April 1, 2010


Why do we put morons in Congress?

Serious question.

Utter, complete, total morons.

I guess in total though Congress is indeed a good representation of America. Morons, corrupt criminals, religious whackos, sexual deviants and the insane.

Nice job American voters.


Frau Schmidt said...

the Spaniards were afraid of the abyss at the very end of the ocean....but that was in the 15th century....

---- said...

You don't think he was being facetious?

Anonymous said...

Another Obamacare supporter, lol.

Markus Arelius said...

Except that dude has Hepatitis C and he's disoriented and fatigued.

He should retire and get more medical help, but like most Americans he needs to keep working in order to keep his super sweet Congressional medical insurance.

edd browne said...

Methinks he's been watching
MTV too much and now is having
a hoot with his buds about how he
pulled so many chains at once.

Or he's on a bad acid trip.

edd browne said...

When someone uses a
deadpan figure of speech,
they are putting some faith in the
discriminatory skills of the listeners.

That can be a bad bet.