March 13, 2010

Runaway Toyota Hoax realtor "I think about 95 per cent of the realtors filed bankruptcy". Yup. And now I bet they'll all get Toyotas.

1) get real estate license

2) gamble in real estate

3) fail

4) foreclose home, steal appliances on way out, do some insurance fraud, declare bankruptcy

5) come up with a new con

6) watch incompetent mainstream media buy it hook line and sinker (again)

7) get exposed by blogs

8) fail again

I wonder what other con game realtors will get into next. More insurance fraud? Maybe survival seed farms for tea partiers? Start a hedge fund? Run for Congress? Oh, no, wait, I know, that can still be realtors! Because people are too clueless to realize they're the conmen who got us into this mess in the first place, and love giving them their hard-earned money!


Afterthought said...

People like this permeate the upper echelons of society.

Any solutions?

Anonymous said...

But but, how would we know which room is the Kitchen?

Dont you see we need Realtwhores.

Keefer, it was not nice to associate Tea Partyers who are on your side with sleazy realtwhores

Anonymous said...

This whole Toyota thing is getting stupid.

If FORD can overcome so many public relations nightmares , Toyota will have no problem.

Cops dying in exploding Crown Victorias , Expeditions catching on fire in the middle of the night in the garage because of a faulty 12 volt cruise control switch , spark plugs blowing out of cylinder heads on the F series trucks , who could ever forget the pinto. One transmission after the other failing. Turdmobile.

As someone commented on CNN the other day..." I would rather buy a Toyota built in the United States with parts and supplies from US suppliers than a Ford built in Mexico with Chinese and Mexican parts.

Spot On !!

edd browne said...

Or they could join the global-warming
denial industry. Get paid from the
business money pools, or from political
funds, or from denial-scam money streams.

Then they could also get rid of those
oceanfront properties while they can.

keith said...

anon - I called the people SELLING the seed farms to tea partiers the conmen

The tea partiers who are conspiracy nuts and end-of-world-is-coming types, we'll, they're the marks.

Kind of like the shills who bought real estate from Greg Swann in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Afterthought said...
'People like this permeate the upper echelons of society.'

And THEY call Palin dumb..

Bukko Canukko said...

Again, thanks for educating me about something I didn't know. And since I drive a Prius, I oughta know this!

You're not in the U.S., Keith, so you didn't see how many times the footage of the this dirtbag's "runaway Prius" played on the cable news stations, like it was on endless-loop. I haven't seen whether MSNBC or CNN have publicized the debunk. It's the weekend, and I have better things to do than watch TV. (So why am I sitting here typing messages to some goddamn blog? I gotta get on with life. As soon as I finish this!)

Our car is much like the one this skeeving Sikes drove, so I had been worried (only a little bit) about what I would do if ours started accelerating wildly. (Now I know I can flick the gearshift level to neutral, even while it's at highway speed, so my worries are gone.)

America -- land of the grifters! From the politicians and Goldscam Sucks executives at the top to "balloon-boy" types like Sikes at the bottom... So many people looking to scam instead of honest toil. Where's the "DOPES!" guy to lay down some indignation?

P.S. So this guy was trying to run a swinger's website too? Why is it all the people pictures in group sex adverts are young and hot, but the real people you see involved in that scene are old, chunky creeps like Sikes?

Anonymous said...

It just seemed so strange that after the beating the American car companies were taking while Toyota remained strong, suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork with these 'claims' against Toyota. Didn't it feel sort of bogus from the beginning? I guess everything really is 'rigged'.

casey said...

I wonder if he was jerking himself off during his stuck trottle?

Anonymous said...

"Have a seat and a cuppa coffee" "Let me talk to my manager" "We want to put you in one today"
"You won't believe what we can give you for your old car" "How can I earn your business today?"
"IF I can just get your driver's license and your home phone number"--------?
"What if I can do this for say--$475.00 a month AND pay your sales tax?" "If you can give me a check for say---"$1000.00---to show your serious on this--I will try and shave what I can off the deal". "Let me talk to the big boss on this one, he owes me one".

Anonymous said...

"...Didn't it feel sort of bogus from the beginning?..."

This whole cuntry feels bogus from the beginning. Not the people who actually DO something, mind you.

Financial sector TRIPLED in the last 20 years...from 7% to over 20% of our economy. Captured the government who, besides betraying us by allowing all the fraud, committed their own enormous fraud with Medicare and Social Security.

Fucking parasites went way, way, WAY too far and have now mortally compromised the host. I am stunned every time I read some media dipshit lauding the good news of "higher government employment."

Where do these people think money comes from? We had a pretty good run; 200+ years.

Things are going to be different, and not in a good way, in 20 years.

The whole world is one big check-kiting Ponzi scheme; we've known and acknowledged it for quite some time.

Now the chickens come home.

Anonymous said...

Investigators with Toyota and the federal government were unable to make a Toyota Prius speed out of control as its owner said it did on a California freeway, according to a memorandum obtained Saturday by The Associated Press.

Anonymous said...


It would be damn foolish for people to try to resort to "insurance fraud" for gain.

For many claims, an insurance adjuster will mail out a "proof of loss" form to the insured to be filled out with the "particulars" of said loss.

The insured fills the form out stating what happened (My car was stolen blah blah blah), signs it, has it notarized and mails it back to the company.

If the companies investigation shows fraud then the insured is FUCKED.

The reason the insurance company has you MAIL your "proof of loss" form in is so that they can then get you nailed for MAIL FRAUD also!

That's a Federal offense!

Well. At least that's what my supervisor told me when I used to be an adjuster.

Ross said...

You people really need to stop watching the "news."

It's a nasty habit.

I put news in quotes because you really can't find it on television anymore.

keith said...

It's interesting how many conmen and scam artists become realtors, isn't it?

Now comes Sikes' former business partner, William Sweet, who, according to Jalopnik, "says he went into business with Sikes, together opening up a paralegal services company called AAA California Aid in 1997. Sweet operated the main office and Sikes ran one in Los Banos, California. Sweet alleges numerous incidents of fraud and theft involving Sikes led him to dissolve their partnership, including an incident in which Sikes sent an employee to break into the main office to steal payment records."

Sweet told Jalopnik's Matt Hardigree that "As soon as I heard the words 'Jim Sikes,' I immediately woke up out of a dead sleep and thought, 'uh oh, what the hell is this guy up to now?' He's trying to do a scam, and get in on that lawsuit for the Toyota thing, that's immediately what i thought."

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Went2puke said...

I stopped watching TV a few years back and I am fine. Americans need to wake up to the cruel reality that television "news" is the biggest of all scams, but a scam that's addictive and more destructive to our brain cells than any potent drug.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann is probably next

Anonymous said...

The automaker stopped short of saying James Sikes had staged a hoax last week but said his account did not square with a series of tests it conducted on the gas-electric hybrid

...In Sikes' case, Toyota said it found he rapidly pressed the gas and brakes back and forth 250 times, the maximum amount of data that the car's self-diagnostic system can collect..."

Should've done a little more research first, Grifter.

Anonymous said...

...In Sikes' case, Toyota said it found he rapidly pressed the gas and brakes back and forth 250 times, the maximum amount of data that the car's self-diagnostic system can collect..."

Should've done a little more research first, Grifter.

Toyota needs to after this CRIMINAL big time. Letting him fade away will just encourage more of the same.