April 14, 2010

And now a word from Lawrence Yun

If you suck really, really, really bad at what you do, don't you usually lose your job?

And if you own investment real estate, and then you go out in a professional capacity in public and pump real estate, shouldn't you at least have to legally disclose your holdings, and conflict of interest?


Anonymous said...

Message to Lawrence Yun:

You have FAILED! Pack up your bags and leave and close the door behind you. Your pathetic attempts to cheerlead the housing market will FAIL and you will be vilified in the months to come as a snake oil salesman.

Banana Republicrat said...

The worst part is that "reporters" in major newspapers regurgitate this guy's BS over and over as if it is from some impartial research institution. Drives me crazy!

Every time you see something like "Housing Poised to Break Out in Summer Months" or "Unexpected Drop in Foreclosures Portends a Revitalizing Condo Market" check the source, dollar to doughnuts it's Yun.

Anonymous said...

NAR = Non-prosecuted Association of Racketeers

RICO bitches!