March 16, 2010

Meet GOP hack and uber-corporate-lobbyist Dick Armey, the scum who brilliantly hijacked the 'tea party' movement

Don't forget, HP'ers were really amongst the first 'tea partiers'. Amongst the first to promote, and then endorse, Ron Paul. Amongst the first to support his 'money bombs', which became 'tea party money bombs', which then became essentially a Ron Paul tea party movement.

And then, seemingly overnight, probably because of a meeting over brandy and canapes with Rove, Armey, Gray, Ailes and Murdoch, it became the GOP Fox News Dick Armey Corporate Lobbyist Angry Renter Astroturf Fake Blog Hijacked Fool the Idiots Into Voting For the People Who Caused the Mess Tea Party Movement.

Brilliant. Seriously, brilliant. Watching Fox News, the GOP, Karl Rove and Dick Armey hijacking the tea party movement is only equaled to watching the GOP hijacking christians after Watergate. As if jesus would be a supporter of the rich and the corporations over the poor and the people. As if people angry at the corruption and incompetence of government leading America to financial ruin would support the corrupt fools who were in charge for eight years.

Brilliant. Flipping brilliant.

So, here he is, again, Dick Armey. Founder of fake astroturf quasi-housing-panic blog "angry renter". Founder of Freedom Works, and bankroller of the now-fake "tea party" debacle.

I detest Dick Armey, and everything he's about. One of the most destructive men of the past twenty years. This man is a scoundrel, pure and simple, absolute disgusting scum. But damn, he's good. Brilliant at what he does. And confirms that people really are that stupid.

Dick Armey's 'tea party' history is a strange brew

Dick Armey is intellectually versatile: The former leader of House Republicans went from being a rainmaker for a Washington lobbying firm to being the unofficial leader of the anti-Washington "tea party" movement.


Firstivus said...

Palin in 2012!!

Anonymous said...

It's not just the stupid people that can be fooled. It's almost all of us.
How or where does anyone get wised-up to the workings of the evil mind? Besides here or Psycopathy 101.

Anonymous said...

I have a little story about Dick Armey. Back in 1986 I lost my job in the oil industry, along with everyone else. After an entire year of doing odd jobs with no energy industry recovery in sight, I contacted Dick Armey's office and told an a person in his office of my situation. I was told the Rep. Armey would be glad to help me all that he could and would talk to me if I am in the DC area. You see, Dick Armey was my representative at that time. Little did this aid know that I was at my parent's house in the Virginia DC suburbs at the time. I had gone up there looking for work since there was none available in Texas. So I go by Dick Armey's office the very next day and introduce myself. The look on the faces of his 'aids' was priceless. They never expected that I would actually be there and definitely not the very next day. I was told to wait and that he (Dick Armey) would see me shortly. I waited about an hour in the reception room (outer office) when a guy in a very nice suit showed up and was immediately taken to the the inner office to see Rep. Armey. Sure enough, the door opens up and there is Dick, all smiles, shaking this guys hand and welcoming him inside. I wait another 15 minutes and this guy leaves and I am still sitting there. I believe this guy was a lobbyist - definitely not a real constituent voter like me. After a while, I say thanks (sarcastically) to the office aid and leave. I ultimately did receive actual help from the office of Re. Jim Wright (not my congressman) and Sen. Trent Lott (not my senator). Dick Armey is pure scum to me. I agree with everything Keefer has written.

SAWB said...

Yes Keith, almost as disgusting as the greedy lawyers, UN bureaucrats, and hack politicians who hijacked environmental science about ten years ago.

keith said...

I admit - he almost fooled me too.

Other bubble bloggers were linking to his astroturf "angry renter" blog. I got a note from them that they wanted HP to link. So I looked at the site, but something didn't feel right. I forget how but somehow I figured out it was a corporate-backed site, and then eventually tied it back to freedomworks

There's a lot of these fake blogs out there, supposedly 'real people' but instead corporations, realtors, oil industry, lobbyists, etc. You really have to watch out.

the worst of the worst though is freedom works, and the hijacked tea party crap. A lot of people are falling for this, and they don't want to admit the truth because like most of us, we're really tea partiers - angry at incumbents, both parties, and especially the corrupt GOP pigs that got us into this mess when they were in power 2001 - 2009. And Fox News, who enabled them.

And then via Armey and Ailes, today's 'tea party' movement is really just the GOP's new name.

Angry Leprechuan said...

"Don't forget, HP'ers were really amongst the first 'tea partiers'. Amongst the first to promote, and then endorse, Ron Paul. Amongst the first to support his 'money bombs', which became 'tea party money bombs', which then became essentially a Ron Paul tea party movement."

And then there was Obama?!?!?!?!?! The anti Ron Paul.

Angry Leprechaun said...

I will admit that it is frustrating how the tea baggers have fucked up Ron Paul’s spirit of the tea parties and being a Paul supporter I have not liked the tea party movement for a year now. But why does Ron Paul not defend himself better? The reason is he does not believe in all the bickering. He wants to work with those who are willing to work together. I personally think the bickering is fun especially here at SNA, but Dr Paul maybe onto something. He is a conservative that gets along with Demococks almost better than he does with Refucks. What is his approach? It is the simple understanding that we are all entitled to Liberty.
What is the best solution to our nation’s problems? A head on collision between 2 vehicles with no survivors. In one vehicle you have Cheney, Palin, and Armey with a couple oil lobbyist. In the second car you have Obama, Reid, and Pelosi with a few healthcare lobbyist. Problem solved!

Does anyone undersatnd the amount of money we waste on politics and parading around like a bunch of fools. Just think of all the money the Tea Baggers have wasted on their movement. Now the coffee parties...............

Bukko Canukko said...

This man is a scoundrel, pure and simple, absolute disgusting scum. But damn, he's good. Brilliant at what he does. And confirms that people really are that stupid.


casey said...

Save a horse ride a banker?

keith said...

The choice was Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin

Any questions?

If there is, please question your sanity.

Unless you wanted anarchy and the world to end of course.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kieth:

Here in DC before the weekend before the first "Tea Party" my GF went with a friend to see some taping of a MSNBC OR CNBC town hall meeting with Geithner. I was hoping she would have punched him in the face, but she didn't - she now appreciates that she missed a great once in a lifetime opportunity.

In any event, after the taping, we met up at a bar where we met an older couple who were in town to attend the tea party protests.

So we are talking to the couple in the bar area - they are each eating these giant lobster and seafood plates and we learn that they are specifically there to protest the healthcare reforms.

As we dig a little deeper, we find that they are psychologists (not psychiatrists) who are pissed that the proposed legislation will limit their medicare billings to the government!

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not for the this shit sandwich healthcare reform they are trying to shove down our throats (which isn't going to reduce costs or save any money), but these people were not real Tea Party protestors - they were simply worried about their wallets and making sure their government gravy train kept coming in.

Banana Republicrat said...

The masterstroke of Angry Renter was resurrecting latent cold war fears of evil "socialism" and killing the gov't takeover & dissolution of the TBTF banks. Thanks Dick!

HP = owned by the Ramen lobby?

edd browne said...

U.S. Supreme Court homies
made sure that purchased
government will remain the norm.

Now that "free speech" corporate
spending is unlimited, things can
get even worse, it that's possible.

Any toad can now be president
on this ship of fools. Palin ?
Which way to Canada ?

keith said...

Here's the Dick Armey Roger Ailes Fox News home page right now.

Fair and balanced ya know... (what a joke)

House phone lines flooded after Rep. Bachmann, speaking at Tea Party rally, and Rush Limbaugh call on voters to speak out on health care bill. | Tea Party Rally
• N.J. Court OKs Tea Party Petition to Oust Senator
• YOU DECIDE: Is It Too Late to Stop Health Care?
• GOP Battles Plan to Pass Bill Without Traditional Vote
• FOX FORUM: What Would Nixon Do On Health Care?

Anonymous said...

How about report on the non-reporting of the media?

yoski said...

Yes Palin 2012. I want to see the ship go down with her at the helm. It's going to be better than any reality show. Personally, I'll be watching the spectacle from a far.

All good things said...

"Unless you wanted anarchy and the world to end of course."

Goldman Sachs is ready, their guys at Treasury are ready, Useful Idiot #1 (aka Barack Obama) is walking right into the trap, and Useful Idiot #2 (Ben Bernanke) is right behind him.

10, 9, 8 ,7...

gwk said...

yes and your pick kucinich getting off obamas plane thats a real hack but the circus is in town and this will go down in history as the worst american administration ever by far sorry hes got bush beat but dont cover that because what you are really afraid off is what your covering

keith said...

Read this one paragrapy from Fox News online cover story, and you'll see everything you need to see:

Two separate groups affiliated with the Tea Party movement, Freedom Works and the Tea Party Patriots, told Fox News they had expected a large Pennsylvania contingent to be present at the rally. The office of Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., who voted against the health care legislation last fall, was named as a popular destination for protesters.

LessLiberalBiasPlease said...

So when will we see a post outlining the brilliance of a plan that causes our costs to go down 3000% ?

Sadly, perhaps half of the population or more does not even understand what is wrong with that claim. If a conservative had said it, it would live in infamy, but tomorrow it will likely be explained away as simple exuberance, never to be repeated.

gwk said...

ok your right as usual i give in these tea parties are really something
and i cant wait for the health care plan i have to drop 3000 per cent yes 3000 per cent the president said that in ohio oh you didnt hear that well he did i saw it on fox news yes fox news can you believe it i feel healthy already and the circus in town this weekend with the big vote coming up spring is almost here almost feels like mid term elections cant be that far off and those tea party people have to ruin everything i saw that to on fox news yes fox news

keith said...

man there's some ignorant and crazy people on this blog

oh well, keeps it entertaining. you know, like visiting a psyche ward

LessLiberalBiasPlease said...

Cool response Keith. Really leaves no need to further ponder the incredible loss of audience.

In my opinion, you are a hypocrite and a one trick pony. Entertaining here? Not so much.

edd browne said...

When corporate barons steer
uninformed masses, all things are impossible.

The first weapon of the people is a real education.
And the barons don't want too much of that.

keith said...

I've been trying forever to get rid of the kooks so the intelligent people, even ones who disagree, left and right, can have an interesting conversation

I blog for fun. It's not too much fun when closed minded and certifiably crazy people don't add to the debate.

Angry Lep is a great example of a poster who adds to the debate, even though we disagree. I always enjoy his posts. Have an argument, but be civil, and back it up. Or please, go away.

Angry Leprechaun said...

"Any questions?
If there is, please question your sanity."


I have questions Keith. Why did you sell out all your beliefs and support in Ron Paul to vote for someone who was not even close to anything he stood for.? Why did you not just write Paul in?

I have asked this for months and still you dance around it. How do you you go from Dr. Paul to Obama? They don't agree on anything.

gwk said...

so you want intelligent people to add to the debate because at soots it is all about being fair and open and dedicated to bringing the most honest conversation available on the net got it!

Mike Hunt said...


Agree with you that Obama was a better choice than McCain. That is done, and it's better that Obama won.

That being said, how come you are not calling out Obama's horrible policies: Expansion of Pell grants, Obamacare nightmare, HAMP followed by having realtors set prices and pay people to walk away, Cash for Clunkers, Stimulus I, Stimulus II.

Geez. I could go on but surely there is something in the list that you can pick on and include Obama in the criticism. Constructive, of course.

Here's a thought experiment: Criticize the things you find to be untouchable & sacred: AAPL, Warren Buffett, Obama, etc. You will be better off taking both sides of the argument and letting the ideas run its course.


keith said...

Angry Lep - probably 10th time on this same point, so I'll shout it


It was Obama/Biden or nothing. McCain/Palin was dangerously unacceptable. Obama was tolerable, and even though I disagree with many of his policies, I think he's doing an OK job trying to clean up Bush's catastrophic mess.

Also, Ron Paul shamed himself by endorsing a fruitcake wingnut for president, and not running himself. Had he run (which would have been the right and courageous thing to do) he would have had my full support.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Why did you not write him in?

You sound aggitated, it is St. Patty's day. Have a Guinness!

keith said...

After what happened in Florida in 2000, anyone who goes to the polls to waste their vote is a fool in my book.

Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, the nation's economy is in shambles, trillions of debt were run up, and the image of America around the world nearly destroyed, all because fools in Florida chose to throw their votes away in 2000.

Never again. Or you get what you get.

Off to the pub to get a Guinness now!

gwk said...

you really need to research the 2000 election gore lost end of story gore lost end of story gore lost and obama won end of country obama won end of country its real easy its the end of the greatest country that has ever existed sorry its true and did you know gore lost his home state that had he won it well you know the answer

Anonymous said...

We're an Armey of Dicks

Angry Leprechaun said...


Here is my dilemma. We need to vote out my Congressman Bob Filner. The jokester who wants to go against him is a repubfuck neocon. Filner is a crack who will do anything to make all the illegal aliens legal. He is pro big gov and is basically a Pelosi or Reid but not as well known. The neocon asshole, his name is Nick Popaditch, preaches small gov but wants to build our troop levels. He said, “As your Congressman I pledge to rebuild our military to pre-1990 levels, which is absolutely necessary in today’s dangerous world.” A fallacy as we know is you cannot continue to build our empire and preach small gov. His bonus point is he wants secure borders. The downfall is I don’t think he would be in favor of legalizing drug to assist with the effort.”
So either way I am fucked. No matter who I vote I am fucked. Who would you chose?
Now on the other hand if I was in San Francisco I would vote for the Repubican challenger to Pelosi. His name is John Dennis. He is an antiwar conservative which is funny because a conservative should not have to be labeled “antiwar” because it should already be assumed. Anyways if you want Pelosi gone make a donation at

keith said...

Angry Lep, I think 2010 is taking one for the team

Vote out EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT. Regardless of opponent. In the house you can correct this in 2012 by voting against the winner if you don't like them.

Every incumbent has to lose in 2010, 2012, 2014 for a real message to be sent.

That said, a real message won't be sent. 95% of incumbents will win. Americans are that stupid and easily deceived. And the Supreme Court has just guaranteed that all incumbents will win.

But hey, it's worth a shot.

I'd especially like to see JD Hayworth take out McCain. And I'd love to see Reid and Pelosi go down in the primaries. But of course, that won't happen.

edd browne said...

Tis true.
Every Florida vote in 2000 for a third
candidate was wasted in the worst way.

I blame Nader, but Clinton too, who
danced for Greenspan, and wouldn't
keep his zipper closed.

i've had it said...


you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to the Tea Party.

I'm involved with my local TP and no one ever talks about the people you offer as the leaders of this movement.

You are completely missing the boat.

Also, in my local TP there are liberals and conservatives. The one thing we have rallied around is fiscal responsibility.

Additionally, those KKK members you show in your other post were all Democrats. Go read your history of the South and break the cycle of stupidity that the government schools have foisted on you.

Finally, you should stop traveling the world and come back to America and do something. It's easy enough to write a blog, but a much different thing to make change.