April 11, 2009


America has no functioning Justice Department.

Crime pays.

We are NOT a nation of laws.

My patience is really, REALLY wearing thin...

But hey, what did you expect, the fix was in.


Anonymous said...

any bets obama has been a "friend of angelo" at some point in time?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Ask the top echelon of the Bush Crime Family how well crimes like torture and wiretapping every American citizen pay. They're immune too. Aren't there some low-level loan-fraud employees who can take the rap for the top bosses who ordered the crime, the way Lynndie England and Charles Graner (guilty fucks that they were) did on behalf of Ronald Dumsfeld and Dickless Cheney?

If it's any consolation, Keith, Obama and his crew will be jailed for whatever -- parking tickets, maybe -- when they are swept out in a wave of revulsion in 2012. The fascism that's coming to the U.S. will be lusting for blood.

Saul said...

Is it just me? By god, he's ugly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith, for getting a nice closeup of my handsome mug. I see you are finally catching on to me being BULLETPROOF. Damn you're slow. Well, off to bang hot chicks you only dream about. Ciao.

amigauser said...


Tell us the law(s) that he has broken.
Tell us how he forced people to lie on mortgages.
Tell us how he forced investors to buy his mortgage bonds
Tells us how he forced the bond ratings agencies to rate mortgage bonds as triple AAA

You may think he should have been arrested - but tell us what for.
In America it is not illegal to make money. He followed the rules as made by Congress/Senate.
Whilst the housing boom was on, he was a hero - he was just smart enough to realise that it could not go on and sold his stock options.
How is he different from TOLL brothers?
How is he different from Bill Gates?

debt junkie said...

Please. Not with that face so early in the morning.

Anonymous said...

"...Tell us the law(s) that he has broken..."

It's called "fraudulent inducement": (1) a false statement of material fact;
(2) that the defendant knew or should have known was false; (3) that was made
to induce the plaintiff to enter into a contract; and (4) that proximately caused
injury to the plaintiff when acting in reliance on the misrepresentation.

A person with a lifetime of experience in the mortgage industry cannot possibly claim he is unaware that fraud results from not verifying applicant representations.

Now comes the admission from the ratings agencies that they never examined a single mortgage in any of the CDOs they rated.

Yet they represent that they do indeed investigate; that is the essence of their business.

Investors relied on both of these entities to execute their respective, represented duties, and were harmed as a direct result of them not doing so.

It's not illegal to make money in a lot of other places besides America.

It is illegal to induce people to part with their money as a direct result of a fraudulent representation.

keith said...

Sunscreen folks.. always wear sunscreen

Do they have tanning beds in jail?

Anonymous said...

To the poster that think Mozillo didn't do anything wrong .

Knowing that the bubble would crash ,the Orange Man knowingly
took on liar loans by the Billions
to pump up earnings so he could pump and dump his stock . As a CEO he failed to underwrite loans for personal profit ,and he lied to the media about the condition of the the Company and Market .

Like no other CEO of a Mortgage Company with this much influence, his pumping contributed to the
fraud market and the absurd increase in prices from 2004-2006.When Mozillo couldn
t get out clean with retiring ,he started calling for the Government to buy his junk loans with the help of his puppet Senator Dodds .
Mozillo gave favorable loans to his bought off Politicians ,who claim they didn't know they got favorable treatment .

Mozillo promoted fraudulent loans
by accepting the worst junk from mortgage brokers and he didn't even give them 1099's so they could cheat on their taxes . Word goes out on the streets who is making do do loans . The rest of the loan Companies followed this Company with this much influence in the Market .

RICO said...

"Crime pays"

Crime is a major contributor to the GDP.

Does that qualify crime (prosecuted or not) as a form of economic stimulus?

Has crime been *unofficially* sanctioned by TPTB to offset declining industrial production in the America?

Is this why the fraud-filled mortgage securitization and RE ponzi schemes were allowed to proliferate -- to give the *illusion* of fiscal health by pumping-up the GDP through 'legalized' criminal enterprise?

Just asking...

RICO said...

"Crime pays"

Crime is a major contributor to the GDP.

Does that qualify crime (prosecuted or not) as a form of economic stimulus?

Has crime been *unofficially* sanctioned by TPTB to offset declining industrial production in America?

Is this why the fraud-filled mortgage securitization and RE ponzi schemes were allowed to proliferate -- to give the *illusion* of fiscal health by pumping-up the GDP through 'legalized' criminal enterprise?

Is Mozilo a ranking member of TPTB?

Who or what is TPTB: The Powers That Be??

Just asking...

amigauser said...

knowing it would crash?
Fradulent inducement?

Prove it , if you can.

Just because some bloggs were saying that their was a housing bubble, dosen't mean that was the mainstream opinion.

Mozillo may have have known that their was a bubble, but he was clever, in that he sold out for cash$ at the top.

How many gold bugs were prosecuted for hyping the market in 1980?
How many gold bugs released that their was a bubble in the metal and sold?
Have you sold youre gold today?

Anonymous said...

slightly OT

Not the original article I read but the same story.


Poor Fred Lewis is tired of the bankers being vilified in all this. He does have a point that everyone had a hand in it.

What he doesn't say is that the banking/investing/financial sector could have put a screeching halt to it in a New York minute, but they didn't. This continual "no one saw this coming" line is not washing either. If an average IQ person, with 10-15 minutes and an internet connection, could figure out what was happening then there is no way in hell the 'captains of industry' didn't know what the F#$k was happening. They were too busy making a$$loads of cash. Deal with the problem later. "No one could have seen this coming."

Angleo is in that same category. Crawl back under your rock anony mouse angelo apologist troll.

Just like when/if the riots start, everyone will be "shocked" and "surprised" that it could happen here.

Nick said...

Keith, you keep saying that America is not a nation of laws. I disagree. I think America IS a nation of laws. We respect the rule of law and those who know "how to work the system" will get ahead.

What exactly did Angelo Mozillo do that is criminal in nature sir? If you have the proof, then post it online! If he engaged in unethical conduct that is ok, I too engaged in unethical conduct. But there is a big difference between engaging in unethical conduct and doing something illegal.

Nick said...

Hi, this is Nick and here is an update on my situation. Finally, I had my day in court. We went to the initial hearing. JP Morgan Chase indeed filed the papers to have my townhouse foreclosed upon. When all parties met the judge, my attorney asked them to "produce the note". JP Morgan Chase could not and thus the judge told them to go get the proof that they own the property and come back in 90 days.

This is too damn rich. I am a big believer in The Secret and my wife and I applied the principles. So it is back to living rent free for 90 days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,

From the bottom of my heart and with all the sincerity I can muster,

Fuck You

You are awesome dude, you gamed the system right out of existence. You and all the other subprime, alt-a burger-flipping McMansion owners. If you aren't one of those and knew full well what you were doing then you are lower than those that just wanted "The American Dream."

Well done.

When that Karma train pulls into the station again don't be like everyone else with the "I didn't see that coming." Yeah ya did. What goes around comes around, always. Perhaps if you procreated you can tell your children how you had a part in fucking up their world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that picture, Keith.

After I threw up a little and rinsed my mouth, I looked the man in the eye, and I was able to get a sense of his soul.

les said...

There will never be an investigation. An investigation will only prove that our politicians are at fault.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe that no one has put a cap in his skull.

Anonymous said...

His face looks like an old catchers mit