingnuts think we need more of the same!

Anonymous said...

"People eventually wise up?"

Um, no Joe Six Pack Redneck Republican is actually getting DUMBER by the day.

Lost Cause said...

I think that Father Coughlin is a better comparision than Joeseph McCarthy.

Mr. Happy said...

Jesus Keith, the water is already bloody with chum, give it a rest.

edd browne said...

Here's a knowledge self-test ....

Sit down with a single-volume encyclopedia,
and pick any page, and start reading the
shorter entries.

After 20 minutes (or at least 3 pages), see if
you generally knew about most of that material.
If you did, read for another 20 minutes (or at
least 3 more pages), starting in another section.

If you still knew about most of the material,
you "pass". (Wikipedia will do; but just read
the first 10 lines in each entry; no more
than 1 minute per entry.)

If you pass, consider applying for a permit
to carry a concealed gun; obtain electronic
defense systems; vote in every election;
and keep tabs on the radical-ignorant.

If you don't "pass", don't vote, and consider joining
a class-action lawsuit against your state for
violating the state mandates for education.

limbaugh's cousin said...

How about a little education in clarity for you freaks.

That people think they have a “right” to health care just goes to show how little people think at all. “Rights” only make sense when they can be applied universally, without causing a “wrong” to someone else. You can have a right to own property, for example, because everyone can enjoy the right under the same terms and conditions.

limbaugh's cousin said...

By the way, there goes Keith again using anger to polarize and drum up a dollar and a nickle.

As bad as the right wing freaks.

Guberville Smack said...

Wasn't this the blog that was spouting "the Summer of Rage" all year?
Wasn't this the blog that was spewing hatred and outrage towards the corrupt elite "monkeys"?

Limbaugh, Olberman, OReilly, Cramer and the entire cast of characters have no impact at all in my life, because I don't listen to a single word any of them say.

HousingPANIC had a real cause. It was insightful and deliberate, even prophetic. This site is nothing more than political masturbation and finger pointing.

I only check in here regularly out of respect for HP and what it meant back in the day.

keith said...

This too shall pass. Just like McCarthyism.

It might take an attempted assassination, a gay sex scandal, an exposed bribe, or a domestic terrorist Glenn-Beck-supporter event, but eventually these guys will be shown the door.

Have patience. Not much longer. Something will soon cause their downfall.

Remember the Republicans looked invincible in 2002. We see now how that ended up.

Every dog has his day.

limbaugh's cousin said...

>a domestic terrorist Glenn-Beck-supporter event, but eventually these guys will be shown the door.

Why don't you just go with the Beck is a murderer line again. If you got nothing just make something up.

Which by the way is the lowest of the low, and those who engage in it shouldn't really criticize anyone. You're the bottom of the barrel papi chulo.

Bukko Canukko said...

You're right about people eventually wising up. Take my Mum, for example.

She's a right-winger who whinges about how much she has to pay in taxes. Meanwhile, she collects two tax-funded pension cheques a month from my late dad's career service in both the U.S. Army and federal government bureaucracy, plus her own small pension from working at a government-run hospital in Maryland, plus Social Security. In other words, she's an anti-government "conservative" who has sucked from the government teat all her life.

She used to watch Beckkk. When I'd talk to her on the phone, I'd hear her spout talking points and bits of ideology that could only have come from Beckkk's festering philosophy. But she doesn't watch him any more because he's too angry and crazy even for her increasingly senile, paranoid mind. Beckkk is like any freak show. He's interesting as a novelty, but unless you're sick like him, Beckkk soon loses his thrill.

SeattleMoose said...

These guys are just part of the good guy/bad guy "puppet show" that is modern politics.

The Dem/Rep theatrics keep the public distracted while the financial mafia does what it does best...quietly rape the country.

If "money is the root of all evil", then the "roots" under Wallstreet and Washington run deep.

edd browne said...

I hope you're right that it
will pass soon enough.

But the failure of U.S. education
has been so profound for decades
that I think the rabble kings will
cash-in for years.

If Palin is a party nominee for President,
I will move to Costa Rica, Finland, or Congo.

casey said...

Isnt limbaugh a drug addict?

keith said...

Limbaugh - drug addict

O'Reilly - perverted sexual harasser

Beck - cocaine addict

GOP - Family values party

America - suckers born every minute

edd browne said...

And "recovering" Beck
uses Vicks when it's time for tears.

Does Vicks menthol violate AA ?
It certainly violates integrity.

Bukko Canukko said...

Based on his family history of insanity, Beckkk will eventually commit suicide like his mom. Perhaps he will do it live on-air.

To the anonymous poster who wanted to find out more about accusations that Glenn Beckkk raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, I think this is what you were looking for.

nasty midnighter said...

Same as it ever was, Keith. The modern wingnut faction reminds me of McCarthyism, yes, but it's really just the latest manifestation of the "paranoid style" of American politics that's been with us since at least the turn of the century.

Look, if you take a sample of people who (a) take the Bible literally and (b) have been spoonfed a steady diet of nationalism and xenophobia, you're going to get stuff like this:

Or like Beck, or Hannity, or Coulter even.

Same as it ever was. Idiotic then, and idiotic now.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry. Eventually the people wise up, and they go away." they've done with your BLOG!!!

Anonymous said...

"HousingPANIC had a real cause. It was insightful and deliberate, even prophetic. This site is nothing more than political masturbation and finger pointing.

I only check in here regularly out of respect for HP and what it meant back in the day."

Agreed. It's just sad now. Nothing to see here. Movin on.

West Coast Willie said...

Double chins.

Anonymous said...

"On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings to consider the nomination of Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The hearing is expected to be contentious, showcasing the differences in judicial philosophy between the parties, with conservative senators arguing that Liu's record on divisive issues puts him outside the mainstream of judicial thinking.

Some believe Republicans are opposed to Liu's nomination because they fear President Obama may be grooming Liu for a future Supreme Court vacancy."


Never heard of the guy, but clearly anyone who might oppose his nomintation is a hateful rage-filled racist.

Angry Leprechaun said...

I will check back in again in a couple days to see if you posted soemthing interesting. You are clearly trying to run some more people off.

Anonymous said...





edd browne said...

pastor K wrote:
"When he's on his deathbed,
I wonder what his last thoughts will be."

The ultimate question for everyone.
An unethical life is not worth living,
and the best Mr Bouncyman can
hope for is to die in his sleep.

Yes, he flunked out the first year at
SW Missouri State, but he must know
better than his immoral propaganda.

Dogcrap Green said...

I'll tell what's radical.Some SOB from inside the IRS did a google search and landed on my gambling blog.

These SOB will now be policing the transformation into Communism and they are gambling while on the tax payer's dime.

I posted the evidense. Hope we can fry at least one radical parisite.

science teacher said...

Rush is selling his NY appartment
Ha ha
Here it is

keith said...

It's funny how many on the left and right want only information sources that confirm their thinking 100%.

Me, I like Crooks & Liars, the IHT and Huff Post as much as I like the WSJ and the Weekly Standard. I like reading George Will, Dick Morris, Andrew Sullivan, Pat Buchanan and Michelle Malkin, while at the same time Michael Moore, Bill Maher and the Daily Kos.

Give it all to me. Then I'll decide.

Instead, Americans want their views spoon fed to them. "Don't give me information - just tell me what to think!". And especially the narrow-minded, ignorant, undereducated right. Thus explaining the phenomena that Fox News viewers only watch Fox News. Must be left over from the olden days when people had their church do their thinking for them. Now it's Roger Ailes.

Mr. Happy said...

"It's funny how many on the left and right want only information sources that confirm their thinking 100%."

It's also funny how Keith regularly posts pictures of prominent lefties like Randi Rhodes or Rachel Maddow and makes comments about how they are complete, lying assholes.

Oh wait, Keith never does that, he's too fair-minded.

Anonymous said...

Draft-dodging butthole zit impotent deaf sex tourist toting someone else's Viagra hard core narcotics addict...

tells America to be proud of people like he.

Dry drunk anal surgery drug addict cries(out) for us...

Pass me that loofah, wouldja Bill?

I want to scrub the falafel bits out of my asshole so I can cram that big, black dildo up there(while I'm leaning on my hot assistant for sex.)

Rush, Glenn, and Bill all share one thing in common>>> rectum issues.

Rather fitting.

Rush's Apartment; you just know he likes gladiator movies, Joey.

Anonymous said...

keith said...just tell me what to think!"..."

Conservatives Are For Big Government

Straight from The Weekly Standard: "...the real gripe is that Bush isn't their kind of conventional conservative. Rather, he's a big government conservative...makes them sound as if they aren't conservatives at all. But they are...willing to spend more and increase the size of government..."

BULLSHIT. They are not conservatives, but Neo-Liberal Trotskyites who captured the GOP.

Fruity Pebbles said...

"Give it all to me. Then I'll decide."


Frau Schmidt said...

Two words: American Idol.

Stupidity has a price !!!

Anonymous said...


Whatever happened to Al Franken?


oh yeah

Never mind


Anonymous said...

My problem is with monopolies .With monopolies you get price fixing and than it destroys innovation and competition and the rich get richer .

Big Business/Wall Street?Insurance Companies wanted a unfair playing field and the government allowed this to happen .

Now you see the various power groups going to extremes to try to either hold on to power or combat
power .

What ever happened to the middle level majority . Its either government takeover or Big Business takeover that they are debating .

What about a Health Bill that just solves the problems . Why didn't they make it law that Insurance Companies couldn't deny for pre-existing or cancel someone just because they made a claim . The cost problems are directly related to the profit motive Insurance monopoly .

Why would insurance companies be so against a public option ? Because it would crack their monopolies.

Anonymous said...

You went full retard, everyone knows you never go full retard.

Lost Cause said...

"Rush is selling his NY appartment
Ha ha"

The guy is certainly a closet queen. The place is overly decorated like some Elton John flat.

edd browne said...

“Take [Rep.] Steve Driehaus,
for example,” [Boehner] says.

'He may be a dead man. He can’t go
home to the west side of Cincinnati.
The Catholics will run him out of town.' ”

edd browne said...

"Foreigners" are the radical-ignorant
in each nation of the World who insist
on imposing their views on their nation.

I have much more in common with progressive
Afghani's than with some folks on my street who
are the real foreigners.

Anonymous said...

I seriously believe that the United States Of America is on the brink of major rioting , if not full blown Revolution.

It is the majority that has had enough of the GREEDY takers. The gap between have ALL and have NONE is getting very large. Fat cats like this will be served well in the end. God sides with the poor you stupid worthless Republican scum.

Try masking your real identity by pretending to be men and women of God. Try masking your identity by renaming yourself Reagan Conservatives , or funnier yet , Conservative Libertarian.
You have been had. When all hell break loose you will be the one to fall.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry. Eventually the people wise up, and they go away."

Beck & Limbaugh have the financial backing of the wealthy and big US corporations. They will never go away.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Beck and Limbaugh both have warned about this administration and it's power and wealth grab

And now they have been proven correct

from John Dingall himself,

"...control of the people"

The health care bill is nothing more than a wealth transfer revealed by some Democrat A**hole from Montana



Bukko Canukko said...

Mr. Happy spouted...

It's also funny how Keith regularly posts pictures of prominent lefties like Randi Rhodes or Rachel Maddow and makes comments about how they are complete, lying assholes.

Oh wait, Keith never does that, he's too fair-minded.

Hey Happy, how's about some examples of Randi and Rachel being complete liars? Like, proof of what you say, instead of just talking out of your Limbaugh. They're partisan leftists, sure. That's because they're commentators, not newswomen. Ditto for Rush.

But even commentators should stick to the truth. It's well-documented that druggy Limpballs doesn't. Rhodes and Maddow are biased, but they're not consistent liars. Personally, I got so sick of Randi's self-referential schtick that I gave up listening to her podcasts while I was still living in Australia, but I'd still trust what she says. Not so with those reich-wing mad men.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I agree with your call. These assholes have been lying and making jackasses of americans. In the mean time, the first Anon on this post comes out swinging to O, Reid, and Pelosi.

Anon, 4:31 PM, why don't you tell us how much better your racist Republican jackasses did? Please. They took this country to ruin and in the mean time, people like you are still sticking up for them.

These guys are a whole bunch of liars that cater to the racist, selfish Americans.


Anonymous said...

Are you Crazy?

The party of Obama




and you think Beck and Limbaugh are the problems?

You liberals are so open minded, (what little brains you have) have fallen out


Anonymous said...

Any of you pussy liberals wanna discuss this in person,

come on out to So Cal.,

and lets talk

don't bother making it a round trip

you won't make it back