March 11, 2010

You may not know it yet, but there's a good chance you've been hypnotized.

It's all just one big formula.

But you knew that. Right?

(Oh, and if you're a Fox News viewer, add in the "you're under attack" narrative - you know, christians, whites, straights, republicans, kkk members, militia members, gun owners, businessmen, the rich, young blonde girls. whatever. just fill in the blank.)


Bukko Canukko said...

I can attest to the fact that TV news reports works the same in Australia. Maybe too in Canada, except I'm so freaking bored by this country that I haven't gotten in the habit of watching the local news.

(No offense meant to any Canadians who read Keith's blog. You have a fine country. It's just that I'm not that into you, except in the "I'm living here now" sense.)

But hey, I liked the Scottish accent from that older man-in-the-street guy. You could actually understand him!

Anonymous said...

News analysis 101:

1)Ignore headline/opening brainwashing

2)skim past to latter paragraphs; look for (likely unintentional)bits and pieces tangential to desired propaganda

3)compile and compare with other sources to verify

Mike Hunt said...


Nice link.

I think Obama uses a lot of those techniques when speaking. He has mastered the hypnotic, wordsmithing without delivering any real content. That's also why his current speeches are still similar to Candidate Obama.

Ironic that you post this but support Obama so much.

It's ok, you more than make up for this gross error in judgement, with the other cool stuff you post.


keith said...


I would imagine you didn't watch the 10 hour health care roundtable?

I would imagine you didn't watch Obama's performance at the GOP meeting?

Believe what Fox tells you, but Obama is actually at his best when speaking directly, no notes, not speech, no teleprompter. dude is smart and if you can't recognize that, then I can't help you

As to political teleprompter speeches, you have a valid point. All politicians spout bullshit, poll-tested phrases, and don't speak directly to issues. Otherwise they'd never get elected. Here - would you vote for this:

"The US is broke, we must raise retirement age to 72, the military industrial complex runs this nation, and Americans are the fattest people on earth"

Sound good?

Mark in San Diego said...

I don't watch TV news - just read the FT and online items, blogs, etc. . . .AND actually walk around town and talk with real people at stores, cabs, etc. Some of my best news sources are my network of friends around the world. . .I usually get some early warning of messes in Europe or Singapore, etc.

I do sometimes tune into local Fox news to see the "obligatory shot of fat people" or some misinformed dude complaining about something. . .also some of those "buble head" blonds aren't bad to look at. . .

Anonymous said...


I would vote to that!

However, you voted for, "We will show it all on CSPAN, I just want an up and down vote..."

Face it dude, you're like the fat chick in the bar that ALWAYS falls for the smooth talking, good looking dude who whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

And now you have woke up the next day - that sweet man not only fucked you really good like you wanted him to, but he also robbed you and left you pregnant and with a bad case of crotch lobsters. And, the best part, you now want someone else to pay for your bad decisions!

Still don't get how you went from Ron Paul to Obama.

Yeah, and just keep those fingers in your ear.

Mike Hunt said...


I saw the first hour of the health care roundtable. I didn't see Obama at the GOP meeting.

I wouldn't disagree that Obama is smart. However where is the focus on fixing the fundamental balance sheet fraud and containment of the CDS's around the world that are more risky than 2 years ago? I thought Obama and his administration were going to take a stand on that.

Instead he tries his best to reinstate Bernanke and keep the same old business as usual in the financial world.

The latest crock is the mission doubling exports.

I stand by the disgust of the Obama teleprompter speeches. Totally hate em, and they have as much content as the video linked to this post. It would be a breath of fresh air to hear an impromptu speech.

And I actually like the speech you said- could be phrased nicer but there is some real truth there.


Anonymous said...

Retirement at 62 is stupid and wasteful anyway. 60 is the new 40, aint it?

Ross said...

Sure Cable News sucks, but here's a pretty awesome report that was on FOX!!!!NEWS!!!!

Looks like they can actually practice real journalism, but only when it's done by a Kennedy.

Mike Hunt said...


Let's talk about the Obama budget:

Don't tell me you think this is good for the country?