March 31, 2010

Sarkozy to America: "Welcome to the club of states who don't turn their back on the sick and the poor"

"Welcome to the club of states who don't turn their back on the sick and the poor... The very fact that there should have been such a violent debate simply on the fact that the poorest of Americans should not be left out in the streets without a cent to look after them... is something astonishing to us."

-French President Nicolas Sarkozy, telling Americans who despise taxes, government services and poor people (of course, that is, funny enough, until they need, consume or qualify for government services, or become poor - then they love their government cheese) his views on America, March 2010


Pay Lay Ale said...

Jesus Christ, you Marxists are freaking deluded! Before Obamacare, we spent 44.98% on government at all levels and that doesn't count at all for taking care of "the sick and the poor?" Does over $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities and debt for socialism not count either?????

Marxists like Keith and Soetoro won't be satisfied until government is 100% of GDP.

keith said...

Doesn't it strike anyone as funny how many of the tea baggers are on government benefits (social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment, etc)?

Here's a new rule - if you're a tea bagger protesting taxes and government spending, and you're on the government teet, your benefits should be cut off permanently.

Yup. That'd do the trick. There'd be a lot less people at those FreedomWorks rallies all of a sudden, eh?

Pay Lay Ale said...

"Doesn't it strike anyone as funny how many of the tea baggers are on government benefits (social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment, etc)?"

The whole point of Social Security and Medicare is to steal FIFTEEN percent of their income during their working lives and make them dependent on government in old age.

"Here's a new rule - if you're a tea bagger protesting taxes and government spending, and you're on the government teet, your benefits should be cut off permanently."

FINE, let me opt out and keep 15% of my income. Shit, I'll even through in the entire value of 401k if I could opt out.

How does it feel to be a salad-tossing Soetoro sycophant?

Should we call Soetoro sycophants as salad tossers or fisters?

Aussie Girl said...

I can't believe you people! I'm a nurse in Australia. If you need medical care, you get it. It's called being civilized and caring for your own. Instead of bombing and killing people abroad, how about ploughing all that money into your own society and looking after those who need it. My god, you are all mad. You bail out corrupt banking systems but won't give people basic health care. You do the maths on that one...

gwk said...

truly an amazing statement even from you i drive a board member of beth israel hospital in manhattan drop him off at union square and watch heroin addicts cocaine addicts various assortments of other habits all hanging out in front of hospital and of course starbucks because of the free bathroom policy and these lets say citizens of this great country get free health care long before your hero in washington decided to destroy it so not sure with the turning our backs on the sick and poor is all about these wonderful citizens get free care every day at beth and get to piss in public as tourists from france look on with a subway map in their hand so thanks for the quality reporting dont know why your not at a major paper with this class of writing instead of this worthless blog but please keep up what your doing and we need more palin clips tea party clips you know to keep us informed

Anonymous said...

I live in a McCain state where the percentage of people on the disability/unemployment teat is through the roof. Ohhh yes, they do line up for the government cheese. But oh, how they hate the hand that passes it out! And they don't want anyone else getting any of that cheese. Selfish bastards.

Anonymous said...

You marxists really are freaking deluded. And...socialist can afford these social programs because we pay all of your defense bills.

When you are self-supporting "adult" nations, rather than dependent children, we'll talk as equals.

Anonymous said...

Aren't taxpayers picking up the bill for the uninsured anyway? Who pays for poor or uninsured people when they have to go to the hospital? At least with the new health care system, funds are allocated to that care and maybe if these people can now get preventive care, the bills will be smaller in the long run.

Mr. Happy said...

America to Sarkozy" "Thanks for perfecting the guillotine and demonstrating in the 18th century how an interventionist foreign policy can deflect attention from domestic woes. We picked up on the foreign policy tip, and if things keep going along the current course we may adopt the guillotine as well."

Aussie girl - you and Bukko should get a room.

keith said...

"socialist can afford these social programs because we pay all of your defense bills."

That friends is about the truest statement ever made on this blog.

Europeans are free-riders. Same with the Chinese, the Russians, and pretty much every country on earth, with the US as the only world cop.

Time for that to end.

Anonymous said...

But the US enjoyed being the 'only world cop'. Because with that vaunted responsibility comes the ability to strong-arm those dependent on us. In George Bush's world that worked (see Tony Blair). In the Obama era, we will be foreced to move away from that position, since the secondary countries are now tired of the games (see Canada, UK, etc.) But the question is, will those other countries be able to man up to handle their own defense? Or will they try to continue to rely on US protection while rejecting our quid pro quo?

Pay Lay Ale said...

So who wants to guess which Keith's next trolling blog posts will be?

Will it be about global warming?
White guilt? The "racism" of "teabaggers?" How dumb Sarah Palin is? How Bush was an idiot (which most have known for years)?

How evil Limbaugh, Beck, and Savage are? How evil Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy are while extolling the virtues of Ginsburg, Stevens, Breyer, and Sotomayor?

Or how we need to disarm the Teabaggers for the good of the country?

Or how we need to start warrantless searches, arrests, and detainments of the real terrorists, the Teabaggers and send them off to Gitmo.

Or how Soetoro brilliantly turned around Government Motors and Shittygroup?

Anonymous said...


Charles said...

America to Sarkozy: We are proud to join you on the road to financial ruin and stand in solidarity as we piss away 200 plus years of liberty and prosperity.

Question for you Keith... Even in the "Gilded Age"b the standard of living rose for nearly ALL Americans people were independent. Government was small. People would give up their left arm to come to America. And coincidentally this period of no state handouts was our most open immigration period.

Keith I nominate you do a post where S&Aers can discuss (hopefully civilly) the tenets of liberty and social responsibility where does one end and the other begin?

Europe has created a creatively (economically at least) bankrupt culture with it's perverse social programs. It has allowed the infiltration of radical islam into it's welfare state (and I've talked to some French livid at the fact that state money has been used to build Mosques).

What say you Keith? Give us this thread ask each person what they feel it's just to give and expect back from their society. It's still supposed to be government by consent right???

getting numb said...

Keith, the thing about the US being the 'world cop' is that we only enforce what is beneficial for US self interests. Notice we didn't step into the Rwandan genocide, the massacre of 10's of thousands in southern Sudan. Or the mass rape, plunder and destruction going on in the Congo. They got some lip service from the Clinton/Bush duo and some NGO websites.

Because there's nothing in it for the US (except maybe cobalt in eastern Congo, but China is fleecing that right now. We get ours elsewhere). But ability to influence politics and consumer markets in Europe? in the middle east? now... there's a prize.

There's NO such thing as a free lunch in American foreign policy. NONE.

The US is a cop when it wants to reap support and cash on defense contractors, oil companies, big pharma, Monsanto, various issues related to influential special interest groups.

Yep it's time to stop, but there isn't much appetite anywhere for that. Too much money funneling into the right pockets. And don't think the Asian/Europeans want the US out: they have large local economies built around the servicemen. They will complain, but happy to take the money. European tea baggers, eh?

casey said...

Insurance companies are licking their chops with the thought of screwing 30 million more people with bogus shity insurance.

gwk said...

keith my boy i dont know what you do to earn your living or who raised you and where but you are truly a gem of enlightenment that we cannot do without so dont stop keep up the pressure on palin and those pesky tea party folks and soot me up scotty

Anonymous said...


Who was ever denied healthcare?

And, I am fine with cutting off any "government" benefits so long as I do not have to pay anything in.

Flat federal tax for basic services that can ONLY be provided by the Federal government, state taxes, user fees for everything else.

Anonymous said...

Aussie girl - just because we are against handouts to generations of the able bodied, it does not mean we are for war, crazy defense spending, bank bailouts or corporate welfare.

Anonymous said...

My idea is to once again unleash the Germans and the Japanese upon the world.

They will rebuild their armies and navies and attack their neighbors. With regard to the Japanese, this will keep China in check and/or result in, again, the rape and pillage of China. Germany can, again, invade Britain and France and try to get their hands on Russia.

We, the US, can once again stand back and let them destroy one another. After some time and when it appears that one side is going to defeat the other, we can come in on the side of the lesser of two evils, clean up and then rebuild the world.

Bukko Canukko said...

Mr. Crappy spouted...

Aussie girl - you and Bukko should get a room.

Not bloody likely, because I'm living on the other side of the Pacific now. But here's one thing that Australian and Canadian citizens can feel secure about -- if they ever get sick, they CAN get a room -- in a hospital! How great is that, eh?!?

Prisoner No. 6 said...

Keith -

For all the perma-bears who gleefully fuel their own paranoia and blind anger with doomsaying and "woe-is-us, Obama destroyed 'Murka" blather, you might want to post some excerpts from the latest Economist special report about the future of the REAL America ... the one that is retooling itself to rise from the Soot&Ashes of a generation of borrow-and-spend Republican lunacy.

Sample quote: "Instead, America’s economy will undergo one of its biggest transformations in decades. This macroeconomic shift from debt and consumption to saving and exports will bring microeconomic changes too: different lifestyles, and different jobs in different places. This special report will describe that transformation, and explain why it will be tricky."

Here's the link:|hig|03-31-2010|editors_highlights

The story makes it clear that this will not be an easy path. 30 years of numbskull idiocy, supply-side fantasy, indiscriminate tax cuts for the already super-rich and corporate welfare have left us with quite a hangover.

But the Economist - hardly a liberal rag - thinks that the U.S. has quite a lot of muscle still. And quietly, out of sight of all the Teabaggers, Sarah Palin and Glenn Becks of the world, the real America is taking its lumps and preparing to come back strong. We do still make things in this country.

I run a small biz, and the amount of contracts coming from other countries is picking up. Especially since I don't have to spend the first 15 minutes of every conversation apologizing for the latest Rove-fueled piece of xenophobia and Bush-fueled buffoonishness. Hell, the savings I'm going to make from the health care reform is probably going to allow me to start hiring workers by Q4.

The only thing that can stop this is for the same gang of idiots to once again use propaganda, uneducated dimwits and corporate greedheads to seize control of the government again, and re-establish the Bush kleptocracy ... Version 3.0.

Bukko Canukko said...

Keith said...

"Europeans are free-riders. Same with the Chinese, the Russians, and pretty much every country on earth, with the US as the only world cop."

Keith, for someone so cynical about so many things about America, you buy into the nationalistic myths in so many others. America is not trying to be the world cop. It's trying to be the world controller.

If America wanted to be a cop, it would be deposing Robert Mugabe for starving so many of his own people to death. It would be ________ (insert list of other human rights abuses the U.S. government has ignored or perpetrated itself.) America's military actions overseas have NOTHING to do with justice. They have EVERYTHING to do with maintaining its empire (to benefit corporations) and to enrich the corporations that make war machines.

It's nothing like being a cop, unless it's one of those crooked cops who take bribes and beat down weaker people.

Budvar said...

Aussie girl said..Some huggy, feely, girly crap.

I'm a Brit and don't have a dog in this hunt, but if this was anything other than a government grab for 15% of peoples income, and it was about all those poor folk with no health insurance, why couldn't they have just extended medicaid/care, VA entitlements etc?

It's an added income tax of 15% in return for basic health care, well hello, they already have that now, walk in to hospital with blood spurting from a gunshot wound to the chest, they don't turn you away.

What about the poor people with cancer I hear you cry, well here in UK we have the NHS, the way that works is they fuck you around until the cancer inoperable then dose you up with morphine to make you comfortable (but not too comfortable mind) until you die.

Anonymous said...

" in UK we have the NHS, the way that works is they fuck you around until the cancer inoperable then dose you up with morphine to make you comfortable (but not too comfortable mind) until you die."

I can believe that. I knew someone in the UK who was diagnosed with throat cancer. They finally removed his tongue and larynx after f*cking around with chemo/rad for 4 years. In four years cancer can build an empire. He died about 18 months later. Talk about some useless sh*t.

Anonymous said...


Your a complete idiot! The United States is the most given country in the world.

What you have is people who now want to live off other peoples hard work.

Do me a favor stay in England, and keep your nose out of America! Worry about your own damn country, and let us worry about ours!!