April 14, 2010

"A little learning is a dangerous thing"

"A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again."

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism, 1709

You know, I don't think she knows that she's stupid.

And that's kinda funny, in a cute way, no?


Anonymous said...

Keefer how sad when the most prominent member of the political opposition party in the US is this stupid bitch, i mean just dumb no brains, empty headed cunt

where's f'ing Trig on this?

Anonymous said...

You dont have to be smart to succeed in America

Mark in San Diego said...

She is a pretty good stand-up commedian. . .I would likely pay to see her at Commedy Club. . .I've been here in Europe for two weeks now, and although the Euro politicians look and talk better, can't say they are all that smart, except Angela Merkel. . .Gordon Brown is kind of an empty suit, and Sarcozy and Co. seem more interested in getting their picture in the tabloid press (of which EVERY Euro city has a 20 Minutes, which makes USA Today look like the NYT). I find Sarah does kind of grow on me, and has high entertainment value. . .

BTW - wasn't there a "No Nothing" party in the history of the US? . . .

Mark in San Diego said...

Link to Wiki No Nothing Party:


hmmmm. . . .does history repeat itself??

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Keith doesn't actually try to refute anything she says. The fact that Keith has to resort to ad hominem logical fallacies, shows that Keith has no argument.

Same thing with anyone else that opposes Soetoro. Keith doesn't actually refute anything critics say. He just spews Daily Kos vitriol against them.

Anonymous said...

keith, here is the king of blab.


your browser may not go to an address that has 'fox' in it. but do view the entire 17 minute response, which doesn't even answer the question.

note that I think obama canceled the rest of his "promote health care reform tour" after this fiasco.

Budvar said...

If only she was black Keith eh, oh yes and a man, you'd be short stroking over her every word.

Anonymous said...

Why does she have to be a whore? Such misogyny. You thought George Bush was stupid, but you didn't impugn him sexually.

Leftist males still mistreat women horribly. Even Hillary Clinton was not immune to the misogyny treatment via Obama.

Anonymous said...

---Why does she have to be a whore? Such misogyny.---

This one is simple... cognitive dissonance. On one hand, she's physically attractive but on the other, her views go against the mainstream p.o.v. of big govt and the basics tenets of the democratic party.

Thus, it's hard for her detractor to state to himself... "Sure, she's hot and I'd like to boink someone (who looks like her, if not her directly) but whatever, everything she says is old school nonsense and malarkey"

Anonymous said...

Jesus God that woman is awful.

Honestly, can she do ANYTHING but make those sniping, one-liner insults. So cheap and shallow. Delivers cutesy, condescending pot shots and moves on to the next nasty comment. String them together and ya get a $ six figure speech, eh?

Stupid? Donno. She's getting $12 mil a year for the one thing she seems to enjoy. I guess the idiots who throw money at her to hear it/feel good are much dumber.

Anonymous said...

"Keefer how sad when the most prominent member of the political opposition party in the US is this stupid bitch, i mean just dumb no brains, empty headed cunt"


See what you attract though your obsession with this woman?

How is this any less hateful than any of the tea party rhetoric you profess to abhor?

Fruity Pebbles said...

"I noticed that Keith doesn't actually try to refute anything she says.."

Ummm that's cause she doesn't say anything. She just mouths cute lil catch phrases written for her by some cute lil script writers."OH NO YOU DON'T!"

Did she say "nuke-u-lar"? She did, didn't she? Yeah, she did.

Tray Deee said...

She's a hot version of a Chatty Cathy doll. Pull the string and hear one of her 12 prerecorded voice messages.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

The standard wingnut response to any criticism of Sarah has become to trot out the line, "Well if she's such a joke, why are you paying attention to her? It only makes her stronger."

No, dildoes. Paying attention to her and tying her ever-closer to the Tea Party movement that she has come to symbolize demonstrates for the millions of moderate, indepedent voters, that the types of wingnuts & Tea Tards that ran the country into the ground during the Bush years are still around, still trying to get their grubby know-nothing hands back on the levers of power ...

...and are to be mocked and exposed at every turn.

Paying attention to Sarah does not make her stronger. It exposes her for the pathetic joke that she is, and ensures that the GOP and Tea Partiers are ever-more-strongly tied to a woman who the 40% of "swing voters" in the US will reliably vote against.

Not that Palin cares. She's making money. And dooming any chance of the GOP & rightwing ever winning a national election.

Anonymous said...

Coddling enemies...

I liked that part.

But much MUCH better was "part-time Senator"...

from a governor who quit.

I'll tell you EXACTLY "what is wrong with being the party of No":

You said nothing but Yes when you controlled the House, Senate, Executive, and Judicial before 2006.

Nothing bad happened then I take it?

keith said...

Can someone with some video talent do a youtube of the GOP's greatest hits:

"Hell no we won't"! - John Boehner

"Yes, we're the party of no" - Sarah Palin

"No we can't" - tea baggers

DJ mix the thing. Add in some tea bagger craziness. Sprinkle it with a bit of Limbaugh's "rooting to fail" stuff. Show GOP assholes happy when America lost the Olympics. Pile it on.

It'll kill off these assholes now and for good.

Americans get things done. They dream big. They f up now and then, dust themselves off, and get back to work. And the remnants of the failed GOP are tone deaf to this, and singing a tune that repulses America.

Time to light 'em up.

Anonymous said...

I don't like her and I did not vote for Bush.

However, I do like limited government as I pay way more than my fair share in taxes. I also like personal responsibility and do not want gov't intruding further into my life. I used to be an environmentalist, but am now against it when Wall Street and my so-called leaders shove it down my throat for their monetary benefit. I don't like god damn bailouts to anyone and don't like all the money we spend on the military and wars for oil. However, that does not mean that we also have the money to spend on a crazy fucking health insurance system or that that a POS health care bill should have been shoved down our throats (along with student loan bullshit or certain fucking arrows) - remember what that whore of a mother said, "2 wrongs don't make 1 right?"

I like the Constitution and would like to see our leaders uphold it. I would like to see them executed for violating the public trust.

But, like a bunch of tards, instead of addressing the issues, you morons attack the woman on a personal level.

Yeah, she may not be bright or good at elucidating her point of view, but attack the views, not the person.

Fucking hypocrites.

J12P said...

Palin is serving as a some kinda political seamstress for another insidious Rovian attempt to mend the ragged remnants of the loosely-knitted, disfunctional GOP.

She'll keep em in stitches until the party of 'borrow & spend' and 'bomb, bomb Iran' suits-up for the fall elections with a New and Improved! closeted neo-con agenda.