April 13, 2010

"How to Get Dummies to Believe Fake Movements are Real"

Has SNL done one on Dick Armey and the tea party yet?

For the 16% of you here that self-identify as 'tea baggers', you are being conned. But deep down you probably know that anyway.


Anonymous said...

Particularly disheartening is to contrast all the laudable tenets and goals of the movement(which seek to reform the SYSTEM, not discredit just one party)...

with how fast and well GOP string-pullers gutted and co-opted it.


Bukko Canukko said...

They don't care that they're being conned. They're angry. And when you're a child having a tantrum, nothing else matters except that YOU'RE ANGRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

how to get people to believe fake movements are real.

hmmm. happened in 2008, yes we can!

hope and change!

2010 and people are still hoping for some change!