March 24, 2010

Jon Stewart destroys Glenn Beck

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Charles said...

Keith. I saw you skipped over my comment about moral equivalency, health care and the wars. If your gonna be fair you have to touch on that.

Either you think keeping the wars going is worth it. Which means your justifying death. Or you thin Obama can't risk ending them politically, which is a strong argument that he is the evil one (just like the rest of congress I might add)

Considering you raised the stakes of the debate her by throwing out the good/evil thing you've gotta address this issue if you wanna be balanced.

Anonymous said...

Epic huh...?

They say "imitation is the greatest form of flattery". Which is usually why comedians do sketches of others in their shows. Take for example Saturday Night Live... The John Stewart Show is no different, he's a comedian; its comedy and nothing else dummy.

So should we take it that John is imitating Glenn as a good thing or bad.

What I think is that you hate Glenn Beck so much and are so into Obama's ass that you climax into ecstasy anytime someone bashes him. Well I look at Glenn and see he's off the edge, but I admire his sense of patriotism. I also admire his courage to stand up and say, wait, what if we give so much power, what could happen... It's never a bad idea to stop and think and to question. But those who bash Beck and others like him that spur these types of thoughts and questions would rather have you blindly follow the Pied Piper Obama to oblivion.

Watching that clip, all I saw was an angry Jew who uses comedy to bash people who are attempting to get others to think and ask questions...

That's all its about; don't blindly follow and accept, but ask questions.

Went2puke said...

Keith; time to re-open Housing Panic !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bank of America to reduce mortgage principal on Cuntrywide loans

Free down payments for reckless fraudsters; YAY!


Frau Schmidt said...

Glenn Beck is nuts, and paranoid. I would understand him as anybody has the right to his own opinion. But he is doing this for $$$.

And his clown act is not helping either!

Anonymous said...


The Dems finally admit it,

John Dingall,

..."control the people"!

Have a nice day


Anonymous said...

Beck is a tool for big business IMHO .Is anybody buying his line that religious outfits can make up for needed social problems .
Do you think religious groups could fund a school system for the majority for instance ? It clear that you have to have government programs. Do you think religious programs could pay for all the people who dye if they didn't get some help with health care ? Does Beck really think that a Insurance Monopoly of private monopolies are free market capitalism?

Did Beck ever get upset over the unconstitutional taking of the taxpayers money to bail out the Investment Banks ? You don't hear him getting in a uproar over that ?Becks thinking is flawed . While he endorses a need for a taxpayer funded military ,everything else
in his mind is free-market capitalism ,which isn't true .

His idea that social justice is a communist takeover rather than opposition to Corporation control
and fleecing of the sheep by a
stacked deck playing field is apparent .

Some of Becks points on the Constitution has merits ,but you can't take it out of context.

Beck never attacks the Corporation and Insurance Monopolies Banks and Wall Street that are actually destroying free market capitalism more than any other force with their rigged and stacked decks . What about Government laws by bribed Politicians that favored the playing field for the fat cats that Beck never seems to attack ?

The game is so rigged in favor of
the Fat Cats these day that you see a attempt to balance it out by government programs .

Lost Cause said...

Wow. I am going to have to start watching Glen Beck. The guy is a goldmine -- pure comedy gold!

Anonymous said...

Careful, Keith. You don't want one of these right-wing terrorists coming to your house to cut your gas line.

These people belong in jail.

gutless but somewhat less lazy said...

Off topic, but one for the good old HP days :

Anonymous said...

I used to watch John Stewart religiously back in the day - it is the same old saw, he needs to move on to something new.

emmy said...

What that whole skit reminded me of was the scene in the Great Dictator, where Chaplin is playing with the globe...just kind of creepy and accurate...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I still laugh about your epic phrase...."Man, those grifters were good."
Anton Chiguhr

Anonymous said...

I miss Housing Panic.

Between all the political horseshit and the lowbrows who adore it, this is getting old.

All the angst over who is doing bad stuff completely glosses over the reality: our real problem is what is completely beyond repair...

Our System. It matters fuck all who holds office.

Once we start talking about that, we are it's targets.

Mike Hunt said...

Jon Stewart is clever but he jumped the shark on this.

edd browne said...

Charles said ...
"…your[sic] justifying death.
Or you thin[sic] Obama can't risk
ending them politically, which is a
strong argument that he is the evil one…"
So where do Americans go to have
their brains deactivated ?
Did Confucius say: Ignorance is suicide ?
Or was that just me ?

Tolerance of so many retarded comments
is no virtue. I've had enough.
"Comments" should be "Informed Comments".
And anonymous comments should be rare.

The rad-ignorant have arsenals that some
armies would covet. I've purchased guns
at shows where the "private collector" would
not provide identification, nor a receipt, as long as
they saw my state driver's license from two feet away, claiming the exception for private sales.
Any defective felon can also become a "collector".

And I'm talking sniper-grade rifles with
armor-piercing ammo, up to 50cal.
We will regret this neglect. Maybe soon.
The circular rants of morons become a spiral;
and not upward.

Lost Cause said...

"Anonymous said...
I miss Housing Panic.

March 27, 2010 3:52 AM"

You really said it all in your post. Thank you.