December 21, 2008

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

At one point, around the world, country by country, people will have had enough.

The bankers and their corrupt and incompetent government stooges made away with the people's treasure, wrecked their industries and destroyed their currencies.

And so then, the people will rise up.

Peacefully at first.

And then in places where the ballot box is fixed or denied, not so peacefully.

Yes, the people, unemployed, increasingly broke, hungry, cold, desperate and pissed, will rise up.

It's already starting.

It hath been foretold.

What country is next?


yoski said...

Yes, a revolution is a great long as it doesn't interfere with my favorite sitcom or the NFL schedule.

keith said...

Here's the phone number for the judge who let Madoff free

(212) 805-4260

Charities are closing shop, families are ruined, and Madoff gets to go play Wii and eat bon-bons

Man, I'm telling you.

Anyone in NYC? Post Madoff's home address here

Uncle Fred said...

The first country to go into complete collapse will be Canada. Its economy is based on supplying the USA!USA!USA! with crappy hockey players, fatty bacon and the occasional hot French-Canadian model-actress. Within 9 months Quebec will declare independence. The eastern provinces will follow suit but after three years they will merge into USA!USA!USA! while the western provinces go it alone for ten years. In ten years, the western provinces merge with the New China Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

I am always impressed by people who are outraged by conduct of the elites who have destroyed our world. The new world order will have to be destroyed one way or another. I hope it is nonviolent.

Tundra Kat said...

I think Americans are getting there, but I'm betting the next country to go Greek is Italy.

gwk said...

133 east 64th street saw him the other day going in while driving my guy who knows many stung by him but i do believe the govt signed onto this because he is talking to them about where and how he pulled it off or maybe they just hope he will open the window because he is not on the first floor and is now confined 24hrs to the crib

Anonymous said...

Germany is next

celtic said...

Keefer, what has Madoff done different then any other Hedge Fund in London?

He's no bigger thief then they are.

Why single this guy out?

pretty in pink said...

you made stupid choices and now you are reaping its consequence.

Oh i forgot its never our fault its always someone elses'.

Yay, lets got out and riot, that'll change things --- NOT!

Oh 'peaceful demonstrations will make us all rich -- NOT!

What is your solution?

any 2 year old can riot when they dont get their candy.

What is your plan?

All you do is look backwards.

Gafar said...


How bout list all the good things enabled by Madoff, over the years.

I think his scam contributed to so many good causes, way more then our tax collecting thieves in Washington,Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, etc. Ever did.

The man is a true Robinhood

Anonymous said...

Why Germany next? Just curious.