March 15, 2010

Worth watching again - Mike the Discredited Hack Norman, Tom the Discredited Hack Adkins and Peter Schiff, 2006

It's tough to do a victory dance when the entire world economy has collapsed, but I guess you all can take some solace in the fact that you were right. Dead-on, historically right. And hacks like Norman and Adkins will live in shame forever. Thank you youtube. Thank you internets.

"What artificial lending standard are you talking about" - Mike Norman, clueless idiot full of bravado but little knowledge, December 2006

"You're gonna see prices go up" - Tom Adkins, spinner of misinformation so as to earn a commission, December 2006

(btw, did you know that Tom Adkins, the Fox News caveman hair realtor, was doing the Fox Business News anchor Brenda Buttner at that point? True story. Even though Fox didn't disclose it. Makes you wonder who Mike Norman was doing.)


casey said...

Dont get your financial information from the media.Most dont know thier ass from a hole in the ground.They cant even balance a checkbook.

edd browne said...

I need more credible
sources on financial trends.

I value Calculated Risk, Fleckenstein,
Jubak, Middleton, Olick. (not sure on Mish)

Are the maps at RealtyTrac reliable ?

Anonymous said...

"...prices are already on their way back up..."

-Longhair, 12-31-06
@ {2:15}

Thoughts said...


What bout the future; near, medium and longer term.

We know you're long APPL

do you think China is in a bubble and what would a China collapse mean to the global economy

What about Gold and fiat currencies

I understand you dont have a crystal ball but what is your gut feeling on some of this.

The Gold story is my most pressing one, no matter how many 'experts' point to Gold as a hedge against a possible collapse in paper money, it does not make logical sense, I know it was used for thousands of years as a currency, man also believed the world was flat for thousands of years.

Paper money is at risk and that includes every country's paper money.

Then again I also dont buy that there is more money in the system now, contrary to the popular 'Fed is printing money' story.

And why are all the gold dealers out there peddling gold if they believe the price will go up.

Surely if the dollar collapses assets like equities would go up (in dollars) ?

Need to run, will continue later

RipeDurian said...

Mike Norman the braying donkey.

Tom Adkins, even stupider though less of a shithead.

Anonymous said...


Inside the Doomsday Machine

By Michael Lewis

Anybody read this yet?
He was on 60 Minutes and the Daily Show right now. Think anyone will listen or just ignore him like they do everyone else?

Angry Leprechaun said...

Mr. Edd Browne,

The best financial blog around hands down is

Anonymous said...

Everyone thought this way. Except the few that are educated in this country.
I knew a crash would come but never imagined it would be like this. in 2006 we were at 4.5 unemployment now we are at 12...
What diff from four years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. - Charles Mackay

It is an awful lot of fun to come back here from time to time and "feel the schadenfreude". WTF? - go ahead and do a Billy White Shoes Johnson dance in the end zone, spike that frickin' ball and then crack open a cold Schlitz....

Smug Bastard