January 13, 2010

So now muslims in Malaysia are burning christian churches, because the christians can now legally call god 'allah'.

So, we've got muslims going after cartoonists.

We've got muslims burning down christian churches for calling god 'allah'.

We've got muslims putting bombs in their shoes and jockstraps to kill women and children on airplanes.

We've got muslim rulers empoverishing their people. We've got other muslim leaders shooting their people like dogs in the street.

Here's a news flash. There are no hindus blowing themselves up in markets. There are no christians flying airplanes into buildings. There are no jews with bombs in their shorts. There are no mormon leaders shooting and jailing peaceful protesters. There are no spaghetti monsters beating women who don't cover themselves in bags.

Here it is:

The world has a muslim problem.

And more specifically, MUSLIMS have a muslim problem.

Deal with it. Call a spade a spade. This 'my god is better than your god' crap has to end, especially when it comes to islam. It is 2010, not 1010 after all. And that goes for muslims, jews, christians, mormons, baptists, hindis and any other man-made religion that comes our way.

Bottom line? Islam needs an enema. Muslims themselves need to do the cleansing. Or the civilized world, over the next 50 years, will do it for them.

Malaysia in an Uproar Over Use of the Word ‘Allah’

BANGKOK — An uproar among Muslims over the use of the word Allah by Christians spread over the weekend with the firebombing and vandalizing of several churches, increasing tensions in a country that is in the midst of far-reaching political changes.


ContraryRiches said...

I could not agree any more than what you wrote....being the optimist that I am, I expect in 20-30 years, Iranians and the US will be best friends...

Mike Hunt said...

The Muslims need to start to police themselves better. Where is the outrage?


Michael said...

It's religious arrogance at it's best. Oh sure, most Muslims are "moderates" but until they tell the vocal minority to shut up and sit down they remain part of the problem.

I just cannot help the feeling that if these guys could look forward to a weekend of drinking a few beers and maybe getting laid, they wouldn't go around bombing churches and doing similar shit instead.

prestonb said...

You make a good point Kieth, but don't forget Oklahoma City, Wako, and Manson. It's not really just muslims.

Ross said...

Time to bring our troops home.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding Keith!

US & UK etc. been bombing people for 200 years.

Israel killing palestinians for decades.

Stick with money issues. That you sure do know about.

Politics of religion, I'm afraid you do not.

Afterthought said...

Islam is the predominant form now, but crazy aggression will increase in all forms as population pressures bring billions into this world as a permanently "unwanted" and unnecessary underclass.

Males get a little murderous when they have no jobs and nowhere to go.

Budvar said...

FFS, is that the best you can come up with Charlie fucking Manson over the last 40 odd years?
Last I looked Koresh and his followers hadn't flown any planes into buildings or killed anyone or blew any shit up??
Yes every country and society has it's fucktards, but in muslim lands the fucktards are the majority.

Anonymous said...

Why would Christians want to call God "Allah?"

Anonymous said...

Our political and business leaders are not leaders at all. This is the USA, not North Korea. The cowardice that thrives in the guise of political correctness and multi-cultural diversity (where everyone and everything is equal) is not just wrong but evil. Muslims will never clean up their own act. Just look at Europe. Just look at the Bush family with their connections to the Saudi royal family. Just look at Obama putting down this country every chance he gets and praising/making excuses for the 'great' religion of Islam. Just look at writers, cartoonists, businesses and politicians who are afraid to say or do anything that may insult a muslim somewhere. Keith is 100% correct and I suspect that he has a safe house ready to go hide in for posting his obviously true comments.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I’ve been reading this blog since the early days in HP and this post is one your best posts ever.
There is this good sense when someone speaks the truth.

Bless you for all you do!

Dancer said...

Prestonb said:
“You make a good point Kieth, but don't forget Oklahoma City, Wako, and Manson. It's not really just muslims.”

Dude; huge distinction between a few criminals and an entire society with an ideology of death.
For each horrific case you mention everyone including the media clearly denounced the crimes they committed, no one justified it.
On the Arab side it’s a way of life, or should I say death.
There really is no such thing as a moderate Arab. The so-called extremist shout loudly in your face with bloodthirsty eyes and the so-called moderates speak softly on how ‘all sides’ both the victim and murderer are guilty but ultimately justify the brutality.
Like all major human horrors in history religion is just used as a common theme for the masses but underlying it all it is always greed.
They want what we have, but don’t want to work for it, so they will take from us by force with the backing from the almighty creator ‘allah’ cause they are superior and we are infidels.
The curse of Fossil fuel..

Ms Texas said...

Europe is a lot to blame.
In its infinite jealousy forever envious of the Jewish people they provide unconditional support to anything that can hurt the Jews.
We cant even articulate this issue clearly cause the Eurotards cant run fast enough on every ‘international venue’ like the UN to quickly provide moral support to what they see as potential harm to Jews.
In the end Islam will bite Europe hard.

Anonymous said...


patrat said...

Spot on and well put! I totally agree. The civilized world needs to wake up.

keith said...

I excused muslim terrorism for years, blaming it on socioeconomic conditions. I felt muslim men 15 - 30 could be radicalized simply because they were poor and hungry, and were looking for someone to blame, a suppressor.

The US is a good target. We're keeping them from their 'homeland'. We don't transfer our technology and wealth to muslim countries (except the saudis of course).

But now, I'm thinking it's the religion itself. Not the teachings necessarily, even though like most religions there's some pretty bad sh*t in there.

What's bothering me now is the silence.

All these attacks, all this terror, the burning of churches, the killings of innocents, and all we hear worldwide is silence.

It would help if their faith had a leader, one who could speak for the entire faith, like a pope, or the dalai lama. He or she could say stop this nonsense. Instead we get fractured and corrupt leaders doing the exact opposite - leaders calling for the cartoonists to die. Or the book writer to die. Or for women to be beaten and stoned.

It's too bad muslim armies aren't out killing taliban aggressively today. It's too bad sane muslims in the mosques aren't taking matters into their own hands with the radicals. It's too bad there's not a muslim civil war raging across the world. It's too bad big daddy America is the only one doing anything about this crap.

Side note - visit france while you can. It won't be pleasant place in a few more years.

Anonymous said...

Well said Keith.

GT Charlie

I did reeger said...

Are most of the wars started over religion?

Anonymous said...

Granted, they've had a much shorter run than Christianity.

But don't diss the Jesus brigade's impressive run of Inquisition, pederast harboring, and other admirable pursuit of control and enrichment at our expense.

"It's the religion itself."

Yes; they must be truly insane, true believers. Not just using it like our nutbags do for political leverage.


Angry Leprechaun said...

Ok so what this really is, is your blessing for Obama's continuing the war. I get it. You saw the headlines this morning of Obama asking for a record 708 billion in war funds this morning and now you are looking to justify this spending.

Today folks is another Obama can do no wrong day here at SnA. You are showing your arrogance Keith.

Anonymous said...

"Side note - visit france while you can. It won't be pleasant place in a few more years."

We were in the south of France last year and friends told us of the troubles near Paris and the "Muslim towns" in the north.

My fear is that crazy Islam will soon have the bomb. Unlike the major powers who have these weapons for strategic deterrence, I'm certain they will use it as a terror weapon. How would the world deal with a nuclear detonation in Rome when any government that acts is threatened with being "next"?

allah said...

American soldiers blowing up Iragi children
American soldiers blowing up Afghani children
American soldiers blowing up Pakistani children
American Chevron blowing up Nigerian children

The world has an American problem. Deal with it.

Thoughts said...

Anononut said:
“US & UK etc. been bombing people for 200 years.Israel killing palestinians for decades.”


The US has intentionally targeted innocent civilians as a policy? IDIOT!

Aside from the fact that there is no unique people called ‘Palestinians’
Little Israel has been defending itself forever from the Millions of its insane neighbors, the Jordanians on the West Bank and the Egyptians in Gaza have been at war with the Jews from the second they wanted freedom from the British occupiers.

So the question is why?

Why did Arafat an Egyptian from a country so many times larger and richer then the tiny piece of desert called Israel spend all his miserable life murdering and killing civilians?

Pure simple juicy greed, Arafat wanted to be an Arab king like so many of his cousins,
but ran into a snag.

The Eurotards had pruned and thinned the Jewish people and the survivors were lean, strong, smart and driven by their recent nightmares and experience.

It was also enabled by
1) The Arab dictators were handed an easy target for diverting attention from their total internal craziness
2) Europe’s guilt for committing the unthinkable during WWII (and many years prior) was looking to point out that indeed the Jews aren’t all that innocent.

This sums up the biggest Arab cancer called “the Palestinian cause”.

The only unfortunate thing is that the Jews have this uber-moral guidance and not really bringing their mortal enemies to their knees, on the contrary the Arab squatters in the West bank and Gaza have it way better then most of their cousins in oil rich countries, despite the very loud and very well funded propaganda machine on how “residents of Gaza are suffering” I invite everyone reading this comment to take a closer look on the ground and see for yourselves what a day looks like for their fellow Egyptian citizens in ‘Egypt proper’ and a day for the free loafing Arab squatters in Israeli territory..

Oh that's right they may have to go thru a security checkpoint, Hmmm I wonder why.

Why not spend your day making bombs when the UN keeps the never ending free Cheese coming, and the world thinks life is so tuff.

Things will only change when the Jewish people start fighting like men.

Anonymous said...


Such a peaceful bunch of Assholes!


keith said...

So, is it racist to say the world has a muslim problem?

If I said the world had a jew problem, or a christian problem, or a black problem, that'd sound pretty racist.

So is 'muslim problem' racist?

My main beef is with muslims say nothing and do nothing when it comes to the scum within. Their silence and inaction in my book is an endorsement. And if it's racist to say 'muslim problem', then in this case so be it. Calling it like I see it.

(angry lep - fyi long time readers know i'm in favor of killing taliban and al qaeda in afghanistan or anywhere they are, in favor of bombing the nuke sites in iran, and 100% against our iraq debacle)

Anonymous said...

Check out this interesting search comparison on "Do no evil" Google:

Looks like someone is very afraid of the wrath of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts said:
"Why did Arafat an Egyptian from a country so many times larger and richer then the tiny piece of desert called Israel spend all his miserable life murdering and killing civilians?
Pure simple juicy greed, Arafat wanted to be an Arab king like so many of his cousins,
but ran into a snag."

Very true,
Arafat did try his tactics in other Arab countries but he must have missed the boat cause his king cousins quickly showed him who's boss, he barley got away by the skin on his teeth, I believe the Jordanians wiped out entire villages to the tune of several hundred thousand Arafat supporters.
So he musta came back to the place of least resistance
‘peace negotiating Rabbis’.
A lot safer.

StuckinSoPa said...

Anonymous said...
Granted, they've had a much shorter run than Christianity.
Islam is the new kid on the bloc, historically speaking. BUT, anything baby Islam learned, it learned on big brother Christianity's knee.

It does not help that greed, arrogance, hypocrisy, hate, are all acceptable when you have your "Big Guy" with his invisible hand on your shoulder saying :"Go For IT!"

The "us vs. them" mentality of religions is the single greatest negative in mankind's development.

I truly believe that if Satan exists, organized religions were his greatest gift to humanity.

After that humdinger, he probably retired. Why bother to work, when your "offspring" are doing a better job than you EVER could!

Angry Leprechaun said...

I have been a long term reader and YOU know that.

Don't dance around the fact you are willing to follow your political love Obama into war. If someone else, Bush who I hate remember, did this you would be all over it. If anyone else just askes for 708 billion for next year you would be all over it Keith.

Don't get snide with me I am not the one who is inconsistent. I am merely pointing out your double standards around here. It is very blatant when you look at it from a non dem vs repub point of view.

Anonymous said...

"in favor of bombing the nuke sites in iran . . . "

You must be very long oil. Smart! Again!

keith said...

I was going to use one of these images for this post, but didn't want a bunch of 15 - 25 islamic crazies tracking me down everywhere I went for the rest of time


Anonymous said...

Wait until the Chinese take over. Then there wont be Allah, churches, mosques, temples.. you name it.

The uigghurs are been removed. And with 30 millions extra males that cannot find brides, China is sure to dominate.

Just wait and see..

Anonymous said...

This is your best post since your un-official return Keith, and I agree with you 110%.

My concern is that there is not much we can do about it, is there? The "good muslims" are mixed in with the "bad muslims". You can single out the religion as a whole, but then you target the "good" ones too. Same thing if you try to single out a nation or state.

RipeDurian said...

Worst post ever Keith.

Clueless at best.

You have a big bright red Koolaid stain dripping down from your mouth covering your shirt.

You blame an entire religion for the actions of their extreme elements? Are you that stupid?

Do you tear down all Jews because Israel has turned parts of Palestine into concentration camps? No you don't, you don't even mention these war crimes, let alone condemn all the Jews.

keith said...

Ripe - I blame the islamic terrorists and fundamentalists for the death and destruction they bring to innocents

And I blame anyone associated with that religion who doesn't speak out and rise up against these idiots.

If you had a sect of jews or christians killing and terrorizing innocents in the name of their religion, I would expect the sane members and leaders of the sect to take matters into their own hands.

Instead, with islam, we get the actual leaders of the religion spreading the hate and violence. We get hate and violence taught in the mosques. We get terror planned and plotted within the church, not without it.

Thus, islam has an islam problem.

Is what it is. I'm calling a spade a spade. I'm indicting the religion, unless the religion can cleanse itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm too dumb to make previous link work, anyway here is the Google search comparison url:


Do no evil my ass.

Went2puke said...

Keith! Your approach to this big issue is simplistic and arrogant. Please leave it alone and stick with your field of expertise.
I noticed that, out of the blue, Patrick at Patrick.net had also veered from his housing talk and opened a forum to discuss the issue of Islam.
What is it Keith? Islamophobia? A dormant seed of racism? Or a simple need to create more blog traffic?

Randy said...


No need to defend yourself when you are right.

Anonymous said...

RipeDurian said...
“Do you tear down all Jews because Israel has turned parts of Palestine into concentration camps?”

Most people on this planet would be very happy to live in those so called “concentration camps”. AKA - free livin on other peoples dime.
There is nothing
Holding back the Arabs from getting up in the morning clean up their front yard and be productive.

They got what they wanted; Gaza is now a Jew free zone, all the baad Zionist bankers are gone - your dream environment.

The peaceful Muslims can make it a paradise or a slum, but looking at all the other Muslim places around the world and seeing what they have done so far, its obvious that it’s a lost case.

I know, I know it’s not their fault, its Israelis fault, It always will be someone elses fault

Double dope!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure Keith. The French are victims.

Are you NUTS. Ever heard of the French colonies of:
and DOZENS more:


What you sow you shall reap. BLOWBACK.

Welcome to a world of revenge.

You see, these brutalized nations have a collective memory longer than a sound bite and so their grandchildren will be exacting revenge on what the west did 150 fears ago.

Deal with it.

keith said...

went2puke - remember i've quit HP and S&A in order to DRIVE AWAY traffic. When too many idiots show up, I tire of the blog and shut it down.

Anon on French being a victim - didn't say that, and your 1 word is correct - blowback. Just like the US will see one day with hispanics.

And one more thing - remember that christians had a christian problem. big time. one word - crusades. christians raped and murdered and plundered way more than muslims ever have, all in the name of their god (or pope/king).

Anonymous said...

Indicating that you may leave your blog because people disagree with you. Wow! You have jumped the shark. Shut it down and think about why you started it. For an open discussion and not a love-fest. Jeeez! You gotten a bit arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhh, who just killed 1 million people in Iraq? Who just screwed the entire US economy over the last 30 years? Who is in almost every country in the world stealing shit? Are you really that brainwashed? If there were foreign troops here killing civilians I would be pretty upset too.

hp reader said...

Great and important post Keith. Thanks for telling the truth and bringing this up. This new cold war will probably dominate the next 20-100 years. France may well be the next Lebanon.

jim said...

Its religion thats the problem.

Thomas said...


This is what I love about your blog. A very thought provoking post. Sometimes the truth is not politically correct.

Bill said...

Bravo! Well written.

casey the flipping machine said...

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Anonymous said...

For clarification, there shall be no issue with anyone calling God by his name " Allah". The issue would rise if someone referred to Jesus as Allah since Muslims believ that Jesus was human and a prophet.
True, there are some overblown muslim reactions, however the media tends to mostly report and associate muslims with negative events. The teachings of islam do not agree with any kind of terrorism, but unfortunate circumstances do push people to take some bad and desperate actions.
For those that want to compare jews vs. muslims in recent conflicts, there is 100 muslim palestenians killed for every israeli life. As for the west against Iraq or Afghanistan, the ratio is close to 1000 to 1. So, who is to blame now ???

pookie said...

Provocative post. Probably more people have thought it than would be willing to voice it. I am agog that no prominent Muslims have ever tried to preach peace. Are there any prominent Muslims? The only ones I know are Black and they mostly got converted in prison. I still hate Wall Street more though.

Anonymous said...

Keith, if you want to call a spade a spade, then you also have to OBJECTIVELY conclude that we are just as bad as those Muslim terrorists.

I am a Libertarian. Even though I am an American I look at our nation's involvement in an objective manner. Since World War 2 we have invaded either directly or indirectly 45 countries. We have overthrown freely elected democracies.

For more information, read William Blum's book Rogue State. Oh I know, I know, "he is a liberal" will be the reply of those who disagree. But if you want to disagree with me, then present facts not emotion.

never_forget_y2k said...

I'm surprised theres no post yet here about GOOG giving the two gun salute to the Chinamen.

Anonymous said...

"Try to understand global warming at its core.

Global warming doesn't mean warmer weather...it creates UNSTABLE weather due to the warming of the earths overall temperatures (meaning its core, its air and its oceans)...try telling the victims of the Tsunami in Indo, earthquakes in the Caribbean, and Hurricane Katrina that global warming doesnt exist?"

And Haiti.
I just copied this from another blog.
I know it's off topic, but made sense.
No one is safe.

Glad you put the donate to the Red Cross link up. I've sent it to as many people as I can.

Anonymous said...

By not speaking up against the genocide carried out on Palastine by the zionists, all jews should be held accountable for these atrocities. Same thing with the murderous rampage the American imperialists have been on since the false flag operation on 911. The American people have been largely silent on the hundreds of thousands of innocent men women AND children who've been slaughtered in "Bush's War" and now "Obama's Wars".
Yes, we're afraid the Muslim extremists may someday be as bad as the Americans ALREADY are!
Keith, you sound terribly afraid!

keith said...

Ignorant anon - I don't stop posting when people disagree with me - usually 90% of my readers disagree with me.

I leave when stupid people find the blog in droves.

I like a good well-informed argument between intelligent people.

I don't like Sarah Palin.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


Why the hell are we afraid and bending over backwards for these 7th century throwbacks


Anonymous said...

AVATAR ! Got it! You have to be afraid after killing Millions of muslims and still cry on FOX news while perpetuating lies.
AVATAR!!! I sure hope that peace would prevail as we are all humans.

StuckinSoPa said...

A new hire at my company just retired from the service after 22 years. He spent his last eight over there. He told me that all main stream "moderate" Muslims are much closer to the radical "nutcases" than the average westerner realizes. After all, somebody is working 9-5 to pay the terrorists expenses, and it sure ain't the bombers. My co-worker's description of the atrocities that he has seen Islamists inflict, on EACH OTHER, would curl your hair. He said that when we left, if ever, they would just go back to killing each other like they have for thousands of years.

His opinion was that there are NO "moderates" in Islam. They are born to kill, bred to kill, trained to kill, expected to kill, and anything less is blasphemy to Allah, therefore there will NEVER be any "moderate" Muslims speaking out against any atrocities. In the end, we will have to fight them to the death. Its them or us, and that's the way THEY want it!

Gonna be a bumpy ride.

holy shit said...

'Deal with it. Call a spade a spade. This 'my god is better than your god' crap has to end,...'

Agreed...but then what becomes of the war mongering bastards that control the global economy?

What other means of mass manipulation will they use/abuse to continue their domination?

Would they stoop so low as to instigate nationalistic idealism and patriotic fervency??

Ross said...

The World may have a "Muslim" problem, but we wouldn't have one here in the States if we just kept our meddling, natural resource robbing hands to ourselves and stayed out of the Middle East.

Right or wrong, we support and enrich the Saudis which is how we became a target in the first place.

If Dirty Dick Cheney wasn't telling fighter jets to stand down on 9/11, we never would have sniffed Afghanistan.

I think EVERYONE has figured out Iraq by now, so I'm not even going to address that.

There may be Muslims out there using sharpened credit cards, box cutters, underwear bombs, shoe bombs, diaper bombs etc etc to try to kill Americans, but we know they can't win. So WTF are we doing? Two words: Heroin and Oil. If you think it's anything else, grow the fuck up.

It's time to empty the sand out of our boots, turn our backs on the turbined "terrorists" and come home. Then we can focus on getting off oil, getting on hydrogen and solar and the rest of the world, including the Eurotards and Chinese can lick our boots again.

Sorry people, it's a lot easier than we are making it. Let's start electing people like Ron Paul who get that.

Am I in the fucking Twilight Zone?

Bring Our Troops Home. NOW.

Anonymous said...

Like many of our Founding Fathers, I am a Deist. Deism is not Atheism, nor is it a religion.

Deism is a personal belief based on rational thought. Deist have no formal organization, church, rituals, or other nonsense. Deists do not attempt to "convert" others.

I cannot fathom why so many seemlingly rational people continue to believe in the arrogant Fairy Tales of ANY man made religion.

Your post says it all Keith!


Angry Leprechaun said...

Thank You Ross and Thank You Libertarian Anon! I hate to say it but at this point the world has a USA problem. Yes I said it. Until we get our asses out of everyone elses business we are just as much of the problem. And the fact that we have so many Christian Neocons does not help the matter. They are just as fucking nuts.

Anonymous said...

keith said...

...I don't stop posting when people disagree with me...I leave when stupid people find the blog in droves...

HEAR HEAR, brother!

I'd have to say that, judging from the empirical evidence here, the rude/dull ones have considerably less attention span than the rest.

In other words, it takes the shaken-off fleas a while to come back when you shut down.

Bravo, Sir.

patrat said...

I too am bothered by the quiet of the so-called moderate muslims. It makes me think they are moderate until they are not.

Anonymous said...

" but looking at all the other Muslim places around the world and seeing what they have done so far, its obvious that it’s a lost case"

You've probably never heard of Dubai, U.A.Republic,
Saudi Arabia, Egypt and quite a few others. Some nice palaces and digs there. Sure we're buying it for them with our jones on oil, but junkies live for the next fix and that's how we got to where we are today.

Anonymous said...


'Do no evil my ass.'

Google, 'Muslim is' and you get the same nonsense that you get with the other google searches mentioned in the video. It has nothing to do with fear or google. The Youtube video is bull****

Scott in Vegas said...

Keith, wow!, you are now on THE subject that bothers me most.

Check out this site:


Not all muslims are terrorists, but ALL TERRORIST ARE MUSLIMS!

We do have ourselves a problem!

Anonymous said...

Right now, the moderate Muslims are basically those who don't practice it at all. In other words, they may have been born "Turkic" ethnic but quickly adopted non-Islamic ideas over their lifespan.

Likewise Sufism, the most peaceful sect of Islam, doesn't even accept that Mohammad was the final (and only) prophet. These are basically a bunch of closet Buddhists or at best, heretics, and will most likely get Fatwas issued on them if they open their mouths in public.

Sorry, but Keith's right about this one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Allah just a translation into Arabic?

Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for 20 years my god is better then your god or i'll kill you.

We have NO GUTS to fight a religious Jihad. We should have bombed all the mosques in Iran and afghan knocked out their holy shrines.....that is where the evil is.

I believe Saddam Hussein would have been a nice guy if he was an Atheist.

This 'my god is better than your god' crap has to end, especially when it comes to islam.

Lost Cause said...

What the hell do you expect, when we spend billions every month fighting wars with hundreds of thousands of troops? Rainbows and unicorns?

You are great at pointing a finger the other way. It must come from years of reading the newspapers that say "Look! Over here!" while the government goes screwing the nations wholesale.

Just remember the history of this country. The first 100 years or so killing off the native cultures. Now we are working on the rest of the primitive cultures.

Lost Cause said...

Please tell me how many billions of dollars the muslims are spending in their war against us, Keith!

Say whatever you want -- but I have the reciepts to prove it!

Anonymous said...

Islam ... the religion of peace.

I'm back. Time to close the blog ;-)